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Avatar m tn Hi I am a dude and tongue kissed a gay men all in the mouth. I don't know if there were any cuts in the mouth and my lips were cracked and he sucked on them hard.Is HIV transmitted through French kissing?
Avatar n tn what can be caught from tongue kissing? i kissed some strange women on the mouth while drunk at a party about 6 months ago. over the last month or so, i have had a sore throat and neck. my neck has recovered for the most part but now i am noticing some small bumps under the front of my tongue where my tongue connects to the base of my mouth. i have noticed a cluster of small bumps on the right side of my tongue near the far rear by my wisdom teeth.
Avatar n tn Aussie5, there are exceptions to every rule. Warts and HPV are uncommon in the mouth, but if someone has a wart in the mouth, I'm sure that person could transmit HPV to others by kissing.
Avatar m tn about 5 weeks ago i had a drunken experience were someone put there tongue in my mouth, I was worried about hiv, as I was not sure if I had any sores or bleeding in the mouth, I went for a duo test at 27 days that came back negative, do I need to retest at 84 days or 90 days to be absolutely sure
Avatar n tn What is the verdict on open mouth kissing with tongue fully. In archives i find conflicting things. Please let me know. I am going through this phase where I am like really careful about HIV.
Avatar f tn I didn't do oral,vaginal and anal sex....But we did...1.Quite intense and deep tongue kissing for about an hour...2.I have a lipbrust and she has also lipbrust ......The kiss was very intense that I bite her tongue and taste few blood from her......Later I realize I had done great mistake....Can I get Hiv this way?...Is it very low risk or zero risk?
Avatar m tn in a drunken escapade someone put there tongue in my mouth for a few secounds, I do not know if they have hiv, I am not sure if there were any cuts or sores in my mouth, I don't remember tasting any blood, but I am worried about catching hiv from kissing is this possible, I also have ocd and I think a lot of my worry stems from this
Avatar m tn I opened my mouth and kissed her upper lip and a little bit of tongue (no deep kissing). It last about 10 seconds or so. I am having anxiety about it. I had forgotten all about it for months then all of a sudden I was like... Oh man, WHAT IF??
Avatar n tn Most likely this has nothing do with either kissing event. However, certain viruses can cause sores in the mouth (like canker sores) and perhaps sore mouth, so that might be a possibility. Most likely you're never going to know for sure what the cause was, and your symptoms don't suggest anything serious. My advice is to sit tight, in the expectation your symptoms will go away. But if your symptoms persist or you otherwise remain concerned, return to your health care provider.
Avatar m tn On Sunday I was kissing a guy, there was a trace of precum in his mouth a few hours later on Sunday/monday I felt discomfort under my mouth a bit difficult to move tongue, I checked it yesterday and it looks like white ulster under tongue, small one spot (like sometimes u get it in mouth). Now I am worried what it is, if its a reaction that I was kissing his stubbles or infection from his silava. what if he was hiv infected in that case?
Avatar m tn since then, I have been having a very dry tongue, not dry as in no saliva but dry as in the tongue itself feels rough (I can't describe it very well).. First, I thought it was oral thrush so I tried gargling salt water, mouth wash and I've been using Daktarin anti-fungal cream for 2 or 3 weeks now but to no use. Since two weeks ago, I started to notice the sides of my mouth roof getting drier too and changing texture.
Avatar f tn 1Can I do deep french kissing number of times with Hiv+,prostitute and whoever be whatever be the mouth condition of her even I have a lipbrust and wound in my mouth?The no of time deeep kissing doesn'a varry the chance?and....2.Hard Nipple sucking of any positive girl is also no risk,with receiving breat feed?
Avatar m tn Another time i had bit my tongue and tasted blood in my mouth, and about 30min after i open mouth kissed her a little. i tried not to kiss too much for that fact. i got really bad anxiety about it during that time and regretted it. Had anxiety about it, so i would feel my neck ofter for lymph nodes. About 1 1/2 month later i still had anxiety about it and i felt slight pain, maybe tightness on the left side of my neck beside my throat.
Avatar n tn first, we did tongue kissing for one time and it lasted for 15 to 20 secs max. then I wore a condom and inserted my pennis into her vagina. the intercourse was not aggressive, to be specific I did one stroke every 4 to 5 secs and the entire intercourse lasted for around 8 to 10 mins, by then i had ejaculated. the condom was intact when i removed my pennis and there was no leakage from the condom either. On the female, I did not see any sores on the mouth/lips area.
