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Avatar f tn The difference between Lopressor and Toprol XL is the release time (12 hrs vs 24 hrs). Since you're still taking your doses twice daily, you should experience the same results. If not, the generic Toprol XL 25 mg is available again.
Avatar f tn I began having tachycardia at age 12, and began having palpitations during my first pregnancy 7 years ago, and arrythmias almost 4 years ago. I am still taking Toprol XL 50mg daily, and my average heart rate is between 90-120 bpm. I would like to get pregnant within the upcoming year and was wondering what the risks are to my heart rate, if I can have a vaginal delivery, and if I would have any limitations during the pregnancy.
Avatar f tn Cardiologist now suggested starting Toprol XL 50mg once a day and that more blood work and an CTA may be a good option. My question is , will the Toprol affect my exercise tolerance. I run but usually only 2-3 miles but I usually play the whole or almost the whole soccer game. Would the Mitral Valve prolapse be enough to cause some pretty stead chest discomfort?
Avatar n tn Inderal for migraines vs. Toprol XL p.s. from judy 6/02/1999 (1) Inderal for migraines vs.
Avatar n tn Inderal for migraines vs.
Avatar n tn Dave, I have experience with Toprol XL 50mg. My cardiologist diagnosed me with having PVC's(this is a fairly common problem with the heart and is usually harmless). PVC's are pre-ventricular contractions. Most people that have them never even notice them. But, of course, I was one of those few people that felt every damn one of them. It felt like my heart was skipping beats and it scared the hell out of me. My internist kept telling me that I was having panic attacks and prescribed xanax.
Avatar n tn When I was first started on Inderal in the early 80's, there were no generics available. Once the 20mg tablets became available in generic form, my doctor preferred on stay on the "regular" brand. I'm not sure it makes a difference, but it might be worth testing it out. Can you go back to the regular version for a month or so, to see if it works better. At one point I was taking the 80SR, but found it necesary to supplement with a 20mg tablet for breakthroughs.
Avatar n tn After 5 years of low TSH and only occasional palpitations treated with atenolol, I have now converted over to elevated T3 and Free T4 with increasingly annoying palpitations and then a fib. I was put on Toprol XL, warfarin, and then PTU, by cardiology while waiting for my first Endocrine appointment. When I finally saw Endocrine he kept me on the PTU but increased it due to my complaint of frequent palpitations.
Avatar n tn Hi, I think it's possible the drug you are talking about may be toprol. I am presently taking that to control blood pressure and pac's. I take toprol xl 25mg. If that's it, so far it has seemed to do the trick. I began June 17th and have not had an episode since thank goodness! Maybe l or 2 bloops here or there but so far that's it. I was having them for hours at a time back in May and June. Just wondering if that may be the drug you're referring to. Also happy for you on your diagnosis.
Avatar n tn Hey guys - I take 12.5 mg a day of Toprol XL and it really doesn't help my PVCs all that much. It does lower my BP and heart rate, however - that is why I can't take a higher dose. I already have low BP anyway. I am wondering if Inderal might be better for me since I hear so many have had good success with it. I never tried Inderal because I heard it causes weight gain more than Toprol. No one here has had weight gain with it?
Avatar n tn My first one lasted about 4 months while taking Toprol XL. The second was backed up with a stronger drug, Propafenone and lasted about 18 months, the same for the third. Following that loss of sinus rhythm my cardiologist said my leaky valve (mitral valve, a known condition) had caused my artium to stretch beyond a safe range, at 5.11 cm diameter, and said no more ecv, in fact he recommended surgery to repair the mitral valve, that was done last November.
183202 tn?1219857259 The only reason I know I have it is due to my visit with the Dysautonomia specialist. I may switch to Inderal from Toprol XL if my symptoms ever get worse again, and the Toprol XL and Lorazepam alone isn't enough. If you could find a doctor, even a cardiologist or neurologist in your area who is knowledgeable on the field and can get you the proper testing and diagnosis to see if you have dysautonomia, that would be wonderful!!
746058 tn?1248348265 Do you think I could start out with 25 mg a day of Toprol (1/2 a pill in the morning and the other 1/2 at bedtime) vs the full 25 and 25? I would like to try as little as possible. I really dont want to take the Florinef, I don't want to blow up like a water balloon! What meds have worked well for you guys? The endocrinologist gave me a script for Paxil. I held off on taking it because i was due for the tilt test and was told not to start it.
Avatar n tn my GP gave me a prescription for TOPROl XL 25mg taken once a day. I have not taken any yet because i have read some comments that a lot of people had no luck with these things and that they can have scary side effects....I would be interested in hearing from anyone who cares to comment about their experience with this drug or other beta blockers...I have noticed that my prescription seems to be a very low dose.... MOMTO3GIRLS what beta blocker do you take, and has it helped?
