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Avatar n tn When I get sexually aroused I notice that the right side of my labia minora gets swollen near my clitoris.. What seems like a vein swells up and bubbles out sort of. It is small but i can feel it with m finger and, the other side doesn't do it. It doesn't hurt.. but I wanna make sure its okay. It seems to take a while to back down too.. is this okay?? I don't want to hurt myself!!
Avatar n tn i know, it's the most frustrating thing ever. do you ever have an internal itching/burning or is it just the swollen labia and discharge? one thing that i'm learning is that if they take a sample when symptoms are not there, it's not going to show anything. Have they done a culture? That might help figure out exactly what it is that they are not seeing on the slides. Perhaps it is something that you are using in that area that is irritating you like scented soaps, thongs, etc.
Avatar f tn My symptoms started with what looked and felt like a yeast infection under only the hood of the clitoris, once that cleared up I was still experiencing extreme sensitivity on the clitoris and/or the inner labia. My inner labia are swollen to some degree every day; sometimes sensitivity comes with this, sometimes not. When I say sensitivity I mean that every little hair, underwear or anything that touches my inner labia or clitoris is an irritant!!
11886352 tn?1439439934 Tech said it looks like boy parts, or could be swollen labia. It was a brief glimpse and I guess neither I or my partner felt we saw a clear boy part, it seemed it couldve gone either way. The tech came back later and tried again to point out boy parts, but I wasnt even sure what we were looking at, and figured I'd get a printed picture to examine myself, but she didnt either take one or give it to us.. so, we're a little uncertain of whether or not we for sure have a boy on the way.
Avatar n tn I was sent home with the instructions to come back if it swelled again and they would exam and schedule me for surgery. I returned within a week because it was swollen 3x the size of a normal labia. The swelling is very soft to the touch and the only discomfort is when i walk or sit. When she attempted to drain the area this last time she said she noticed a sac around the fluid and began to remove it.
Avatar f tn Most elective ultrasound centers will not do a gender determination until 16 weeks. Before then it is easy to confuse the genitals as the labia may be swollen and resemble a penis.
Avatar f tn Hi, I had my third failed round of ultrasound test at 18w6d. Could you please check out the pic? I know its an awful shot which is unclear.. But could you indicate/guess whether its a swollen labia/penis/umbilical cord? Or is it something completely unrelated? The shot is a potty shot with legs in a V shape. The top portion of the shot has a round head peeping between the legs. What is unclear is what is between the V shape of the legs? Can you make out?
746129 tn?1236687321 So many people are saying that girls can still be mistaken for boys at 16 weeks because of the indifferent part and the labia can still be swollen and look like a nub on the ultrasound. I just want to be positive before getting too many things for him..
Avatar f tn My left side groin lymph node has been swollen for 3 weeks. It has only gotten bigger over that time period. After a week went to MD and he prescribed antibiotic. That did nothing and I was concerned and went back last week. MD told me to get off that med and start Bactrim. He thought that it was a staph infection. I have been taking it for 7 days now and there is no improvement. I called MD again and his asst told me to wait until I have taken all 10 days of meds.
Avatar f tn So I picked at it for a while, and it became sore and swollen, just like picking at a pimple would feel. I wake up the next morning and my labia majora has swollen to double in size. My groin area (where I would imagine my inguinal lymph nodes are, but I'm not a M.D. so I could be wrong) is very tender to the touch. Any movement, walking, or sitting is very painful in my labia and groin area. The groin pain radiates to my back and hips. My question is...
Avatar f tn Over the next week, the shooting pain gradually subsided and was replaced by a VERY swollen clitoris/hood (about 2-3x its normal size and swollen labia lips. Over the next week, the shooting pain disappeared altogether, the swelling went down, and I got a brand new set of symptoms - burning in my vulva, labia lips, around the clitoral hood, etc.
Avatar n tn There's enormous variation in color, size, shape and texture of labia... I believe it was Betty Dodson who said labia are like snowflakes - all are different, and all are beautiful. Some are very thick, some are very thin, some are practically non-existant, some are long, some are black or gray, some are pale pink... it's all over the map. I am quite sure that however yours look, they ARE beautiful. You might check out the book Femalia, by Joani Blank, for some great photos of labia.
