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Avatar m tn I was just diagnosed with high blood pressure, and the doctor prescribed toprol xl, 25 mgs. Try not to worry about stuff you read on the internet. You can google "aspirin" and find all kinds of horror stories, and it is one of the safest drugs in the world for most folks. We are on very, VERY low doses of this drug. I've only been on mine 2 days! I know that some generics made in India can contain fillers and preservatives that don't agree with some people....
Avatar f tn Toprol XL and Metoprolol Succinate are the same. The former is just a trade name. If you're of smaller body mass, 200mg. can really slow you down. I know because I was on that dose at one time..... and I was 215lb. at the time. This dosage can really lay you out, and it may be the reason you feel terrible. I remember feeling like a heavy weight was on my chest any time I tried to exert myself. This is not a drug to help you sleep or to eliminate headaches.
Avatar f tn I had a stress test done two weeks ago and holter to figure out my rapid heart rate issues even being on toprol xl 25mg and been increased its still high. I stayed on treadmill no more than 2 mins because my heart rate went to 175 and had chest pains and tightness so my nurse pract said to stop because she did not want it to go higher. That same day I had 24 hour holter.
Avatar n tn He then said my chest pain wasn't cardiac in nature, and gave me Rx's for Toprol XL 100 mg. 1 time a day & Verapamil 180 mg 2 times a day to slow my heart rate & said to return in 6 months. I am still tired all the time and a week ago for the 1st time ever my ankles/feet became swollen & still are, my BP and pulse became lower (100-118/56-68 & P. 62-76) and I think I may have bronchitics. Since I was told my symptoms aren't cardiac in nature what could be going on with me?
9043033 tn?1401350253 com/major-recall-of-metoprolol-er-tablets/article/347174/ Wockhardt announced a recall of 109,744 bottles of Metoprolol Succinate Extended-Release 50mg Tablets, the generic version of AstraZeneca's Toprol XL. This recall was initiated due to a dissolution test failure observed at the nine month time point. Dissolution tests verify the time taken for the active ingredient to release into the body, and help predict how the drug performs inside the body.
Avatar n tn I did ok - on a few beta blockers over the years- but when put on Atenolol or Toprol xl both beta blockers, I had the worst side effects ever ! and had rapid waight gain .. as well hair thinned out very fast ! There are meny b.p medications out there - I think some Doctors should take the time and test each person , for reactions to the meds. before putting them on it. but were in a fast paced world - so were all fast tracked into just take it !
Avatar n tn Actually this incident caused anxiety! The next week I was put on 50mg of Toprolol XL (I'm still taking this and it helps a lot). Since the first episode over a year ago, I have noticed that every time I eat a high protein meal like chicken, whole milk, eggs, peanut butter, etc, my bp would go high.