Avatar n tn What are the medical advantages/disadvantages of metoprolol vs. toprol besides the convenience? I am taking toprol in the a.m. but many of my palpitations are when I'm sleeping (I wake up in the middle of the night with them) and am wondering if taking the toprol in the evening would be more effective. I know that it is supposed to last 24 hours but it must tail off toward the end, which would be when I need it the most.
Avatar n tn He had also had bronchitis in November and had never really gotten over it and still had a presistent cough, on chest ct they saw some infilitrates and placed him on levequin for 7 days, the MD also placed him on Toprol XL 25mg daily. Informed us that at this time a cardiac cath was not needed. I just want to know what your inpression is. Also during the exercise part of the test, the MD was present and stated that that part was normal.
Avatar n tn I have been getting a lot more PVC's the past couple of weeks. I switched from Toprol XL to generic Metoprolol, and I I don't know if that has had any affect. I have also had increased reflux issues during this time. I am getting more PVC's and bigeminy than normal and am noticing it most when I lean forward, especailly while eating. Does this sound like the PVC's are coming from reflux? I feel kike my heart is irritated and ready to skip at any moment.
Avatar n tn I have taken Toprol xl 25 mg for about 5 years. My doctor switched me to metoprolol several months ago. When I filled my prescription this time, it was from a different mfg and I think I may be having problems with it as I just don't feel right. Could changing the mfg make a difference? ALSO, my doctor prescribed 50 mg to be cut in half for my prescribed 25 mg dose. Does cutting this tablet in half compromise the time release?
Avatar n tn I have now been off of Toprol now for 6 weeks after taking it for 5 months. I started on Toprol XL .50mg per day. I was also taking xanax for anxiety due to an episode of SVT that sent me inot anxiety hell. After three months I got off of the xanax and went through a month of withdrawls, I was over xanax. Everyday I took the Toprol, it made me sick, flutter heartbeat, double beats, pounding heart,etc.
Avatar m tn I have taken Toprol XL 50 for several years, not to control high blood pressure or other cardiac condition, but because I have had 4 serious public speaking related crash and burn episodes (one landed me in the ER) that my cardiologist said was likely a-fib. My pharmacy switched me to the Sandoz generic in Sept 2007 and all seemed to be going well until January 2008 when I started having arrhymias, mostly at bedtime (lying flat), causing me to sleep in a chair a number of nights.
Avatar n tn 2001 and was prescribed Toprol XL 50mg at that time. I noticed no improvement in my symptoms with these treatments. My follow-up care was very limited from 2001 until early 2004. I am now seeing another cardiologist whom, thankfully, has put me through a myriad of test and procedures. We have finally concluded that I am obstructing mid-cavity. My resting gradient is very low; but my stress/exercise-induced gradient is around 80 (I pass out once it gets much higher).
Avatar n tn I have been suffering painful pvc/pac since 5/01. Taking toprol xl 25mg a/day to alliviate PVC/PAC. I have app. w/Dr. Wilkoff @ Clev. for opinion. I'm 37-f/145 pounds-no smoke-no drink-no caffeine. Used run 6 miles a day, stopped cause afraid of pvcs. Here studies done- your opinion very appreciated. 6/01 Bruce protocol: achieved 10 mets, 95% age predicted heart rate-27,700 double product-no dyspnea-no chest pain. Occasional pvc seen.
Avatar n tn However over the last 3 months it had increased to 4 or more times a week. Last month my dosage of toprol xl was increased from 1/2 of a 25mg tablet once a day to 1/2 of a 25mg tablet twice a day. This has brought my episodes down to less than 3 times for the entire month. My doctor has suggested that I do cardiac ablation to try and eliminate the problem entirely. I have been told that tachycardia usually worsens with age and becomes harder to control with medication.
Avatar f tn I'm currently taking 20 mg of Methimazole and 75 mg of Toprol XL (just for the past week. For the 2 prior weeks, I was taking 10 mg of Methimazole and 25 mg of Toprol XL). My endocrinologist is telling me that my labs "aren't that bad", so she doesn't quite understand why I continue to have some of the symptoms that I'm experiencing (I feel quite anxious all of the time and have a hard time in certain settings (meetings, going to lunch with friends, etc.
Avatar n tn Obviously, she is off birth control. She is using Toprol XL and Topamax for migraine prophylaxis, and has had no migraines since beginning this treatment. She is also taking aspirin daily (325mg). In retrospect, the combination of migraine, birth control, and PFO seems quite dangerous, based on what we can glean from the literature, although each factor singly is quite common.
Avatar n tn I have been on and off and back on Toprol XL. It has always given me relief almost instantly, with no side affect. If that is a concern you are having, I would say don't sweat it if you need to be on it for a while.
Avatar n tn If I have another episode of A-fib, the doc will insist. I was originally taking Toprol XL and Verapamil. My doc decided to keep me on the Toprol and insert Norpase instead of the Verapamil. The Norpase was to prevent the A-fib, but is also used to treat HCM by some docs. At first, the side effects of the Norpase were unacceptable. We then lowered the dose and I can now tolerate them. I recently went back for annual tests after taking the Norpase for about 6 months.