Avatar n tn Since yesterday I've had a large swollen bump on the labia majora..it's very painful, it hurts to walk or sit. I've been putting warm cloth on it and it seemed to help with the swelling but it's still really painful. I don't really want to go to the doctor because I just don't have the money right now, and I feel like it would be a waste if it's something that I can take care of on my own. Anyone else ever experienced this before? What can I do to ease the pain?
Avatar n tn i know 3 white lines is supposed to mean a girl, but in the ultrasound i just had, it looked like a penis with 3 white lines, what does that mean?
Avatar f tn Well they told us its a boy, but that they could be confusing what they were seeing as swollen labia, so we are not really sure what to expect, a girl or a boy!
Avatar f tn It is not uncommon for the labia of a infant baby girl in utero to be swollen and give the impression it is a boy. It definitely happens. So, I guess you'll ether have another ultrasound or find out at the birth. We didn't find out the gender for our babies-- it was such a cool surprise!
Avatar n tn I posted it on an ultrasound board and most thought boy too, a few said it looked like girl with swollen labia, it had three lines and stuck out, but not the classic turtle shot my boys had. So we prepared for our 4th boy. Then at my regular OB/GYN appt. at 28 weeks 5 days, I had some fluid concerns so my Dr. did a scan. He asked me if we knew what we were having, I said I think it's a boy, isn't that the scrotum there?
1308572 tn?1279278223 BTW- are there two babies?
Avatar f tn For my whole pregnancy I have felt that we were having a boy this time. Ultrasound tech says we're having a girl at 27 weeks and said the labia was real swollen (can they be swollen that early? Just curious). Even after being told its a girl (which we are happy about don't get me wrong) I still have a hard time referring to her as a girl bc of the overwhelming feeling that its a boy. Anyone know someone who had this happen or happen themselves? And were they right?
1222635 tn?1366399886 ive asked them to double check it multiple times and she's said its definitely a girl. she was a girl in the advanced ultrasound too. she told me this was labia...and i told her they look like balls to me but she said they are swollen from all the hormones (i'm 38 weeks) so my question is do yall see this? does it look like labia to you? my husband and mom both see it, i just don't.
Avatar f tn and how often will I have them? and when will be the right time to enrole in birthing classes? and about the swollen labia part, if it is a girl why would the labia be swollen, so is there more chance it would be a boy?
2166701 tn?1358368767 Well in my first.
Avatar n tn I posted it on an ultrasound board and most thought boy too, a few said it looked like girl with swollen labia, it had three lines and stuck out, but not the classic turtle shot my boys had. So we prepared for our 4th boy. Then at my regular OB/GYN appt. at 28 weeks 5 days, I had some fluid concerns so my Dr. did a scan. He asked me if we knew what we were having, I said I think it's a boy, isn't that the scrotum there?
Avatar f tn She got a clear view of the genitals and said she just wanted to make sure. She kept looking and humming and hawing. She said it could be a swollen labia or a penis. In Tue end she said she was 99.9 percent sure but it was a tricky one. The kicker, my husband and I are having a gender reveal party and through out the appt we didn't look. She put what she believes to be 99.9% accurate in an envelope that I am bringing to a bakery to either make a pink or blue filled cake.
Avatar f tn During pregnancy the labia are swollen, and sometimes this can be mistaken for a penis/testes. I found out at 15 weeks that I was having a boy, and to me he almost looked like a little girl (I think it was the angle). But at the next ultrasound luckly I was able to see what looked like a defined penis so I was less worried that they got it wrong the first time. How far along are you?
Avatar n tn The labia often becomes swollen with baby girls. I would say if it seemed like a girl before its possible that it is just swollen right now. When you got your last ultrasound did you see the three lines?
Avatar f tn to 1 min. each time). I started my period 8 days late. Now, last week I noticed I could feel my labia and inner vagina were engorged/swollen but not red or hot. So, I went to the doctor again. She said it was normal, but there was some increased discharge. She said it looked fine under the microscope, but gave me an antibiotic for vaginitis. Now, I can feel hard knots/lumps (3) on the posterior wall of my vagina. They are about the size of a pencil eraser.
Avatar f tn I went to see my gyno and she told me to do an ultrasound. I did so and was diagnosed with Mild bladder cystitis. I also asked my boyfriend(who i have been with for 2 years)to take an std and hiv test and he came out clean. We are both virgins n this has never happend before when we had oral sex. I went to see my gyno again and she gave me medication and the itching has gone down and its my 2nd day of medication. Now today my right labia looked kinda swollen(i think) .