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Avatar n tn I talked to both my Dr and nutritionist and they both told me that the calcium in milk is not enough to interfere with synthroid etc. They both said to wait 4 hours before taking any supplements but regular milk and dairy in food is fine. Just wait 30-60 minutes before you eat anything.
1129232 tn?1360803958 I definitely do not take my vitamins until a good 6 hours after synthroid but given that milk has calcium, i'm wondering if having milk can also affect the pill. My dr suggested i take the synthroid at night but that just doesn't work for my schedule given you can't have eaten at least 4 hours before bed and most days i don't eat dinner until close to 8 and then go to bed around 10:30.
87651 tn?1259606003 When I have my milk with cereal its usually 1.5 hours after the pill intake, maybe two hours. I am a milk drinker too! I can guzzle a gallon in two days without my kids getting their paws on it!! I havent been doing that since the surgery, but I love my milk. My husband thinks I am gross!! Because I will have a slice of pizza or bowl of pasta and have my milk to guzzle it down. I guess writing sounds gross, but I have always been that way!! Maybe it will do my body good after all this mess!
Avatar m tn that way if the lemon made a difference, the least that would happen is that your med dosage would have to be adjusted to take that into consideration. Just don't take your Synthroid with milk, soy, or other goitrogens...
Avatar n tn I am taking Levothyroxine by Sandoz, before I was taking Synthroid which is the brand. I feel awful after taking three pills of 100mcgs of the Levothyroxine. I am confused and sweating and fatigued. I have put in a call to my physician just now. This is awful, my neck looks large too. I hope I can get this straightened out. This forum is good for support Thanks!!
Avatar m tn Until recently I took my Synthroid in the morning, about 5 minutes before breakfast, which typically consists of cereal with lots of milk, fruit, and coffee. Is the short period between taking the Synthroid and eating having an impact? Thanks in advance for any info you can provide.
144586 tn?1284669764 Take Calcium or Iron supplements and their food/drinks, and soy products four to 12 hours of your synthroid for they interfere with aborsption, as well as the same with Aspirin and equivalent. Aspirin and other salicylate drugs (Pain killers) may increase the effectiveness of your thyroid hormone replacement by releasing more drug into the blood from body storage sites. As an added after thought, Thyroid medication can be stimulating, so it is best to take it early on in the AM.
Avatar f tn Avoid it, especially within four hours of taking Synthroid. Rice Chex is gluten free. Tastes great with almond milk. I also eat GF oat meal and steel cut oats by Bob's Red Mill. Many of his products, and bread mixes are GF.
Avatar f tn I am a nurse and synthroid was always ordered in hospitals and other facilities for 6am. With the patient load we have from 5am to 7am to give it. I always try to get everyone done by 6am. My Dr and pharmacy gave same instructions, take in morning on empty stomach with full glass of water and at same time everyday. Also was told to wait 4hrs before having any dairy products period! !
Avatar n tn I love my coffee with liberal doses of milk and sugar. Since I have to lay off the calcium with the synthroid...I have nearly completely given up my coffee. Yes, life is a sadder existance without it....still looking for a good replacement.
1139187 tn?1355710247 I would say at a guess that the milk is upsetting you and not the coffee. Are you drinking full cream milk or light milk? I changed to light milk as full cream gave me a funny tummy. It could also be the filler in the synthroid...maybe Levo is an option for you.
Avatar f tn Gluten, peanuts, artificial sweeteners, regular milk (use almond milk) (I have also found a local dairy/farm that carries fresh goats milk and cows milk, so we are giving the goats milk a try which is high in protein and tast great with no hormones or preservatives) and sugar are avoided as much as possible (fungal and blood sugar issues with these). Eat REAL food with high protein as much as possible.
Avatar f tn Do I even have the option of eating cereal with milk in it anymore before I leave for work? Although I have no problem waking up to take medicine and waiting an hour to eat while I get ready for work, I'm starting to panic a little about how I will handle my breakfasts. Any suggestions would be welcome! Thank you!
Avatar f tn Why is it important to have a full glass of water when taking Synthroid? I take my meds before I get out of bed in the morning and often the glass of water that I put beside the bed the night before only has enough left in the glass by morning for one gulp.
Avatar n tn I'm relatively new at this, but I'm pretty sure I did read somewhere that coffee does interfere with absorption of synthroid. I quit drinking coffe about a month ago because it was aggravating my bile reflux, but even when I was still drinking it, I never drank coffee for at least 30 min after taking my synthroid, as the instructions said "take with 1 cup water and don't eat or drink anything else for 30-60 minutes after".
