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Avatar n tn My medical onc then examined same area and felt unlikely to be cancer since nodes are only palpable on extension of the elbow and no palpable nodes felt behind the elbow. Medical onc feels a PET scan has a high false positive rate will not give any more useful information than a CT scan will. I am having my scheduled CT scan in 4 weeks. Is there any criteria for determining when a PET vs CT is better for specific diagnoses?
Avatar m tn She gave me a routine exam where I explained to her all of the enlarged lymph nodes I have. It seemed like all of the gland in my neck were swollen, as well as under my chin, above and below my clavicle ( for sometime), my arm pit and throughout my arms and legs. Some of the nodes I can feel and see, and others I can't. There seems to be a lump in my throat on the left side closet to my chin and when I touch it becomes painful, and makes a crunching sound when I move it. My dr.
Avatar f tn microcalcification increase odds of cancer to 25% (this is not specified on your report). the condition of lymph nodes is also important (not specified as well; abnormal nodes increase likehood of cancer ).
Avatar f tn The thyroid changes are classic hashimoto's - increased or decreased or normal blood flow can be seen in Hashi. The lymph nodes (LN) are tough to comment on w/o seeing the US images - it is not uncommon to have normal, prominent reactive lymph nodes adjacent to an inflamed hashi thyroid. Stability compared to prior CT is good. US is better than CT for LN characteristics.
Avatar f tn This is an evolving area in the decision making for RAI. The tumor was 1.5cm by your description with negative margins, no lymph nodes and no other foci of cancer. Would usually not need RAI for this independent of the Tg. If there is debate on the need for RAI, then Tg levels are sometimes used to determine need and dose of RAI. <5 (on thyroid meds) or <10 (off meds, "stimulated") are levels that may steer towards no RAI in otherwise borderline cases.
865758 tn?1285956504 do you ever have fevers associated with any of the symptoms? any swollen lymph nodes? what's the frequency of the hot flashed? how are your cbc blood works? i would wait until all your levels are normalized (which may be several months), and then see how these symptoms are. hopefully they will subside, but if they don't, at least you'll know that the symptoms most likely aren't related to thyroid.
Avatar n tn However on my last visit my physician did not examine me for swelling of the lymph nodes. Other than very borderline hypertension and elevated cholestoral- which is now well under control- I'm in good health.I'm 5.11 and 167 lbs., - so I'm not over weight. Is it common or uncommon to have such enlargement? What might some of the reasons be for this? Is the CT scan something I should do immediatly?
Avatar f tn If it was me, I'd discuss with the surgeon that if he has *any* doubts about the nodule to just take the entire thyroid - and to also check the lymph nodes very, very carefully. Just my $.02. Best of everything to you!
Avatar n tn They have biopsied 2 of the of the nodules. The findings were benign. My CT Scan revealed multiple enlarged lymph nodes. I have hoarseness and I have to constantly clear my throat, most recently i'm experiencing some breathing difficulty. My doctor has suggested to remove the parathyroid tumor and a few lymph nodes and to keep a watchful eye on the nodules. Would a complete thyroidectomy be out of the question? Should I get a second opinion?
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Avatar m tn I don't know if the surgeon recommending action is jumping the gun, but his desire to cut out lymph nodes is alarming. That indicates that he feels there is cancer involved and may already be spreading to lymph nodes. What does he know that your friend doesn't? I would want to have a long talk with him to understand his position fully, and then seek a second opinion if I wasn't convinced.
Avatar f tn I had complete thyroidectomy and right neck dissection of lymph nodes. Trust me I know it isn't the same and my understanding is it is like this in many generics vs. name brands but most don't notice.
Avatar n tn The fatty hilar replacement is typically seen in lymph nodes. To figure this out may be the reason for the ENT referral -- I would not be surprised if that prompts a CT or MRI of the neck to get more information. The thyroid function tests are normal.
Avatar f tn Isthmus is normal. Multiple hypoechoic oval shaped areas seen posterior to the muscles in both sides of the neck-lymph nodes Impression: large mass within the right lobe of the thyroid. Multiple deep cervical lymph node enlargements. Correlate clinically and FNAC is suggested" So my thyroid doctor asked me to go for the FNA which will be done in the next week.
Avatar n tn It feels like lymph node pain, but lymph nodes not swollen. Painful muscle spasms. 10. Began taking B comlex and a multivitamin 11. Symptoms began to subside somewhat. Stopped taking B complex. Sleep study normal. 12. Symtoms came back 2-3 weeks later. Began B complex again..symptoms subsided. 13. Went off it for 5 days and had a B12 level. result 324. 14. Took it again consistently. Other symtoms include parasthesis (pins and needles, knives and daggers).
Avatar n tn Mine was multi-focal (a 2.3cm and .1cm along with 2 lymph nodes with cancer)I am like you, no history or problems. I was in the hospital for two nights. I would research surgeons. My doctor was a surgical oncologist that specializes in head and neck surgeries, not an ent. He does on the average, about 5 of these surgeries a week and he used surgical glue to close my incision and it is barely noticeable. I am still working on recovery because I didn't start any meds.
