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Avatar f tn Hi. I am hypothyroid and take to Synthroid to help the imbalance. I stared taking multivitamins and essential fatty acids about 2 weeks ago. I have started getting a few pimples, almost like hormonal pimples. This is highly unusual for me. Has anyone heard of vitamins or essential fatty acids causing this. I'm confused.
1129232 tn?1360803958 I'm wondering if anyone knows if having a cup of coffee or milk 1 hour after having my synthroid pill can affect the medication. My endo told me to make sure not to take any vitamins with iron or calcium for at least 4 hours after I take the pill. I definitely do not take my vitamins until a good 6 hours after synthroid but given that milk has calcium, i'm wondering if having milk can also affect the pill.
2121656 tn?1395678349 I started taking 25 mgs. of synthroid on Sept. 4th, and right away I've had relieve from a lot of my symptoms, including indigestion & heartburn. Probably is the placebo effect. Either way I'm still symptom free except for the heartburn, that's actually worse than before taking synthroid. I am having it all day. Therefore, I'm not sure if the synthroid is the cause or if it may be caused from me drinking my morning coffee without taking the protonix. Due to having to wait 4 hrs.
Avatar n tn You can only take calcium vitamins or products containing calcium either 4 hours before taking synthroid or 4 hours after taking synthroid as the calcium will block the synthroid from absorbing.
Avatar n tn Hi Sveta Im taking tons of vitamins!Omega 3 dha/epa.A multivitamin 4 times per day and also vitamin D3,E,C.I also take alot of amino acids like lysine and proline and supplements like MSM to improve oxygen flow.I also take flax seed oil/cod liver oil and extra virgin cocnut oil as well as various green drinks.Ive cleared all this with my doctors.Basically wait 3 hours before taking any vitamins and if i supplement calcium i do it in the evening.
Avatar n tn I take my Synthroid in the morning as soon as I get up and all my other pills and vitamins before bed. As long as you give it a couple of hours (especially with calcium or iron) you are good to go.
Avatar n tn before i started on the synthroid, i was taking 1-aleve, BCP, 1-one a day, and 2-CLA. since i started taking the synthroid, i have only been taking it in the morning and my BCP at night. i haven't been taking the other pills but i'm wondering if it is okay to take these things while on synthroid as long as i don't take them at the same time. i especially want to know about the tonalin CLA that i was taking for weight loss. any advice?
Avatar n tn I took Synthroid for many years and now take a combination of Synthroid/Cytomel. My dilema is that when I take vitamins (taken at least 4 hours after thyroid meds), it raises my TSH, making me feel hypo, my TSH went from 1.13 to 4.97. The only thing that I can think of is when I took Vitamin D by itself, it also raised my TSH. I might add that my Vitamin D level was low. My current vitamin has 1000 mg of Vitamin D.
Avatar f tn Hello All, Does anybody know how many hours should be between Synthroid and Omeprazole so there is no impact to Syngthroid's effectiveness?
Avatar n tn 5mcg daily thyroxin is too much also and am now 'tweaking' my meds taking 62.5mcg on Mon, Wed, Fri and 50mcg on the other days. It seemed that I went hyper after I started eating tuna which I hadnt eaten for nearly 2 years due to the iodine in it. Since stopping the tuna sandwiches, my levels are levelling out nicely and I dont have the anxious 'hyper' symptoms. I might add that I am very drug sensitive so any form of medication I react to straighht away.
557907 tn?1215886169 I'm so used to taking everything first thing in the morning, and now this thyroid business is really messin' with my schedule! I do the vitamin thing later in the day now, but the probiotics are to be taken on an empty stomach. I keep trying to post a question to the doctor, but everytime I go there, the daily limit for questions has been reached.
Avatar f tn Rule of thumb is to always take your synthroid apart from any other meds or vitamins by at least a couple of hours. With the exception of Iron and calcium which need to be taken 4 hours apart.
793305 tn?1493929118 I had RAI and I had a few problems at the start of the Thyroxin absorbing so my Doctor recommended taking a Calcium/D3 combination and since taking Calcium/D3, my levels evened out and I am doing great. I even tried taking the thyroxine at night and it did help somewhat but am now back to taking Thyroxin when I wake and Calcium before bed. It is also important to get checked for any vitamin deficiences. Zinc, magnesium, calcium, B vitamins, Selenium, Cortisol levels too.
Avatar f tn I had a total thyroidectomy and I am on Synthroid 137. I work full time days as a paralegal and I am a personal trainer in the evenings and I am burning the candle at both ends. My question is: In a person with a normal functioning thyroid, does the body over compensate when a person is over worked, and produce a little more thyroid hormone?
Avatar f tn He said the ONLY thing that interferes with Synthroid is calcium and iron. Just curious, are you still taking both of these meds? How are you doing? Did you change how you take them? I also just read tonight that green tea might be bad for Synthroid absorption. That is what I drink every morning. hmmm... I just don't know WHAT to believe. We are always told to 'ask our doctor'...but how can there be such a variance of answers?
