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Avatar n tn She was on Fioricet for quite some time and was taken off that with phenobarb (temp dosage) and depakote to stop the rebound headaches. The depakote actually seemed to work for awhile, but she began to have headaches again. She used tramadol for some relief. The use of tramadol increased. She was just started on a cycle to move her to topamax and off depakote. It has been 3 full days of 500 mg of depakote twice a day and 25 mg of topamax in the evening.
Avatar n tn I have had chronic daily headaches for the last year now. Since right after the birth of my last child. I have tried all kinds of different meds from daily meds to preventatives. I do not think that they are migraines since they do not come with anyother symptoms, but I am not sure They are alway one sided though. My neurologist has not really told me what causes them or what they are just switches my meds or ups the doses.
Avatar f tn i have migraines and take does relieve the headaches as a daily medication, just as long as they get the dosing correct. (and make sure you take it at the same time every day) i have noticed if i take it late then i tend to have the headaches the next day. you might see if they can put you on a medication in case you have a headache while on the topamax.
Avatar n tn today called neurologist again complained about earfullness tinnitus with topamax i have had daily headaches am n 75 mg topamax and am on prednisone have hd daily headaches tinnitus and ear fullness for three weeks without relief am frustrated and taking daily migraine med migralex an ibuprofen
Avatar f tn We need to stay in touch. I also have daily chronic headache, same tests as you were normal, have been to 3 neurologists (2 headache certified). Have your doctors accurately defined (to your satisfaction) whether you have migraine or tension or cervicogenic headache? Different preventive medication for migraines may not be effective on tension headaches. I have tried propanolol, which did nothing for me. Ditto for topamax--just made me dizzy, couldn't tolerate it for more than 1 day.
Avatar n tn Hi, I suffered from daily headaches for years, and migraines but am now on beta blockers and they have made a world of difference.
Avatar f tn I have had daily headaches for well over a couple years. Four to five years ago my doc thought they were migraines and I took Imitrex about once every 2 weeks. Then I started getting a worse headache from the Imitrex, like my entire head was supersensitive, my hair hurt. He sent me to a neurologist who diagnosed occiptal neuralgia. That doc has been giving me botox injections in my neck and prescribed Lyrica. I can't afford the Lyrica -- its $300 a month.
Avatar n tn t had a neurologist appointment lately, maybe check in there too. An MRI and EEG may rule out other reasons for frequent headaches. Seizures, for example, may cause headaches in the post ichtal stage. My MRI's have always been o.k., but small changes that show up sometimes can give big clues to things. Good luck, I have three children too. I can relate to your daily challenges.
Avatar f tn Hi, I am a 20 year old female and suffer from chronic daily headaches. I am desperate for some relief, if anyone has any advice! It started in October 2012. I had headaches that by the week lasted longer and got more intense. By late October they were in the 7-8 range and wouldn't go away for more than 4 hours. Also around this time, my left eye would get a twinging pain whenever I looked to the left in my peripheral.
Avatar f tn my chronic daily headaches often turn to migraines by the end of the day. I don't medicate very often for fear of rebound headaches. If I medicate at all, I'll take naproxin. I do take 3mg of magnesium a day. doesn't seem to help, but doesn't hurt either. Keeps me regular too. Migraines require Maxalt+naproxin+anti-nausea. In 8 days, I've had four migraines requiring medications.
Avatar m tn I'm a 21 year old 5'11 142lb male. I've been living with daily headaches for around 10 years. I usually wake up with the beginning of a headache and have a full blown headache within 5 hours of waking up. I usually take Excedrin for the headaches but most of the time Excedrin isn't working. I sometimes mix it up and take Naproxen sodium or ibuprofen. Most of the time these medications don't work. Aspirin and Ibuprofen rarely ever work.
Avatar f tn Hi. I've been on Topomax 125 mg. for almost 6 months now. I have much less migraines than before but I still have chronic daily headaches. Does anyone else have daily headaches? I've asked my neurologist about increasing my dosage to see if it would help with the daily headaches but he's hesitant due to kidney stones and other side effects. I feel better on Topomax than I did before and can handle the side effects I've had.
