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Avatar n tn well all of this continued to happen every two months for over a year now. and now i get 1. swollen right inner labia with itching and redness. 2. swollen right eye with redness 3. mouth sores all along the inside of my mouth (which i NEVER get) 4. i also get very large ulcers in my mouth only when i get my swelling. once it was on my tongure on the laft side and lasted two weeks. the second time it was on the roof of my mouth on the right side and lasted three weeks.
Avatar n tn What would cause one side of the labia to be swollem with a very hard lump in it, especially when you have not had sex for months?
Avatar m tn hi am 17 and sexual active and my labia tends to swell sumtimes after sex and even when i dnt have sex. recently i didnt hav sex for about three to for weeks and my labia is swollen hard and itches alittle and its only one side plz help am gettin scared and i dnt kno wat to do?
Avatar n tn The left side of my labia is swollen. This gets worse just after my period and sometimes is red. I also have got a yellow discharge and feel sticky sometimes. This is putting me off having sex with my husband any ideas as to what this might be?
Avatar f tn I have expierienced a swollen labia maybe about four or five times in the last year or so. It only seems to happen when my boyfriend and I have intercourse or just fool around. I have noticed that when i am not lubricated enough when we fool around is when they get swollen and it is usually after we are done. If anyone has any answers or comments for me it would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn So, I havent been doing anything differently lately and my labia majora is slightly swollen more towards the back, on each side, and the pain though is just kind of everywhere. I have had a bladder infection for about 2 weeks, I havent seen a doctor because I have medicine and I have had enought UTIs that I just wait them out. The swollen labia isnt huge or anything but its quite painful and itchy but when I itch it hurts as well.
554321 tn?1215474169 Its very very extremely swollen and itchy, just one side. Can be painful if touched Is it normal? My OBGYN made out as if it was not.
Avatar n tn - Fever (100 to 101) - Chills - Severely swollen labia minora, only on my left side, which was very tender to the touch. I did not notice any legions, blisters, or ulcers (but I didn't do a thorough check) - Fatigue I do not remember having painful urination. The vaginal discharge didn't seem markedly abnormal, although it had an odor. These symptoms went away after three days. I did not see a doctor at the time. I am worried that I may have aquired an STD but did not know it.
Avatar n tn I have a swollen outer labia, sometimes it swells to the size of a golf ball...if you touch it it's hard and moves around, however sometime the tissue inside feels soft...it increases and decreases in size, however, the right labia is always bigger. I don't have a family doctor and have an appt to see a gyno, but it's 3 months away...I'm really not comfortable walking into a clinic or ER...sometimes it hurts when aggravated...
Avatar f tn My right labia majora is swollen at the bottom. Just the right side. Could this just be a yeast infection? There's no itching, pain, odor, or discomfort, there is some minor white discharge. I've just noticed the right side is much larger than the left. I have had internal cysts in the pasts but it never cause visible swelling.
Avatar f tn After sex I noticed that my labia (or lips) have become extremely swollen, mostly on one side, but both are still pretty swollen. I feel no burning at all even when I use the restroom, itching, pain or discolored discharge, but just the simple fact that I am swollen after intercourse. And I feel that its extremely swollen, not just a little swelling. I feel that this is not normal concidering the fact that this is not an everyday thing...
Avatar f tn Hey, Recently, my (inner?) labia on one side is feeling uncomfortable. Uncomfortable, as in it feels albeit sore and maybe stiff- something like the equivalent of skin with a bad pimple? Only there are nothing visibly wrong with it, other than maybe a bit of swelling and a little redness, but I'm not sure if those are there, at all. (Before now I didn't really look so closely at my labia).
Avatar n tn the lower part of my left labia majora is extremely swollen. i just noticed it this morning. i felt an itching and went to the bathroom and at first thought a bug may have bitten me. it has been swollen for several hours now. there may be a very small bump inside the labia, smaller than a pea, to the left of the vagina. i can't tell if this bump is more sensitive because the whole area is so swollen. it is not painful, but slightly itchy.
Avatar n tn Lately and only occasionally I notice that immediately after sex (not that rough just normal) that my inner labia has been swollen. Usually only the right labia minora but sometimes both! I don't know why this is happening and why its occasional. There have been suggestions that we are not lubricating enough and this is not an issue. It is a burning pain, and the labia is swollen really big...scary big.
Avatar m tn The area is so swollen that it feels hard, from midway down the side to the perianal area. It hurts to sit, stand, walk, even lay down. It is constant pain, and it is one of the worst pains I can ever remember. I left work early yesterday and called in today. I have a job where I sit all day long. I have not had sex in a couple of weeks. I have not changed soaps or laundry detergents, nor do I wear tight clothes or tight panties.
