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Avatar f tn stopped taking synthroid mid-last year on my own( no prescribed meds) and changed my food choices - no more junk and/or fast food, no gluten, no dairy, no meat. I now eat fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, hummus, beans -plant based food choices. I am obese 210 lbs and tired most of the time . I have daily bowel movement - so I am not constipated ?no other hypo symptoms, hair and nails are fine. NO pain. Im scheduled to have a colonoscopy later this month.
Avatar f tn I heard some things about st. johns worts lately and I wanted to know if this was safe enough to take with synthroid, and if Kelp and spiritulina actually helps boost up the thryoid..
Avatar n tn 5mcg daily thyroxin is too much also and am now 'tweaking' my meds taking 62.5mcg on Mon, Wed, Fri and 50mcg on the other days. It seemed that I went hyper after I started eating tuna which I hadnt eaten for nearly 2 years due to the iodine in it. Since stopping the tuna sandwiches, my levels are levelling out nicely and I dont have the anxious 'hyper' symptoms. I might add that I am very drug sensitive so any form of medication I react to straighht away.
Avatar n tn It made me sick - nausea, headache, diarrhea, flushed skin across face and neck, every time I took it. I was switched to the brand Synthroid and had no problem taking it! My endo said he doesn't like the generic for thyroid. (PC doc started me on generic and it was awful). I also was diagnsosed w/ TSH at 10 point something and felt terrible!!! Now down to 2 and still don't feel completely well, but I've improved, especially the mind fog.
Avatar n tn You don't have to ween yourself off Synthroid. You can just stop taking it tomorrow. I've been taken off Synthroid twice, and both times I was told to stop immediately, no mention of needing to stop gradually. I think you are making a big mistake. I think your hair loss is from disease, not medication. I think you will be sick before your holistic therapy kicks in, if it ever does.
Avatar f tn I'm also taking Champix to quit smoking, and aside from ordinary vitamins and supplements (which I space at least 4 hours from the synthroid) I'm also taking kelp and L-tyrosine. Any ideas anyone?
Avatar f tn I have never had such a spare tire in my life and it began shortly after taking Synthroid. The Doctors say Synthroid does not cause weight gain, but the scale does not lie. The only thing that changed in my life was the Synthroid and then the weight gain began. Why do the Doctors deny Synthroid is causing my weight gain? This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/262705'>Weight Gain and Big Bloated Stomach on .35 Synthroid</a>.
Avatar f tn Do you know what the actual numbers were for your free T3, free T4 (and FT3 and FT4 reference ranges) and TSH before starting Synthroid? The two possibilities here are that 25 mcg was too high for an initial dose, or that it's too high for you period. Were you having hypo symptoms before starting on Synthroid? Some people also find that switching brand names alleviates some of the side-effects. Fillers seem to be the culprit there.
2055874 tn?1330534053 I added a low dose of cytomel(T3 med) and reduced synthroid to 137 and have had much improvement. Many people do better with a T4/T3 combo. I'm still trying to find a dr who will let me try armour thyroid. Please post your results.
Avatar n tn Since original post in September, I've seen a new Endocrinologist and she has taken me off Armour and put me on Synthroid. All my counts are back to normal and I feel great and "normal" once again. She said she doesnt believe in generics because they have so many different manufacturer's that you never get the same dose twice. I totally believe it. Thanks for your posts.
Avatar f tn Other symptoms can include accumulation of fluid under the eye, sensitivity to cold aching muscles, decreased appetite (but concurrent weight gain), fatigue, constipation, dry skin and hair, insomnia and tingling in the hands and feet. Reproductive symptoms include unusually long cycles and extended periods of heavy cervical fluid. Hypothyroid is perhaps on of the most common, yet easily overlooked causes of infertility.
Avatar n tn You are taking Synthroid and adding kelp may really screw up the thyroid imbalance. If you want to exercise and bulk up, use common sense, stay away from herbal additives. They take your money and rarely deliver. Creatine over the counter is absorbed in the stomach and passes thru the stool/urine with little or no absorbtion. That is a good thing because a rise in blood serum creatine can cause kidney damage.
Avatar f tn 1000 and Tyroglobulin AB is 30. I just got blood results, and want to avoid synethic medication. I am taking iodine/bovine tissues and supplements of selenium, copper, L-tyrosine, kelp,Irish Moss, Ashwagandha. My plan is to go back to MD and be tested in 30 days. Has anyone gotten their levels down naturally without going on Synthroid?
1783159 tn?1450767156 I take Synthroid,B-Complex,D3,Kelp(Idione),Iron,and Cranberry pills daily.Is this to much? I have alot of energy but I missed an cycle.I was told by the phyarmacy to take the pills for my thyroid.I was given the cranberry pills to help my infections.I kept getting yeast infections but since taking them I haven't had one.