Avatar n tn Hi. I'm going crazy. I'm up to 200mcg. of Synthroid - last TSH 0.41 with Ft's in low-norm range. Anyway, does anyone know if I can take the coenzyme Q10 or will it negatively affect thyroid? Also, have been faithfully taking B vitamin complex daily with a multivitamin that has some b vitamins in it. When just reading on the internet that niacin has shown to lower thyroid hormone in people with this disease causing hypo symptoms.
219609 tn?1210351714 I had thought as so,,Plus my endo told me to take 800 a day on vit D but I take 1000, I take all my meds like multi vitamins at noon and D before sleep,,I take my synthroid at 6am and go back to sleep,Most of the time I always get eight solid hours of sleep but my internal clock wakes me to take meds, plus there are still lots of times I wake first thing nervous, so my zanax is in order, I was at 175mcg for a while but am slowly going back down to 137mcg because my numbers are to high in the fre
Avatar f tn The empty stomach thing is because certain foods and vitamins/minerals absorb the thyroid med so you body can't use it. I'm not a doctor, but it seems like if you wanted to take syntrhoid that way, it would work, as long as you aren't taking calcium or anything else that interacts with it within 4 hours after. I have read that Syntrhoid is designed to be "long acting" and that is why it is usually taken in one dose. It doesn't get absorbed in the same way as Armour.
87651 tn?1259606003 Wait an hour before eating or taking ANY other meds. Wait at least four hours before taking vitamins and supplements. Certain meds should be spaced hours away from thyroid meds. Those are the guidelines. What you do from there is up to you. Any deviation may change the absorbtion rate, which will change the med level required. Do what you do consistantly. My personal opinion, which may be all wrong, is that milk coats your stomach and may affect absorbtion considerably.
Avatar f tn you can google taking thyroid meds at night and read about gastrointestinal issues that include fiber issues and why if you take it at night you don t have those issues. i eat dinner early and take it at about 11 or so also keeps me from night snacking and helps my wt stay low.
Avatar f tn 25mcg cytomel starting off, sounds like an anxiety trip waiting to happen? They usually have you split it and take half in the morning with your Synthroid, and then another half in the afternoon.
Avatar n tn Could this mean that I am going to need the next dose, which would be 112? Thank you so much. I also take meds/vitamins for low ferritin and low vitamin d.
Avatar m tn I was taking 50mcg of Synthroid for a couple of months and saw improvement in skin tone (lack of dry flaky skin) and concentration. Over the past few weeks I have experimented with Armour, trying different dosages. I can not seem to tolerate more than a quarter grain without experiencing some angina and the dry flaky skin has returned. Have thought about adding back in the 50 mcg of Synthroid with the quarter grain of Armour. Has anyone tried this?
Avatar n tn Hi guys, I have started loosing my hair after I started taking thyroid medications and still am losing my hair using .125 synthroid. My doctor ran some tests and found my testosterone levels extremely high. Then as a PhD student, I did some research on my own and found medical articles that state that high testosterone levels in females is the number one hair loss reason. I believe at this stage synthroid somehow impacts how my body produces hormones..
Avatar f tn I've been on Synthroid for about two years now and it works great. I have my thyroid rechecked every 6 months and the only time I ever have any issues is when I get too much soy in my diet...that makes a noticeable impact in my levels. Recently though I've been getting heart palpitations...usually a few per day.
219522 tn?1251764229 My TSH was 130 and my cholesterol 289. After 6 weeks on 75 mcg of Synthroid, my TSH is 4.75 and my cholesterol is 177. TSH fits old "normal" range, but not 2003 AACE updated range of .3-3. My old labs from 10-20 years ago show my TSH between 2 and 3. My question is, will TSH continue to improve on this dosage, or should I be looking for my doctor to up my dosage a bit? I do feel better, but still not completely normal.
Avatar f tn Not sure if you are aware but Yes, Thyroid meds tend to not interact very well with antacids, vitamins and calcium, you are not supposed to take either one within 4 hours of each other. At least Synthroid anyway.
Avatar f tn I was recently diagnosed with a hypothyroid and started at 50 mcg and last week I was put on 75mcg. I am always tired and can't shake the feeling. I have gained at least 10 points in the the past 5 months since I started the Synthroid. I have read on many boards that a selenium supplement could help. Any ideas?
Avatar f tn I have seen 2 or 3 papers where people taking synthroid only have tested taking morning versus night and they do equally well either way. In fact taking at night gets slightly more absorption – but you have to make sure not to eat/drink anything except water for a couple of hours before bedtime. Of course an advantage of taking it at night is you can get up in the morning and eat/drink right away. As you suggest, it might work out good to compound the T4/T3 together – extended release though.