Avatar m tn I don't have any open sore or cut in mouth or cracked lips. I am very scared of HIV. Please suggest whether i will get infected on HIV. Do i really need to take test? Please advise.
Avatar n tn I tongue kissed this girl last night, i woke up this morning with a cut in my mouth, that wasnt there the night before. 1) what do u make of this? 2) is it possible to test poz after 12 week mark ?
Avatar f tn I have posted on the doctor forum and they said my tests are conclusive -8 weeks negative -83 days (1 day shy of 12 weeks) negative oral swab The last two weeks (~14 weeks post exposure) I've had issue with my tongue (swollen tastebuds, sore feeling under my tongue which started today) If all these things are happening where the exposure took place, it makes me feel I'm infected.
Avatar f tn tonight we meet again and he start kissing me but i didnt engaged with him in deep french kissing i just kissed his lips but he gives me his tongue and my tongue touch his tongue and i got a crank sore very quick on my tip of my tongue after touching his tongue and its really burning. for the clarification i diagnosed with herpes type 1 and type 2, also my blood test for HIV and hepatitis was negative. ( this is was before to meet him ) also never had any herpes symptoms before to meet him.
Avatar m tn i would tell her it is ok 2 kiss on the cheek but u hav 2 keep ur tongue n ur mouth.
Avatar n tn is there any departure from '100% perfection' in terms of a healthy mouth that would be a cause for STD-transmission concern for any type of kissing, or for unprotected cunnilingus? Of course I imagine fresh heavily bleeding cuts in the mouth would be an issue, but my question is about risks more subtle than this. I'm prompted to ask after a recent French kiss with what I believe was most likely to be an inflamed taste bud. I assume this isn't a risk either (please confirm).
Avatar n tn Hi Doc, I had quite a passionate kiss with a 51 year old women I recently met (unknown HIV status) and my tongue went in her mouth for a few seconds. I didn't taste any blood in her mouth. However, I noticed afterwards that at the back of my mouth I had a couple of white looking, slightly frayed, very small bits of skin (although no blood). I have read various answers you have given on this subject, but there doesn't seem to be one that is exacxtly the same as this. Could you please help?!
Avatar n tn I've always wondered this too.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with genital HSV-1 about a year ago, so can I pass HSV-1 to other people through kissing? If I have genital HSV-1, and I kiss someone that has HSV-1 in her mouth can I get the virus in my mouth even if I already have HSV-1 but in my genital?
Avatar n tn I guess she was selling more than I thought. In any case the next day I had an excess of saliva in my mouth and two days later my tongue was sort of white/yellow. I went to a local doctor and he told me to gargle with salt water which I did. Now its 9 days later and I still have a white saliva on my tongue. I went to my local GP and he took a swab which was negative for strep throat. Should I be concerned about anything else or have more tests done?
Avatar f tn We kissed around 5-10 seconds no tongue involved however there were exchange of saliva as he spit on my lips and I have a small mouth sore I don’t remember tasting blood. I’m a bit scared since I’m not feeling well after 2 weeks. I had a HIV Combi test at 3 weeks mark which turned out negative/nonreactive, question is: 1. Is this a hisk risk exposure 2. Is my result a good indicator or a false negative one? 3. Should i test again? Thank you for your answer as I’m quite a bit scared.
Avatar n tn About 3 minutes after the act(the kissing) I started washing my mouth out with water and hand soap , about fifteen minutes later on my way home I bought some lemon juice to rinse my mouth out and about 45 minutes later, I arrived home and used listerine to rinse out my mouth. She had no visible cold sores on her lips. I m 32 male and I dont have cold sores ever, will I contract cold sores after this episode?
Avatar m tn We did tongue kiss,during the kiss his lip was bleeding.I had a small mouth ulcer near my lip.When I rinsed my mouth after kissing,the water out of my mouth is light red.Will I be infected if he is an HIV positive?I'm very worried...
Avatar m tn i also have tiny raised bumps near my uvulva, i have red dots on the back of my throat, the tiny raised bumps are pink in color and are slowly increasing in number. in the last one week i have developed a bad sore throat on left side. i am a very worried and wot i have caught from this girl. this girl i know has history of giving oral sex to other men. please help me doctor wot can i do i am feeling very depressed and worried.