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Avatar m tn I told him I still want to have kids someday, so he recommended I go on the testosterone therapy for 3 months and off 3 months and so on. I just finished my first 3 months and he warned me I would feel the effects coming off testosterone. Needless to say I have zero energy now, inability to focus, extremely tired and have a dull achy feel all around.
Avatar n tn In the past members noted above have discussed the potential for Testosterone Replacement Therapy for their low testosterone after doing tx. I just got test results back showing I am at the borderline of low normal, and low....about 300 ng/dl. After doing a LOT of reading about T ranges, and replacement, symptoms from low 'T', etc. I am beginning to think this may be a major part of my post-tx problems. The sx for low Testosterone are plentiful, and can be overwhelming.
Avatar m tn I am 26.5yrs old and I used steroids when I was 19 and a half till I was 22. I have had a bit testicular atrophy and I have noticed a little bit of lack of firmness and want of sex. Also energy levels have been low. My bro n law is 32 and has the same issues without the steroid use. He was prescribed to use .4cc's of testosterone cypionate once a week. I have followed in his foot steps and went to a urologist and got my testosterone checked. He said next appt.
Avatar m tn Women may develop unwanted hair growth or acne. Testosterone transfer is especially dangerous for pregnant women because it can cause birth defects. "Women and children who are exposed to testosterone products should call their doctor right away. "To prevent these problems, the man using the gel should not allow skin-to-skin contact of the treated area with other people. He should keep the treated area covered or wash it well before letting others touch him.
Avatar f tn Where can I find the latest medical advice on using Testosterone gel 13 years after prostate removal? Removed because of cancer. Doctor keeps saying that Testosterone Therapy is not proper for patients who have had prostate cancer. I feel like my energy battery is just about depleated and seem to have all of the symptoms for need of T Therapy. Is there any good medical research that I can use to further discuss with Primary Care MD?
Avatar n tn You need a trial of testosterone replacement therapy. It does not matter what your testosterone "levels" as this tells you nothing.
Avatar f tn Obviously, anything that gives you side effects that bad is probably not the right treatment for you. Generally, women aren't given that treatment as it can cause acne, hair growth where women don't want it, and other male attributes. In your case, you had low testosterone and high SHBG, which might have been able to be treated by dietary changes. But people are different. A problem is, testosterone varies a whole lot in both men and women, by the day, hour, week, etc.
Avatar m tn He may have Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome. A trial of testosterone replacement therapy would be worth while. He should do this without having his blood testosterone levels checked because they tell you very little.
Avatar m tn I have been on testosterone shots for almost a year now due to extremely low testosterone levels identified during my annual physical. My numbers bottomed out around 150 over a 3 week period of testing. I had a scan to check the pituitary gland and all was normal there to at my ripe old age of 43 I started TRT. I currently take 2 shots/week of .24ml each shot. This was partly my decision to keep a more balanced level vs.
Avatar f tn He has been having low sex drive and problems with erection for some time now. He was prescribed testosterone cream application which he has been regularly using ..now his blood testosterone is back to the normal range but he still continues to face the same issues. Lately, he has also experienced noticeable reduction in the frequency of "sexual" dreams and morning erections. We are currently in couples therapy too....just wanted to know what more can we do to improve our sex life.
Avatar m tn Hi sorry hormone therapy will not help at all , there are no pills or cream to make your penis any bigger , take care ,
1713674 tn?1308576562 how do men after the menopause manage this lack of sex how do husbands handle not having sex for the rest of there lives, im talking about women choosing not to have sex after menopâuse
Avatar m tn Hi, I do understand that the testosterone levels are low in your case and there are several guidelines developed by several groups who recommend the testosterone therapy in the ageing male. However, It has not been definitively established that the decline in testosterone seen in most aging men results in an androgen deficient state with health-related outcomes that can be improved by testosterone therapy. Hence, I’ll not recommend the same.
Avatar f tn I don’t know if the IFN caused this occurrence, or if it was merely coincidental. Many women do HCV therapy at the normal biological timeframe that menopause occurs in naturally, of course. Have you consulted an endocrinologist?
Avatar n tn My husband had 2 semen analysis done and both came back with NO sperm, 0.5 ml volume and lower than normal 6.4 ph level. His hormones were fine except testosterone was a bit low and during his physical the doc said everything seemed fine. They want him to do a testicular biopsy to determine if he has a blockage or just isn't producing. Didn't give him any meds for lil bit low testosterone. Anyone have similar analysis results and what was your diagnosis?
Avatar m tn I have been ot Testosterone gel for 2 weeks and so far i don't feel any better i was wondering if anybody has had a good result on Testosterone therapy and if you have any advice?
Avatar f tn I was hoping you would read my other post in order to see if my husband is even a good candidate for testosterone therapy. Below I have copied and pasted my first post. My husband is quite a bit older than me but I love him very much and we have been together for 18 years. He has been having problems with no sex drive and I have been having a hard time dealing with the rejection.
Avatar m tn Then started having testicular pain and sharp pain in the rectum (Urologist diagnosed rectum pain as pelvic floor problem and physical therapy has been helping the rectum pain only). At first they suspected I had low testosterone but now my levels are 700 and all my blood tests are normal. I have had MRI of brain, thoracic, sacrum, and lumbar. Only thing that showed up was L5-S1 degenerative disk disease and slight S1 compression but neurologists said it can't cause these symptoms.