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343006 tn?1314450071 How to loose waight while on Toprol xl - ? Iv been the med for while - gained about 8 lbs within a month or less! I eat like a bird, and no junk foods at all.. think I could drink water and gain 2lbs.. overnight ! I bloat in mins after eatting anything or drinking something (even water) Never had this happen before , untill taking Toprol xl. I was never overwaight and exersize daily walking 2miles per day and like I said dont eat bad foods. and eat very small amounts. and no breads!
Avatar f tn I just discovered this after 3 months of total misery, 7 different doctors, multiple tests, 1 hospitalization, 16 pound weight loss, almost lost my job, etc., etc., etc.. I want to know if this will have permanent effects on my body and heart and will I ever be the same again. I still don't feel 100% and have been back on the brand TOPROL XL for 9 days now.
343006 tn?1314450071 I've been on Toprol XL 400 mg and have no relief from constant heart palpitations so bad they feel like my heart is doing somersaults and is going to jump out of my chest. I've never had HBP but in 3/2000 I had DVT after breaking my ankle and having it casted too tightly while it was still swollen, cut off the circulation, and literally 100's of PE's (as seen on a venous doppler scan) in my lungs. Almost died, stopped breathing, had a code blue called for me, very dramatic and embarrassing!
Avatar n tn I believe depression can be a side effect of toprol. Anxiety accompanies the depression. The depression explains the weight loss, and the anxiety covers the other symptoms. I note that you state that you are not prone to anxiety. I just mention this, because people who have never suffered depression or anxiety, often dont recognize them for who they are.
Avatar n tn When hair loss is rapid and dramatic, it's usually caused by some shock to the system that took place 2-4 months before the onset of the hair loss. Shocks can include childbirth, high fever, sudden weight loss, etc. The condition is termed telogen effluvium, because more than the usual number of hairs are in the telogen (resting)phase. This is a reflection of temporarily disordered body rhythm. Over a few month period, the condition subsides and the hair grows back.
Avatar n tn However, I am on lasix becasue beta blocker Toprol XL made me gain weight. SO, I am off of the Beta blocker now and just took my last Lasix with only 5 lbs of water weight down. I have gained 15lbs in a span of 7 weeks since my heart attack. I have went from a size 8 to size 12. Is there anything I can do in addition to my cardic rehab program , weight watchers etc. Herbal supplements anything. Please help us out. If anyone knows anything.
Avatar n tn Also had some stomach problems but the worst side effect was the induced nightmares which would awaken me with palps and elevated BP. Finally convinced cardio to change to Toprol XL 25mg which has thegood effects of Coreg but without the nightmares. Tried Atenolol years ago after 1st CABG and had severe PVCs and was told never to take any BBs again. Just amazing how we react differently to meds. May go to 50mg Toprol to try to lower persistent high BP since Diovan had no effect.
Avatar n tn I'd like to use hoodia gordonii supplements for weight loss and am wondering if it affects blood pressure OR has interactions with blood pressure meds. I take 50 mg of Toprol XL and 25 mg of hydrocholorthorazide. Would this supplement be a dangerous addition?
Avatar f tn My Dr is switching me from toprol XL to Cardizem, which is great because i have hair loss, weight gain, my joints hurt all the time like i have rhumetoid arthritis. i evem went to the specialist. she was not helpful. had know idea why i was hurting. my question is why is he taking me off toprol without a withdrawl period. i start cardizem tonight. I'm a little affraid something bad will happen after reading not to stop it suddenly. Has anyone else done this?
Avatar n tn I was on Toprol XL 50mg for 2 yrs and very gradually my pressure was a little higher, 140-150/78.
Avatar f tn *tired, severe joint pain, hives (they are sporadic, they have only happened twice, but are driving me crazy), weight gain (i'm 5'2 200lbs) , sweating, diarrhea / constipation,hair loss, thin hair, irritability, depression, muscle pain, bone pain, change in color of skin darker pathces, insomnia (I am physically tired but I can not sleep average about 4 hrs of sleep) , stiffness, forgetful, extremely hungry, palpitations, ear ringing... This is all I can remember at the moment.
Avatar n tn Metoprolol is available in two forms, fast acting Metoprolol Tartrate (Lopressor), and the time release Metoprolol Succinate (Toprol XL). I used both, and found that side effects are similar; tiredness, weight gain, and a slow pulse. Side effects are more pronounced as the dosage is increased. I had dosages from 25mg to 200mg. daily. Other reported effects are loss of libido, tightness in the chest, itching, irregular breathing, and irregular heartbeat.
Avatar n tn As a result, I was put on Toprol XL 200mg, Altace 5 mg, and Zocor 20 mg. When I left the hospital, they said it was imperative for me to put some weight back on (I had dropped to 145 pounds, from 170 while I was in the hospital.) Well, I went overboard and now weigh in the area of 180. I walk 1.5 miles, 5 days a week. I have cut significant calories out of my diet, approx. 500 calories a day (snacks). But, I can't seem to lose any weight.
Avatar n tn 2001 and was prescribed Toprol XL 50mg at that time. I noticed no improvement in my symptoms with these treatments. My follow-up care was very limited from 2001 until early 2004. I am now seeing another cardiologist whom, thankfully, has put me through a myriad of test and procedures. We have finally concluded that I am obstructing mid-cavity. My resting gradient is very low; but my stress/exercise-induced gradient is around 80 (I pass out once it gets much higher).
Avatar n tn (1) I am under no medication, but have taken Toprol XL in the past with no adverse effects. Would taking a single dose of a beta-blocker like Toprol before a game be expected to blunt the adrenergic spikes during game-play sufficiently to reduce the likelihood of a PAF episode? (In other words, is this a reasonable first step?) (2) I am now up to 3-4 PAF episodes a year. At what point should I consider a second ablation procedure?