Avatar f tn The cancer is usually accompanied with abnormal lymph nodes (your report says nothing about their condition) Your TSH is close to upper limit (hypo) considering new proposed range of .3 to 3.3 RAI scan will not add anything because your TSH is NOT low. Recommendation: Ask to clarify your report by providing info about type of blood flow in nodules, condition of lymph nodes, types of nodules. Nodules of these sizes should be visible during swallowing: https://youtu.
Avatar m tn It is still small at 8mm and can likely be observed but would consider consultation with endocrinologist who does his/her own ultrasound to look at the entire thyroid and surrounding lymph nodes and make a decision on FNA biopsy vs observation.
Avatar f tn he is a fine example of the miracle of people living way longer than expected. He has had metastic cancer in his lymph nodes, liver, lungs, and bones for 8 years (rare to survive so long). He has also had pneumonia least least twice, and a bleeding ulcer that would have killed most of us; all while doing chemo. Surviving that heart attack was another miracle.
Avatar f tn Numerous visible, nonenlarged, normal apprearing lymph nodes are noted in the jugulodigastric chains bilatterally. IMPRESSION Moderate heterogenous thyroid gland enlargment. Solitary subcentimeter solid right lobe lesion.
12758 tn?1201223280 If anything looks abnormal, he will proceed to take out the entire thyroid instead of one lobe, as well as any lymph nodes that may be affected. So only one surgery. That is good. I am still having problems with my vitamin B12 levels for some reason. Got an injection the day I had the biopsy, but it did no good. I am to try the sublingual doseage until I have more blood work January 5. If my levels have not increased, I will have to take weekly injections.
Avatar f tn I had a neck dissection back in Sept 08 to removed certain things in the neck (submandibular gland, lymph nodes) and I survived that one as well, no problems whatsoever. In Feb 09, I had a laparotomy to remove abdominal/pelvis tumor, left ovary & complex cyst. I came out of that surgery just fine (did have to spend 3 days in hospital, BUT only because it was a major surgery). You will do just fine. And who knows maybe it will be done as an out patient surgery.
393685 tn?1425816122 He did, however, remove a lot of lymph nodes. That made me nervous, but they all came back as reactive to the Hashi's and not cancerous. At this point they do not believe that the cancer has gone very far. He took my thymus as well. That was ok, I guess, as I didn't even know that I had one of those. : ) So I am 10 days in to having no thyroid and I am not on any meds.
Avatar n tn Frequent erectile dysfunction, correctable with meds. 10.Mild gland swelling, periodically. Lymph nodes, parotid.. I don't want to sound like things are worse, because in many ways I feel better by far, than I did before tx. I feel healthier, my skin is much more normal, I am able to do much more, and have less feeling of 'general illness'.
Avatar n tn Mine had been there so long (found by accident - long story) that it had spread to my lymph nodes - 17 of 19 were positive. Follicular does have a SLIGHTLY increased risk in some ways but don't let yourself get so stressed out......ok, I know it's easy for ME to say, but try. The one thing that worries me about your post is that you are seeing an ENT. I know that you are scheduled to see an Endo - and that is good. Thyroid surgery - as I am sure you have read, does have it's risks.
Avatar m tn Before that had 7 lymph nodes removed from the left side of my neck and only 2 of the center lymph nodes were cancerous (squamous cell). Radiation treatment ended in October 2009 Now today March 31, 2010 they did an ULTRA TSH test and my level was high at 7.75. EGFR 51.0. What does this mean? Do I have hyperthyroidism? or Thyroid Cancer?
694885 tn?1232653548 -------------------------- If thyroid cancer spreads (metastasizes) outside the thyroid, cancer cells are often found in nearby lymph nodes, nerves, or blood vessels. If the cancer has reached these lymph nodes, cancer cells may have also spread to other lymph nodes or to other organs, such as the lungs or bones. Follicular Thyroid Cancer is the second most common thyroid malignancy.
Avatar n tn During thyroid ultrasound do they also look for any lymph nodes in neck and if nothing is written on report about any lymph nodes in and on neck about lymph nodes does one have to assume none were found.
Avatar m tn I have done a thyroid lobectomy and the results was 3cm encapsulated Follicular variant of PTC with no vascular/lymph invasion. Do I need to take the other half of the thyroid out? What is the prognosis of the FVPTC vs PTC?
Avatar f tn Would I be considered Stage II Papillary Thyroid Cancer if cancer spread to some fatty tissue surrounding thyroid? I am 27 w/ 1cm nodule found of which .5cm was pap cancer. No lymph nodes had cancer. 27 yr old female. My TG was .6 a month after TT. Is that a good sign? Still need RAI? Why aren't TG levels as good to look at before RAI vs after? What if a person waits a year to see how everything looks and doesn't get RAI. Does this mean I will die sooner? Thanks soo soo much Doctor.