Avatar f tn I had daily headaches/migraines for months and the last thing we tried was topomax. It caused me to have incredible reactions that resembled a stroke at one point so I quit taking it after I talked with my doctor. I was also taking Prilosec for some nausea. For some reason I had forgotten to take the prilosec for a couple days and hadn't had a headache. Got in the car to start a 6 hr trip and thought I should take it since I would be eating out a lot over the next few days.
Avatar f tn I am honestly at the end of my rope. I have had chronic headaches since 2002. Diagnosed with a nonsecretring pituitary macroadenoma 2006. Transnasal removal 2007. No head for 2 months after surgery. Occasional double vision before surgery. I continue to have daily headaches as well as chronic migraines (migraines since age 14). Latest MRI of brain reports venous angioma posterior fossa.
Avatar n tn I have had daily chronic headaches for 10 years, I have had very bad migraines as well over this course too, I take maxalt and aspirin and tylenol and darvocet, I am always taking something, does anyone know of any new drugs on the market that are working. I have tried topamax and effexor and other meds that i do not know the name to anymore, I have an app with my neurologist next week and would like any suggestions in new meds.
947040 tn?1300685387 I have seen my Neurologist (she treats me for migraines) about these headaches but all she has done is prescribe Topamax for them and it has not done very much of anything for them.
Avatar n tn For 5 months now i have been suffering with headaches on the top of my head, allways in the same area,i have no problems with vision..The headache started very badly one morning and i vomited 15 times in 3 hours,i had to rush to the doctors to get a pain killing injection..Since this episode i have moderate headaches everyday, if the pain increases the nausea starts.does anybody have any idea what could be causing this?i am now being sent to a nerologist.
1088430 tn?1259159773 (Sorry in advance for length; from desperation)6yr hist. what thought was "chronic sinus headaches" that triggered handul migraines per month.4yrs ago rough patch chronic migraines lead to 4 months worth doc appts, ct scans, mri, neurosurgeon ref, due to what they thought "AVM".Artialgram b/f laser surgery showed "not there".Thankful, but so over all that wasted dead end time, cancelled foll up with reg neur.
Avatar f tn I am very sorry for your loss but she is in a much better place. I have had these headaches for about 9years and they were always "misdiagnosed" as "sinus headaches". I finally went to an eye doctor an they said it was a swollen optic nerve behind my left eye. He sent me to a neurologist and she said it wasn't that but she wanted to check something in my brain.
Avatar f tn I would just like to ask a few questions or to perhaps receive some advice about my daily migraines that I have been getting now for 3 months. I am currently on 80 mg of Nadolol as a preventative and although it has definitely decreased the intensity of my migraines the frequency continues to be anywhere between 1-3 a day. They are mild-moderate in pain level; but the pain has really never been the issue for me as much as the other neurological symptoms.
Avatar m tn The headache your wife is suffering from may indeed be caused by primary headaches such as migraine headache or cluster headaches, hemicrania continua, and even post traumatic headache. If the medications she is not taking are not helpful, inform your doctor about this for proper management. Further evaluation may need to be done also to help determine the underlying cause. Take care and do keep us posted.
681148 tn?1437661591 So, topamax alone was not the only answer for me. But, I do believe that topamax has prevented the chronic daily headache I used to have. I do not have a chronic daily headache anymore, I used to have a non-stop headache and now, on the topamax, I have many pain-free moments and I only have to deal with a LOT of acute migraines, usually at least one migraine a day still. So, I can't really say if the topamax has helped with my chronic migraines or not...
Avatar n tn I have cluster headaches, migraine, ice-pick headaches, tension headaches, sometimes chronic daily headaches - I think I am just a permanent headache really!
Avatar n tn I have been dealing with migraines and chronic headaches for a long time. I am an otherwise healthy 27 year old female. They are always on the left side and basically go from my temple to the back of my head. It has gotten to the point now that I have them EVERY day and the intensity seems to be getting stronger. My last neurologist said that the headaches were hormonal so I have tried several different birth control meds with low dose hormones and it hasn't helped at all.
Avatar n tn increase topamax to 100 mg bid for headaches
Avatar n tn stated topamax 25 mg 2x day for headaches
Avatar n tn stated topamax 25 mg at night for headaches