Avatar f tn after i had sex about 4 days ago with my boyfriend my right labia majora was so swollen and sore.. about 5 hours after sex i noticed that i was extremely bruised all along my right labia majora and minora. Its been 4 days since having sex and the bruising has faded a little but i'm still really sore and a little swollen. what does this mean? was it just rough sex or should i get it checked out?
Avatar n tn If it was an allergic reaction it would make the whole area red and not just one side. There are also these things inside of your vagina on both sides called Bartholin's Glands. They are the glands that produce lubrication during sex. Sometimes these swell up for various reasons. Just take it easy for a couple days with no sex. If it doesnt get better in a few days go see a doctor.
Avatar n tn i seem to have something similar and it has been occurring every few months or so. the right side of my vagina gets swollen and then my inner labia swells up as well. its painful to sit in certain positions. It doesn't burn when i urinate. i haven't had sex in like 6 months. what could this be. i dont have insurance so i cant go to the doctor or obgyn.
Avatar n tn After recovering from my yeast infection, both my labia majora didnt seem to go back to normal. Its been swollen since day one. I'm not sexually active and tried to stay away from it since this has occured. I dont use any creams or lotions to treate it. It doesnt irritate me anymore, however it's starting to concern me why its taking so long to go back to normal. Its been atleast a month, so I don't know what is wrong.
Avatar n tn One of the main reasons for UTI is not cleaning yourself after sexual intercourse. You should always go pee right after. I used to get UTIs very frequently and once I found out that this would help, I started, and I do it no matter how comfy or sleepy or cuddly I feel after sex. I have not had another UTI since (this has now been years). Peeing flushes out the bacteria that cause the UTI.
Avatar n tn Shortly after that, my clitoris became swollen and puffy on one side and sore to the touch. After a week or so, it went away. I then had sex with my boyfriend - neither of us have STD's, he is my first partner and I am his second, we have been tested - and it came back again. It's been two days now and it has gone down slightly again, but is still sore and slightly puffy. I'm wondering if maybe this is an infection that is being agitated by sex, or something else under the skin, etc.
Avatar n tn When I get sexually aroused I notice that the right side of my labia minora gets swollen near my clitoris.. What seems like a vein swells up and bubbles out sort of. It is small but i can feel it with m finger and, the other side doesn't do it. It doesn't hurt.. but I wanna make sure its okay. It seems to take a while to back down too.. is this okay?? I don't want to hurt myself!!
Avatar n tn Ok, so i have this wierd swelling in my labia every once in a while. It's only one side at a time and it's only happened twice and each time it just pops up without any warning. It lasts 2-3 days. It's uncormfortable and hurts. I am sexually active but i haven't had sex with my boyfriend in about 2 weeks and the irst time it happened i wasn't having sex at all. I've been tested and nothing has showed up. Do you know what could be causing this?
Avatar f tn I checked and the right side of my Labia Major and Labia Minor are extremely swollen and red with little red bumps everywhere. The bumps aren't really on the outside though, they're more part of it? Over the past hour the swelling has gone down a little and I can now see that where there was swelling there is a tiny little circular open sore, not white or anything, just a little circle, same color as everything else. I don't know if the stinging was the soap and this or what.
Avatar n tn I have a very painful swollen lump on the left side of the vaginal are right in the crease of my thigh. I had one within the last 2 weeks on the right side, but it wasn't as big. I kept mashing it, thinking it would drain and be ok, although I couldn't see that it had a head. Nothing came out. I started taking some antibiotics that I had hoping to clear it up. I can't say what happened, but it finally went away. Now I have one on the left side, that is bigger and more painful.
Avatar f tn I examined myself to find that One side of my labia minora was swollen, and Had four spots that were pimple-like, in the fact that they have whit heads, but they also Have purple/black rings around them. they are on top of the skin, and they hurt like a mother****** when I walk, sit, or even really move. I don't want to tell my mom until I'm sure its a problem, not something I can deal with myself. I'm only 14, never had sex, and I'm scared.
Avatar n tn Well I think I was mashing on it too long (kind of like a zit on your face that is not ready to be popped yet, I could just feel the thickness under the skin and tried to bring it to a head but was not able to do so) Now one labia is swollen and red, like I injured something internally (maybe it was just a gland in there that I was mashing on). Next I noticed that my glands in my groin are very very tender. So now I am rethinking the whole thing.
Avatar f tn I developed one of the right side during my last pregnancy and they can become very swollen and uncomfortable and even painful. It gets worse the further along you are but typically goes away after birth. This time mine showed up around 13 weeks. Mine also itches as well. Talk to your doctor about it to be sure this is what it is. If it is there really isn't anything you can do about it but watch it and as I said it should resolve after birth. Mine went away almost immediately.
Avatar f tn The swelling and bleeding are probably not related. The swollen labia may be due to an infection of the Bartholin's gland on that side. Look up "Bartholin's cyst" on the internet and see if that might be your problem.