460348 tn?1213455922 I'm having so many problems sleeping at night and I was wondering if taking Tylenol PM or some kind of sleep aid would be ok to take with the Synthroid? I know there are certain things you can't ake when you have a thyroid but since I don't have one now I was wondering if there would be a problem??? I also read the post about the milk...I read some comments on that and was wondering if anyone out there does take their synthroid at night? I have terrible insomnia and tired all day...
Avatar m tn Hello. I just recently started taking Synthroid. I am a little concerned about something and I hope someone here can help me out :) I am a vegan (no meats, dairy, eggs). I do eat (in moderation) soy products, mostly tempeh (fermented soy), tofu and maybe some soy milk in my coffee. I've heard from several people that I will have to cut out all soy products because it interferes with the medication and is a huge contributing factor to my hypo. Is this true?
Avatar n tn My pharmacy filled my Synthroid Rx with Levothyroxin but I had them change it back. I know the generic is cheaper but afraid to change. I take 75 mcg per day. What is your opinion?
Avatar f tn 00 am and then have 1 to two cups of coffee about an hr. after with about 4 tb. milk. I would also like to know why it is taking cough medication or decongestents is unsafe, or are these some thing that can be used but at certain times? Also are there certain vitamins I should avoid or take also at different times. These are some of the vitamins etc. I take and have done so for along time. vit.e,400 iu, biotin, 1000 mcg.,folic acid, 400 mcg.,B 12, flax oil, chromium picolinat,500mcg.
6322039 tn?1380731598 I recently changed from Synthroid (past 22 years) to Armour (July 2013) after a heated discussion with my GP. "You won't feel any better," she declared as she wrote the prescription. Gee, thanks.... Comparing my January test results while on Synthroid with my current labs on Armour, I am puzzled. I hate to admit it, but after longing for it all these years, Is Armour the right med for me?
Avatar n tn I understand that you are supposed to take synthroid at least 30-60 minutes before eating however, can I take it with my cup of tea in the a.m. for which I do add a bit of milk, just want to be on the safe side as I just started taking the meds a few weeks ago.
Avatar f tn I am feeling very sluggish, believe it or not, especially approximately 3-4 hours after taking my Synthroid. Maybe it is just a coincidence. I usually take it in the morning. I am wondering when most people take it?
179856 tn?1333550962 I've been taking it for years with a cup of tea (with milk) every morning. I just found out NOW that anything with calcium or vitamin D can cause it to be less effective. Apparently, it's on big letter on the sheet that they put with the med but I never read that...I stupidly just read the bottle and took the darn pills. Just in case someone else is making the same mistake.
491352 tn?1258810695 Hi. When I started on synthroid and subsequently with every dose adjustment, I suffered with very painful leg and joint pain. It lasted about 2-3 weeks with the worst being when I was laying down. As my body became use to the change, they subsided.
168348 tn?1379360675 I suddenly gained 9 lbs with no alteration to my diet or regime? My only thought is that on 5/15/08 my Synthroid changed from 88mcgs to 75mcgs and it's now time for a bloodtest to see the new TSH. I am certainly more hypo and maybe that is the reason it suddenly packed on one day it seems out of the blue .. not like a normal weight gain.
252327 tn?1250187576 30 before I eat anything. I have never thought of taking it at night since they want your stomach empty when you take it. This is the only way for the synthroid to go through out your system.
Avatar f tn I know you are not suppose to take calcium supplements within 4 hours of taking your Synthroid medication. Does this include drinking milk with breakfast say approximately 1 hour after taking your medication? I ask because I added an additional cup of milk with breakfast from one cup to two cups in November of 2007. My thryoid medication had to be increased from 50 to 75 mcg a day by February of 2008. My TSH was .9 in September of 2007 and changed to 2.65 by February of 2008.
Avatar f tn 01 on 1/19 and my milk production drastically decreased. I stopped taking my thyroid meds in desperation to get my milk supply back as fast as possible because even when we used the hypoallergenic formula my baby was still passing massive blood in her stool. Doctor also foolishly started me on domperidone to increase supply, I have one child already that I successfully bf without any issues for 18 months. Tsh was tested again on 2/8 and it was at 19.6.
176838 tn?1211463974 My doctor has upped my dose but with the 'taking synthroid on a full stomach' I'm wondering even more about the strength of its effectivness. These issues are sucking the wind out of my sail! Are there any experienced & knowledgeable doctors in this forum? Could use some help.
Avatar f tn I felt better when I was taking a slightly higher dose of synthroid 125 or 137 with 10 cytomel. I will keep track of things and hopefully get to the right amounts.