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Avatar n tn I switched to Armour from Synthroid and on the first day (during napping) I awoke to servere pain originating from my skin. There is no discolorations, just pain to the touch. It is located below my armpit and across my back and toward my chest. This is unchanged now for 4 days. Could this be neuropathy? Will it subside?
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with Hashimotos a year ago and have been gradually upping my dose of Synthroid since then because I have angina and can't take a big dose yet. I have started to get Neuropathy in my feet and my heels burn also. Is this Thyroid related? My doctor says yes, but I wanted to check with this forum and see if anyone has that with their Thyroid condition. I also have red and burning knees and feet. Does anyone else have this?
Avatar f tn You are correct in stating that numbness in the hands can be due to neuropathy. However, the generalized neuropathy (involving most nerves in the body) related to diabetes and several other metabolic and nutritional disorders most often starts in the feet, not the hands. In a diabetic with thyroid disease, numbness in the hands would raise concern for another type of neuropathy: carpal tunnel syndrome. The median nerve can be injured anywhere along its course.
Avatar m tn i have been taking with water and 2 tramadol for neuropathy..after taking, i immediately down 2- cups of coffee..all this time labs were great and still are.i am off tramadol now 2 wks i think lol..i am experiencing brain fog and fatigue whereas before i didnt..i belienow i am wondering if i should just cut my dose in half and take as before ,or should i do the same at nite. or should i continue .088 and go to nitetime dose.i believe withdrawals are over......went to dr today ..
Avatar m tn I believe I have Hypothyroid Neuropathy. PCP agrees I have neuropathy. My T3 levels are in and below of low normal and probably have been a long time. I can't get to see an endo for 1.5 months! Will bringing T3 to mid normal range help fix the neuropathy? How do I do this if my TSH is 0.1? Should reverse T3 be known? Do you see much hypothyroid neuropathy and does it go away after how long? This is something I never expected and has me very concerned?
Avatar m tn The current dosage of synthroid is 75mcg. In January my test results were T4 13.4 T3 uptake 32 Free Thyroxine Index 4.3 TSH 0.358 When is blood work was done I was on 88mcg then dosage was lowered. Is this correct?
Avatar n tn I have most of the symptoms of hypopituatary and have neuropathy in my feet. I had 8 mos of chemo about a year ago and am clear for now. I take .75 synthroid and that is my only medication.
Avatar n tn I am hoping to get a bit of advice: I was diagnosed as severely hypothyroid and hashimotos about 3 months ago after my TSH level was >150. I have been put on 200mcg of Synthroid and it seems to be helping my symptoms a bit. Recently (over the past 2 months) I had noticed some tingling and numbness in my face, hands, feet, arms and legs.
Avatar f tn The cancer doctors say it has nothing to do with the Thyroid cancer. P.A.'s and naturopaths say it is being on only Synthroid. An internist told me in fact if I go on Cytomel it will cause the cancer to return. I also have Hep C. Is there anything natural I can do to help stop the pain in my legs? Is ther a cure for this? Are there any vitamins that help?
Avatar f tn I was DX'D with Hashimotos in 2011 and was given Synthroid . I started with .25mcg and had difficulty right away with angina. The Endo then slowly titrated the dose up, but I still had some difficulty although thanks to Gimel's suggestion, I'm now taking the doses in quarters and find it helps a little with the chest pain. However I still feel really fatigued and still have all my Hypo symptoms.
Avatar n tn I am a 29 year-old female with the following primary symptoms: 1. Neuropathy with “half-numbness” as well as various types of pain in all four limbs, with fatigue; “half-numbness”/altered sensation started mid-May, while the pain started mid-June and has continued. The level of severity of pain appears to be related to the amount of rest and activity I get. 2. Hypotension: My blood pressure dropped last week after I felt like I was going to pass out, and remained low.
1507079 tn?1291517183 Hi people, my question is to anyone who has thyroid problems and has ever been diagnosed with neuropathy. I was diagnosed with hyperthyroid 5 yrs ago and off and on I would get treated for it, I say off and on because I'm uninsured and can't afford testing, medications, and Dr. visits, by the way I can't afford a specialist so I go to my family Dr. who treats me when I can afford to go.
Avatar n tn So, what to take if the neuropathy is associated with herpes, will antiviral medications help with the neuropathy?
Avatar m tn My TSH levels were over 116. I had a laundry list of symptoms but the one that bothers me the most is the neuropathy in my feet. It started when I pointed my feet, as if I were standing on my toes, it felt like the skin on the top of my feet would rip from stretching. They have been sensitive to the slightest touch now. It is bad enough that I now take medicine to control that pain. When checking into the neuropathy issue, the blood work showed an anomaly with my white blood cell count.
Avatar n tn 60 yr WM. Diagnosed hypothyroid age 50; taking synthroid. 2002 diagnosed peripheral neuropathy in feet; 2005 Mayo Clinic said cause unknown. Lab tests in 2004: TPO=1200, Antigliadin IGA=100, IGG=70. Anti TTG normal and biopsy for Celiac normal. Allergic to cats, house dust, and wasps. Other allergy tests negative. When eat milk products especially cheese my feet hurt much more. Questions: Underlying autoimmune reason for peripheral neuropathy? Why are Antigliadin IGA and IGG so high?
