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Avatar n tn My endocrine had made the mistake of putting me on Tapazole and I became severely hypo. Now to rectify it, I've been on 125 ml of synthroid. I've been on syntroid for a 6 weeks and started noticing excessive hair loss within the past week. I've been tested a week ago and my levels are on the higher side of the normal range. I do feel great, but still losing so much hair. My doctor calls it Telogen effluvium? Is that possible? Or is it the medication? What's going on?
Avatar f tn During my early twenties, while being on synthroid for the first time I had extreme hairloss too, but didn't think it was the synthroid. Now I'm on synthroid again and experienced some hairloss at 50mcg, and after my second tsh test they had put me on 100mcg. Since then my hair is going out left and right. I'm shedding worse then my dogs. Upon calling the doc, he said that it's normal and that I won't get bald. My body just has to adjust and it will get better. But I don't trust it.
139126 tn?1255040591 My Dr just lowered my meds from 88 mg of levothyroxine to 50 mg of Synthroid. Was having some hyper symptoms and he wants me to start out slower. He feels it's better to start out low and work my way up if needed. I'm only 100 lbs and quite sensitive to meds. Was getting the shakes, high pulse rate, no appetite, couldn't sleep etc. I know that not much will change with my blood work for 4-6 weeks. My question is...
Avatar f tn Hi, Could anyone give me any insight into the types of reaction one might have to dyes in Synthroid? I was put on Synthroid mid-March aftrer being on Armour for many years (had reaction to Armour - that was reason for change). I started with .50 mcg to .75 (for three weeks) and now at .88 (blue pill). I never felt good since going on Synthroid at all, although I already was feeling pretty bad and I am basically housebound. Waiting for labs this week and doctors appointment in 10 days.
Avatar m tn I'm new to this and just wanted to hear if others have had the same side effects of Synthroid. I am experiencing dizzyness, foggy thought process, shoulder pain, back pain and difficulty breathing. My doc had me on generic Levo before and I never had these side effects, now I feel like I'm a 65 yo man with bad arthritis, emphysema and the onset of alzheimers. Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn As far as your issue with Walgreen's, they should be filling your prescription according to whatever the doctor prescribed - exactly as the doctor prescribed it. Unless they simply made a mistake, and that should be easy to check - Levoyxl and Synthroid are all different colors for different doses.
Avatar m tn Still early in my thyroid journey. My doctor had me on Synthroid but I had fluid retention immediately so she wants to try me on levothyroxine. Is this a good idea? I'm clueless!
Avatar n tn Do you mean allergic to the fillers and colors? I also cannot take synthroid for that reason. I switched over to unithroid and have been fine. I take a unithroid/cytomel combo. But, I must say, if your levels are bouncing all around... mine were when my problem was really pituitary, not thyroid. Is the test they are doing TSH? TSH is really a pituitary test, not so much thyroid - it measures what the pituitary is telling the thyroid, not what the thyroid is doing. Make sure (get copies!!!
Avatar n tn i have early hypothyroidism and have been prescribed synthroid 50 mcg. no artificial colors - good. filler = corn product - bad. corn gives me hives. i don't think it is a great idea to chase syntroid with bendryl, as it is contraindicated for hashimoto's, or so i've be informed... no luck with armour, either. it also contains a corn ingredient. any suggestions?
327369 tn?1326123508 Hi there, I am on my seventh-eighth week of synthroid. I am doing a lot better and feel great compared to before. However, I recently (last week) started itching all over. It started with my hands and feet and then moved to the rest of my body. I took some zyrtec and it gets better but comes back. Now it is mainly my scalp and head/face. Just to say: I HAVE NEVER HAD ALLERGIES OR REACTIONS. I am 31 and have never had to take allergy meds. So..........I do not see this being the issue.
Avatar n tn In addition to reading the label, I open every bottle to check the shape and color of the tablet, Levoxyl, like Synthroid, has different colors for each strength, before I leave the pharmacy. Two out of three times I have had to get it changed for the brand name, from the unbranded generic they handed me. Halfway OT- One interesting thing I found out ...sometimes, for drugs like Synthroid, the cash price is cheaper than the price the health insurance gives you.
Avatar m tn I have learned by my own research that hypothyroid can cause high triglycerides. Doc wants me to take synthroid (sp?) AND medicine to control triglycerides. Is it a feasible course of action to work on the thyroid normalization first, THEN add the triglyceride medication, or is beginning both a better way to go? Seems that if the thyroid is taken care of there is a reasonable chance for the trig's to decrease. I have *never* had trig's this high.
1279495 tn?1271205976 I'm on synthroid 0.05. I was weaned off in the summer so my new endo could see my natural levels. After that I lost health insurance and had to wait until recently to get blood work done. My TSH is 6.36 and I have classic hypo symptoms, but after taking my first tab this morning I feel a little restless, even my husband noticed.
Avatar f tn Sometimes people who take Synthroid have these problems. I am on Synthroid and have none. Some on this forum do better on natural drugs like Armour, Nature-Throid or Westthroid. Below is the link provided by Armour to doctors in your zip code who will prescribe natural thyroid medicine because many endos won't prescribe it.