Avatar m tn When I started taking it I lost 15 lbs right away, yay! I started taking iodine and 25mcg Synthroid for 2 months now. It's been a disaster! I've had dizzy spells, heart palpatations daily, shortness of breath and have gained 13lbs in 2 months! Bad idea. I'm going to stop taking the iodine supplement. Iodine deficiency is very high in the U.S. and iodized salt is not enough to help. I've heard that it's good to stay away from iodine-rich foods ie.
Avatar m tn On THYROID it went as high as 200 sys and on Synthroid 195. I am working now with my doc to reduce and take me off all thyroid meds and I plan to migrate to kelp (iodine extract) and if necessary L-tyrosine to boost my T3 production. I also have a bright red facial rash which migrated to my neck. Blurring of vision and headaches are also side affects. In 2002 the AMA lowered the entry level to hypothyroidism scooping up 50 million formerly borderline thyroid problems.
Avatar f tn Should a patient with ablated thyroid on synthroid take any sea kelp? I am currently taking supplements for hair replacement. I 'm not sure I should take the sea kelp.
Avatar m tn I just started taking the Gaia Thyroid Support after a very long time on Synthroid. I can sleep better and deeper. My night anxiety has stopped. My horrific "fibromyalgia type pain" has stopped. My joint pain has stopped. I feel grounded, and no longer like a flighty kite. So far I have moments of deep fatigue, but I just started the support. I honor my body, rest, and then go on.
Avatar m tn I think it was because I switched straight to it without any titrating. I also think losing the Synthroid was a shock. I wonder if a mix of Synthroid and Armour could help. I've read about that before. It's not as common, but it's safe and effective for some people.
1783159 tn?1450767156 ** I am also taking an B-Complex,D3,Iron,Cranberry Pills,and Kelp(Idoine).It give me alot of energy.When I don't take all these I be tired and weak.
Avatar f tn I'm taking kelp supplements and eat seafood regularly...(I'm so lucky I live a short distance from the ocean!)...Any other suggestions? I have a 6 week window to stimulate it naturally...What's worked for you? Thanks!
Avatar f tn Iodine supplementation is contra-indicated with Hashimoto's, as it can make the autoimmune attack worse. What thyroid medication are you taking and what dosage? How long have you been taking it? Your FT3 is only at 47% of its range and rule of thumb (where most of feel best) is upper half to upper third of the range. Your FT4 is nearly in the toilet at only 7% of its range and rule of thumb is for it to be around mid range.
Avatar f tn 39. My mom has hashimoto’s and takes Synthroid. - I started taking kelp and thyroid px (herbal thyroid support), and progesterone cream (from compounding pharmacy) and as of one week ago, my tsh is now 4.23, fsh is 3. I’m still taking the kelp, thyroid px and progesterone cream. - In March, my DHEA was 1.2, so I started taking .25 of DHEA. At the beginning of May (after about wks on DHEA), my DHEA was 7.
215021 tn?1224886057 * Many people are often misdiagnosed or prematurely diagnosed as having fibromyalgia when they have another illness. It is important to rule out everything before getting a fibromyalgia diagnosis. * Dr. Kent Holtorf is a physician who routinely treats fibromyalgia and CFS patients says that "close to 100% of individuals with these syndromes have low thyroid.
Avatar n tn Even almost a year after I began synthroid I still cannot regain all of my strength I had before taking synthroid. Besides that my lab numbers are normal and I feel fine. Has anyone else had this problem?
Avatar m tn stage is so low-down!......taking my 1 yr post-trx soon and still v apprehesive-**** leaves BIG scars-if and when yu trx again pls let me know and i will shower y'all with the best anti-sx,bar none.....
Avatar n tn I'm a 48 years old. I have hypo thyroid. I am taking synthroid .88 and kelp. It is very hard to loss weight. I walk 6.6 miles 5 to 6 times a week. It's not helping. I'm tired all the time. Please help me. What should I eat, and what should I not eat. My points were 7.0 in september. What do I need to do?
Avatar n tn I was prescribed Topamax along with an appetite suppressant (Adipex) for weight loss a bit over a year ago and stopped taking them after two and a half months. I did not lose all of the weight I had wanted to, but most of it. I had gained 55 pounds while on Paxil over the course of two and a half years. By taking a combination of the two medicines, I lost 22 pounds the first month, 10 pounds the second month, and 8 pounds the first half of the third month.
Avatar n tn family members and neighbors etc think i have an underactive thyroid,altho medical testing showed otherwise,but in the mean time i have gulped down kelp tablets,multi vitamins and synthroid pills until a good endocrinologist put a stop to it .In later years i thought i have chest pain at nite,and i call it angina. i start taking aspirin and bumex and thought they will help my problem.
Avatar f tn I would talk to your physician and/or pharmacist. btw.... I've had GREAT results after taking Iodine !!!