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Avatar n tn I called my OB and she called in a RX for tamiflu. I've never been on it before but she assured me that it was safe. She said my cough may turn into pneumonia or bronchitis and that may be worse then taking the meds. I never went thru this with my boys so I'm a little unsure. I did research and it seems safe. What are others opinion on this. I just feel horrible. I haven't been this sick in a long time and just the pregnancy is tiring enough. To top it off I got my 6 and 4 yr olds sick also...
4355200 tn?1354596744 htm The thing about Tamiflu is that I think you are supposed to take it within 48 hours of *developing symptoms* rather than exposure. Tamiflu is for postexposure prophylaxis rather than a prophylactic. http://www.tamiflu.com/hcp/prescribing/hcp_prescribe_adults_prevent.jsp Hopefully someone who has more insight will chime in. I hope this all works out and your grandson is OK.
Avatar f tn Tamiflu is a Class C medication which means there isnt enough information available to know effects it will have on the developing fetus but studies in animals have shown minimal problems. Since any strain of the flu virus can be very serious (even deadly), especially in pregnant women, Tamiflu is indicated when the benefits outweigh any risks.
213739 tn?1215489609 our 7 year old daughter was diagnosed with influenza A today and then put my the rest of us on Tamiflu to prevent it. Jett is 10 1/2 months old and I'm still nursing- he still nurses about every 3-4 hours.
Avatar n tn I was wondering if it is safe to take tamiflu if you end of getting the flu. Has anyone taken it yet?
Avatar n tn Sorry for my unperfect English : ) I'm french. I suddenly declared an "atypic" Narcolepsy-cataplexy + frontal epilepsy after taking two pills of TAMIFLU in 2007. My husband was ill, and our family doctor recommanded me and my baby to take the same medecine otherwise we should also catch the "bad" flu. I took two pills of TAMIFLU and fell down at my office, unanimated but not unconscious, unable to move, prisonner in my own body.
592774 tn?1325397342 Recently,I read that the influenza virus is very resistant to Tamiflu this year. Has Tamiflu actually helped with the swine flu? Does the CDC think the swine flu will develop resistance to Tamiflu quickly?
Avatar f tn If you have the flu you should see your doctor and get Tamiflu, a prescription medication that lessens the duration and severity of the flu. It can mean the difference between being hospitalized and just being home and miserable. Call and tell them about your symptoms and they will tell you whether you should come in for a swab and a scrip.
Avatar n tn Sorry for my unperfect English : ) I'm french. I suddenly declared an "atypic" Narcolepsy-cataplexy + frontal epilepsy after taking two pills of TAMIFLU in 2007. My husband was ill, and our family doctor recommanded me and my baby to take the same medecine otherwise we should also catch the "bad" flu. I took two pills of TAMIFLU and fell down at my office, unanimated but not unconscious, unable to move, prisonner in my own body.
Avatar m tn I went to check the STD clinic and they say HIV does not catch this way. Then I met the family doctor, after checking the symptoms she gave me Tamiflu which is anti viral. She did not know about this exposure. I'm now in total panic. How come I suddenly catch up with Virus. Only virus I could think of now is HIV. Please advise.
983817 tn?1248981276 ive been knda worried because he has swine flu like symptoms. fever, cough, soar throat, runny nose, boday aches, head aches, the chills he feels really cold but his fever was 104.5 and he was also very sleep. w/out meds. he has also had alot of diarrhea and vomiting... so this morning about 4:50 am we left to the hospitol. all the freaking doctor prescribed him was Tamiflu & Vicoden for the pain>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>pfffffffff...
Avatar f tn He told me to force fluids and give advil for the fever. He called to check on her a few hours later. She was feeling much worse, so he called in Tamiflu. Over night, her fever remained around 99.7 while on round the clock advil. Once the advil wears off, the fever goes back to 103. This morning, she is complaining of head, neck and back pain to the point where she cannot lay down comfortably. She says it hurts for her to bend her neck to her chest, but she is able to do it.
Avatar f tn Call your doctor, I had the H1N1 at 21 weeks it was horrible ughh. But you can take the tamiflu they prescribe so if u do have the flu its best to get meds now.
Avatar n tn As for your symptoms, the world is in the middle of an influenza pandemic and other varieties of non-HIV viral infections also are far, far more common than symptoms due to HIV. As we have said repeatedly on this forum, for a person to worry about symptoms as a sign of acute HIV infection is really a huge waste of time. Bottom line, your risk is low and your symptoms do not change this in any way. My advice would be for you and your partner to go get tested.
Avatar f tn He is a college freshman and was prescribed Tamiflu by the clinic there. He took the meds for 2 days and then he felt better so he decided he was fine. UGH!!!! He was diagnosed almost two weeks ago, although I realize that stopping the medication was not the smartest and best thing to do, he is still sufferring from a headache. He says he feels better if he takes two advil each day, but he doesn't want to continue doing that much longer.