Avatar n tn I have had a green (toothpaste green) sticky discharge from my right breast, spontaneous, and only in the middle of the night(approximately once every week or two) I am 51 yrs old, had a complete hysterectomy 5 years ago.I am on synthroid, lithium, and diovan. i was diagnosed with fibrocystic breast disease many years ago. SCARED!!!
Avatar n tn Hello. I am currently taking 100 mg of Synthroid and 2.5 mcg of Cytomel. I feel ok, but could be better. My labs are listed below. This is after 5 weeks on this dose. Please advise whether you think anything should be "tweeked" or if I should just stay where I am at and give it more time. Thank you. TSH 1.24 (.45 - 4.5) Free T3 3.0 (2.3 - 4.2) Free T4 .96 (.61 - 1.
Avatar f tn 75mg and then 195mg of Naturethroid, but my hair was coming out in handfuls, worse than it had ever been and a prolonged worsening. So he moved me to Synthroid 100mcg and 97.5mg of Naturethroid, which is where I am now, but I am losing so much hair, it is no different than being on the previous doses of Naturethroid, although it seems like it is getting worse. So my mom convinced me to see her endo, which I did, and I now feel it was a big mistake b/c I am completely confused.
168348 tn?1379360675 Glow E is a real stuffed animal toy for the kids that shines in rainbow colors when you squeeze the paw .... ahhhhhhh ..... ewwwwwww .... Giving ::::::e-BearHugs::::: to everybody @ the party, Cheryl (thyca 1/07 ... Synthroid 75mcgs .. other half still intact & will be monitored ev.
Avatar n tn I am 48 years old and do take prescribed meds (lithium bi-carbonate and epival both for bi-polar for approx 2 years now) and additionally, I do take synthroid for thyroid (because of the lithium). Would this discoloration be indication of anything that I should be concerned and need addressing with my Doctor? Please and thanks, I very much appreciate your attention and response.
Avatar n tn I forgot to mention I had the ACTH Stim. Test, passed it with flying colors. Baseline cortisol was 10.7 but went up double after 30 mins, then tripled after 1-hour, almost as if my adrenals are just waiting to be stimulated. Possibly ACTH deficiency?
168348 tn?1379360675 I'll bring my family's favorite: Synthroid smoothies!
870456 tn?1272562204 i hear ya. i have hypo and am on 112 of synthroid. my resting pulse is 57. i get really tired and lethargic and fall asleep. have you had your levels checked lately?
509437 tn?1210913365 I had a total throidectomy, (removal of entire thyroid), in December of 2007 and take a replacement hormone called Synthroid. Since this surgery I have been very anxious if something should happen with my throat and breathing issues. Now that I am 5 months into my recovery I do not worry about this as much. But, in it's place these things are happening.... Everyday I am dizzy to the point I feel like I am going to fall at times.
177486 tn?1192161447 Only feel the lump in my throat besides that no real pain. Started the synthroid yesterday. I will let you know more once I get the final report and I see my endo. Happy days!
Avatar n tn the list is extensive, but one important thing is to use a brand such as VitamineShoppe because their products do not include all the preservatives, colors and dyes. i started taking 25,000 IU of beta carotene, 2000 IU of Vitamin D and 2 softgels of Omega 3-6-9 along with their Ultimate Woman multivitamine in the morning with breakfast. then with lunch I take 200mg of CoQ10 and B-Complex w/Vit C.
Avatar n tn My TSH was 54 on presentation. My doc immediately gave me high-dose Synthroid and said it would make me feel better quicker. I had extremely sore joints (right hip and shoulders especially). And wore out really fast. I have been taking the purple pill for 5 days and am starting to get some relief. Had the best Sunday ever yesterday as I was able to sustain activity. My head is also clearer.
Avatar n tn I was also on synthroid before I started tx and I also had to have my dose of synthroid increased when I was about 3 months into treatment. My TSH jumped from 2 to 26 and they had to adjused my synthroid from 75 to 100. Fortunately this was the only increase in the synthroid I had to take. I managed to finished the 48 weeks and I bet you can too. Mouse Genotype 1a, Stage 3, Grade 3 Finished 48 wks. of tx on 4/13/07 Waiting on results of 6 mos. post PCR done today! Hoping for SVR baby!
Avatar f tn They helped me feel much better about myself and with an average cost of about $30 instead of $500 I got a whole selection of styles and colors so I had fun with it. Recently I went out and put one on even cause they are FUN! I started synthroid way back then. Stayed on it through all the rest of the 72 weeks and have now been on it for the next two years I've been SVR. It's not that bad. Just one pill a day and my TSH is now .63 which is perfect.
Avatar n tn Will having Hashimotos, make you feel lousy evan after taking synthroid? I guess what I mean is, when having this, will a person always have spells of feeling lousy forever, or will it ever get to where a person would go back to feeling normal. Seem`s like every couple of weeks, I have to go through this spell of feeling bad, and would appreciate some thought on what to expect for the rest of my life.
Avatar f tn Some do fine on a name brand like Synthroid and some have to eliminate the synthetics altogether and go to a natural brand. 2. Your FT3 levels are still too low. Why isn't the doc treating you with an FT3 drug? What are your FT3/FT4 most current levels? 3. What you eat. Many of us with Hashi should be highly aware that what caused this auto-immunity in the first place could be directly linked to environmental or food triggers.