Avatar f tn Please advise - should I continue taking Xanax and taper off and then start Ativan or should I just continue taking the Ativan and assume the panicky feeling I had was from something else? Also, I've been taking Toprol XL, a beta blocker, for anxiety symptoms including racing heart. It has made my resting HR go down to 45, which scares me. So, my doctor told me to switch my normal 12.5 mg a day dose to 5 mg of Inderal per day. Should this small dose control my anxiety?
Avatar f tn I was wondering how well toprol xl is tolerated in the general population. My doctor (regular doctor not cardiologist) wants me to try metoprolol (toprol xl) he gave me a very low dose of 25 mg and told me to break it in half for the first four days then take the whole pill there after. First off I do not like taking medications at all and second of all im so afaid of the side effects.
Avatar n tn (I have had a 10 pound weight loss as well). I have noticed that my pvc's have been worse since on the Toprol...can toprol make skipped beats worse? If so, can you suggest another beta blocker to try. I also already have low blood pressure, so I am unable to tolerate high doses of beta blockers. Thank you for you time.
Avatar m tn have 2 -3 drinks daily (wine or spirits) w/dinner. My meds are Toprol XL 50mg, lisinopril 30mg and aciphex 20mg daily. I have IBS (mild sigmiod diverticulosis colonoscopy 11/08), & a fatty liver for 6+ years. My CT scan 1 yr ago was unchanged from last 4 yrs: fatty infiltration of the liver with areas of relative hyperdensity adjacent to the gallbladder/fatty sparing and diverticulosis. Hepatitus panel was normal 2 years ago. I’m experiencing mild pain under my left shoulder blade.
Avatar n tn is that nl? I am currently on Atkins losing weight, walking, yesterday BP was 116/75 with meds (toprol XL 50 qd, Micardis HCTZ 80/12.5 qd). Does this sound like a normal heart to you? It doesn't take much to get it going with exercise but I am (WAS) over 150 lbs overweight, now only 125 so I'm sure that has a lot to do with it.
440193 tn?1293814117 I have uncontroled b.p and I'm on 100mg of toprol xl my new doc felt that I was being emotional because I wanted a 2nd opinon, my other symptoms are feeling bone chilling cold, dizzy,having itching that felt like electical shocks,numbness into my hands,and the right side of my face.I was tested for Graves twice,( I got my second opinon) but each were neg.
Avatar n tn Toprol XL 100mg - zocor 40mg- Folbee 1/2 tab - Provera 5mg - Estratest H.S. My sex drive SUCKS big time, I have NO desire what so ever. It's not bad enought that I have a stress full life but now I also have this FAT that I can't get rid of. I went to see an OBGYN, and he said that he realy can't do anything because if he tries hormones it will put more weight on me and if he tries something for my sexual problem it will raise my cholesterol. WHAT AM I TO DO???? I hate being this FAT....
Avatar n tn I did ok - on a few beta blockers over the years- but when put on Atenolol or Toprol xl both beta blockers, I had the worst side effects ever ! and had rapid waight gain .. as well hair thinned out very fast ! There are meny b.p medications out there - I think some Doctors should take the time and test each person , for reactions to the meds. before putting them on it. but were in a fast paced world - so were all fast tracked into just take it !
Avatar n tn I have to believe it is because of my weight. With weight loss and proper diet for the rest of my life, would that reverse the abnormal diastolic filling parameter? Can it go away? Or does it always turn into heart failure? I am so young and want to correct bad habits as I am mom and worry about leaving my children. Also my question about the fish oil and magnesium supplements can that cause these problems.
Avatar n tn I am a 52 year old woman. I had a very mild silent MI approximately two years ago. I have been walking about 1-1/2 miles a day, five or more days a week ever since and have lost about 50lbs. This past year I have been taking 100mg of Toprol XL & 25mg of Cozar. My blood pressure is under control & I feel healthier than ever. I just added to my exercise regime a 3-times a week weight training program with a personnel trainer.
Avatar m tn I am a 34 year old male, i am overweight and on Toprol XL, Synthroid for Hypothyroid condition, Zoloft, Benzapril, and take a baby aspirin each day. For the last couple of weeks I have noticed that I have been having these episodes where my heart will take long and hard beats, it almost feels as though my heart is gurgling at the end of each beat.
21064 tn?1309312333 Beta Blockers Acebutolol (Sectral) Timolol Oral (Blocadren) Propranolol ER (Betachron ER, Inderal LA, Innopran XL) Atenolol (Tenormin) Metoprolol Oral (Lopressor) Carteolol (Cartrol) Nadolol (Corgard) Bisoprolol (Zebeta) Pindolol (Visken) Metoprolol ER (Toprol XL) Propranolol (Inderal) Bisoprolol (Zebeta) Betaxolol Oral (Kerlone Oral) 2.
Avatar n tn I have so much more energy through the day and I've even lost 4 1/2 pounds! I really think that the cytomel works for energy and weight loss. Good Luck and stay positive!
616450 tn?1228437227 irritability, insomnia, anxiety, heat intolerance, increased appetite, weight loss... Heck! I could DEAL with that stuff. But, even though I thought I was just crazy, and the doc ignores me and tells me my thyroid is fine after the blood tests, I notice folks on here complaining of the same "overlooked" or "silent symptoms." What could be done to convince the docs that some of this stuff is REALLY serious and nothing to be brushed off?
264156 tn?1206990594 I take Toprol XL (Metoprolol) 25mg 2x daily for arrhythmia, and it works extraordinarily well. Prior to this beta blocker, I had terrible experiences with several others including Atenolol which is known for its mildness.