Avatar f tn Hi Started with cold symptoms the other day. Constantly tired, slight foggy headache (not painful but just like I can't see clearly), feeling sick after I eat or drink, loss of appetite. No cough but a slight sharp burning pain when I breathe in now and again. Very congested and mucusy and some mucus I brought up earlier had blood in it. I've titled this 'cold symptoms but not a cold' because it doesn't seem like the usual cold but who knows, it could be a cold.
Avatar f tn What is a ZPack and he gave me a RX for Tamiflu or if not available use RELENZA. I want to know if they will make me drownsy.
Avatar f tn History of MVA 2003 causing peripheral neuropathy, traveled to El Salvadore in 2008 resulting in severe undiagnosed infection-symptoms resolved with Flagil; past surgeries- appendectomy (2001), R hip scope/osteoplasty (2006), gallbladder removed/exploratory lap (2008-looking for infection following El Salvador), tonsillectomy, septoplasty, and sinuses surgically cleaned (Feb 2010). 1.
Avatar n tn I too have EAR / glands and TERRIBLE neck pain and lower skull pain and I was on antibiotics for 3 weeks to no avail. Neck pain so bad I could touch my neck vein and it was so sore and I had pain shoot to my temples.. OMG!!!! ICE PACK helped thanks God but... next I spent hundreds of dollars at an ENT and Swallow study and CT scan of sinus and neck only for the ENT to say he has no answers and keep taking the Naproxen he gave me and check back in 2 months!?
475753 tn?1209066387 I know that it is my ignorance which brings me to this situation but the questions I have are simple 1. Is it unheard of that I would be experiencing symptoms post seroconverion only a year (not even, but quite) after exposure? such as mild thrush, and bruising....if so should these symptoms be accompanied by fever and other more common issues (which I have had none of).
20814762 tn?1520209290 ​Doctor thinks it's drug Eruption. Had the flu over a month ago and took tamiflu, this is the only new medicine he has taken recently. This is day 11. No other symptoms than extreme itching. Feet are swollen and some bumps are turning into blisters and popping. Leaving large open wounds. I've attached some photos for other opinions.
Avatar n tn My OB put me on Tamiflu but my primary said she wasn't sure about it. Has anyone been on this while pregnant? I'm worried it's going to hurt the baby. Also it did get the flu vaccine, I was only a couple weeks pregnant so I didn't know but I'm a little mad they push a vaccine that obviously doesn't work.
788209 tn?1281487840 Got diagnosed with pharyngitis, a viral infection with flu-like symptoms and no treatment, which is probably why I've felt run down the last few days. Better than paying $50 for Tamiflu, although I do have a script. Feeling better already.
Avatar n tn 15, 2008 I know this is low risk after reading through some of the threads. My concerns are symptoms (which I know should not be) here are my questions: 1. For the last four days I been having flu like symtoms (fever, night sweats, body aches) , seen the dr. and he perscribed TAMIFLU. In what time frame would someone infected see symptoms if any at all? 2. Would you suggest testing and if so what test would be the correct test at 9 weeks. Would TAMIFLU affect the result?
Avatar n tn This past week I came down with flu like symptoms for two days, and actually went to the doctor. He said it was a flu and prescribed Tamiflu. Since that time, I am feeling much better, but I am a little concerned that it could be the early symptoms of HIV for a few reasons. First, for the past couple of weeks, even before the flu like symptoms I have been getting a recurring canker sore in the same spot on the bottom of my tongue.
Avatar f tn The doctor would not have prescribed something that was dangerous to your fetus. Tamiflu has a very limited window of time in which it can help with your symptoms. You need to take it so that it will help you to feel better. If you wait too long it isn't going to do you any good.
Avatar n tn I had the flu and I also tried everything and every type of home remedies until I ended up in the hospital and I was given tamiflu, it's really good and it helped me with my symptoms right away and it doesn't hurt the baby either..
167 tn?1374177417 All they can tell me is that their recommendation for pregnant women, especially in the third trimester, is to take Tamiflu even without symptoms if there has been exposure but that it is my decision. I just cannot decide which way to go but I'm leaning towards not taking the Tamiflu. However, if I get very sick, I will regret that decision as well. UGH...
Avatar f tn I have been concerned that some of the meds may have caused this and would like to know if that is possible or just paranoia. Prior to the heart attack I took 1 day of tamiflu and the first day if a 250 mg z pack. The second morning I took day 2 of tamiflu, day 2 of zpack and 750mg levofloxacin which was added to treat strep. Looking back it just seems that was a lot - 2 antibiotics and tamiflu?