Avatar f tn (Not to mention the Synthroid) I haven't had leg neuropathy. Maybe stopping the Cytomel will stop the leg problem. With a shift in your hormones of that magnitude, you are bound to get some symptoms, and neuropathy may be one. I get sensory overload to varying degrees when my levels shift. Hope it stops bothering you.
Avatar n tn MD prescribed 50mcg of synthroid. After several weeks on 50mcg I was just beginning to feel a LITTLE better. My TSH was still not in normal range(5.3 I think), so last week MD increased dosage to 75mcg. Now I'm actually feeling WORSE!!! I'm more tired in the evening, feeling depressed (depression is s brand NEW symptom for me), still constipated, still have tingling feet, and now I have carpal tunnel in hands/wrists!!! Has anyone else felt worse after their synthroid dose was increased??
251991 tn?1239299630 How many of you out there have Neuropathy problems along with Thyroid? If you do give a breif description of the problems and what type of thyroid problem you have. If enough of us out there suffer from this then maybe the Endo's would relate to it, as we can print this out and take it to the Doctor with us. Thanks for participating.
4274823 tn?1388532698 The doctor has again recommended Synthroid.(0.025 mg to start). He made no mention of Cytomel. I have read that some people take both. I haven't take any pharmaeuticals since 1993 and the thought of having to take one for the rest of my life is unsettling! How does the doctor decide whether to prescribe Synthroid, Cytomel, or combination of both? On December 9, 2013 my Ferretin was 39 ug/L and the reference ranges for reduced iron stores is 31 - 79 ug/L.
Avatar f tn in the past several months, he's developed neuropathy. they've done scans, checked him for diabetes, etc. all have come back neg. however, his tsh has consistently been 5. the neurologist and gp insist thyroid has nothing to do with neuropathy. they haven't check thyroid antibodies. do you think they should be going down the thyroid path? maybe try synthroid?
Avatar n tn I just started a small dose of synthroid- I am almost 1 month post tt and 7 days post RAI and have major leg pains and leg cramps, but I think mine is due to a high tsh and little relief- I'm on 75mcg of synthroid. Tuesday was the first day I started any meds. I was hoping for some relief. Maybe you need to let your body adjust. Sorry I am not experienced enough to help out.
Avatar f tn What are the symptoms or the feeling of hypothyroidism neuropathy? I have a TSH that has ranged from 2.2 to 3.14 and a Free T4 .9 to 1.1. My antibodies come back negative TPO and TGab. The doctors insist I do not have a thyroid problem.
Avatar n tn So now my doctor started 75mcg or Levoxyl and 10mcg Cytomel to see that help but still have sysmptoms of fatigues/dry skin which create itchy skin and hives also /still have trouble sleeping because of peripheral neuropathy. I am wondering if some one share their thoughts about Hashimotos and PM connection , would i get better ever on muscles spasm / muscles weakness/ cold burning sensation. My TSH value last time 1.24, FT4 1.68 and FT3 2.
Avatar n tn I was on trial of synthroid for 3 months ,did not really seem to help me with my symptooms, It did bring my tsh down to .1,but I did not stay at that level very long before I decided to go off drugs. I was starting to get heart palp's. My question is my tsh now is 3.73 just got results today,and wondering if it will go down on it's own or should I start the drugs again and stay on them for at least 6 months.
Avatar f tn I have been diagnosed with Hashimoto's Disease and currently on 100mcg thyroxine (synthroid). - my bloods look good but I am waiting to trial some T3 soon (cytomel). I have had some tests for celiac disease and I am waiting on the results at the moment. I have neuropathy and parastheisas on my entire right side, head to toe, and no one can tell me the cause. Had a couple of MRIs and a CT scan - seen 2 neurologists etc and am seeing and excellent thyroid specialist.
Avatar f tn Taking too much vitamin B6 can be as harmful (if not more harmful) than not taking enough, too much vitamin B6 can cause a neuropathy; a lot of these multivitamins that provide you with super high doses of the vitamin Bs can be more harm than good, and only the necessary amount should be taken. A lot of the teas and other herbal supplements which are advertised as being "natural" are in fact harmful to more than one organ system, and excesses of them should be avoided.
Avatar f tn Does anyone have these issues more in cold weather? I have been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy. No one has been able to tell me what the underlying cause might be. I don't have diabetes though I have strong family history of both type 1 and 2. I did have a high A1c result (6.1) which my neurologist thought was high for someone without diabetes, but I did pass the Glucose Tolerance Test.
Avatar m tn I have peripheral neuropathy which causes intense burning under the skin all over my body. I was diagnosed with a low thyroid (which can cause neuropathy) and have tried a t3, Synthroid, armour, and a natural thyroid, all of which cause the burning under the skin to get worse. I have searched online and found many other people who are affected this way but no one ever figures it out. As far as I know thyroid medicine should not cause burning unless it's making it over active (but I'm hypo) .
Avatar m tn I have peripheral neuropathy which causes burning under my skin over all my body. I was diagnosed with hypothyroid (which can cause neuropathy) but any time i take medications for it like t3's, Synthroid, or a natural thyroid, it will cause the burning under the skin to get worse so-I can't get better. I have searched online and found many other people who feel this way but no one has an answer.