Swollen labia majora

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Avatar n tn don't know how long this has been happening to me but i only discovered that i had swollen in the labia majora when i am standing or walking. the whole inside of my vaginal looks like a huge balloon coming out of it. however it is not painful and when i get off my feet or soak in a warm bath the swelling goes down. it looks really horrible when it is swollen. please could you tell me what is causing this. i am 61.
Avatar n tn After recovering from my yeast infection, both my labia majora didnt seem to go back to normal. Its been swollen since day one. I'm not sexually active and tried to stay away from it since this has occured. I dont use any creams or lotions to treate it. It doesnt irritate me anymore, however it's starting to concern me why its taking so long to go back to normal. Its been atleast a month, so I don't know what is wrong.
Avatar n tn the lower part of my left labia majora is extremely swollen. i just noticed it this morning. i felt an itching and went to the bathroom and at first thought a bug may have bitten me. it has been swollen for several hours now. there may be a very small bump inside the labia, smaller than a pea, to the left of the vagina. i can't tell if this bump is more sensitive because the whole area is so swollen. it is not painful, but slightly itchy.
Avatar n tn What causes the labia majora to become swollen and red, an dwhat can be done to help it?
Avatar f tn I recently shaved about 3days ago and hours after I found that my labia majora was swollen and very sore. Now I see a few pimple like bumps and was told to soak in epson salt and that it may have been ingrown hairs. On my return from the store I found that puss was coming from those small bumps but the area was still swollen and I proceeded to soak.. I again called my mother and she said it was more than likely a boil.
Avatar n tn since several days ago the skin around my vagina is itchy and since yesterday I noticed that my labia majora is a bit swollen. it doesn't hurt, just when I touch it harder I feel a bit of pain and also the skin between my vagina and anus burns. I also noticed that the skin around my clitoris is a bit swollen it doesn't hurt it's just a bit itchy. I haven't had sexual intercourse (I'm not sexually active) so I don't know what's causing it.
Avatar f tn The following day I had extreme discomfort and found my labia majora to be very swollen and red. It appears that there are little bumps around my labia majora contributing to the redness. It is very uncomfortable and I can barely walk or do anything. I have no idea what's wrong. I also have pain when rubbed in the area where my pubis and legs connect. Almost like ovary location on both sides. I am unable to go to the doctor. Does anyone have any ideas what could be wrong?
Avatar m tn There is no thickness or hardness in my labia majora. just diffuse swellling, in my labia majora. The pressure, discomfort does raidate through my groin area. It increased over night - and of course happens on a weekend.
Avatar f tn 2 days ago I noticed my right labia majora is now swollen and very painful if i touched it...i tried squeezing it but all i get is clear fluid...there is no head like a pimple or anything.....when you first look at it ..it just looks really swollen ..does anyone have a clueto what it could be and how to get rid of it, i must add...
Avatar f tn For 4 years i have been being tortured by the american government and they attacked my genitalia. I have a very swollen and bruised labia majora whom they cut out the clit and labia minora. It is the military and unless they use the weapon that they are using with full force they can swell up any part of the body and you dont even feel it.They talk on an army intelligence system and I believe they are causing world wide terrorism.
Avatar f tn My right labia majora is swollen at the bottom. Just the right side. Could this just be a yeast infection? There's no itching, pain, odor, or discomfort, there is some minor white discharge. I've just noticed the right side is much larger than the left. I have had internal cysts in the pasts but it never cause visible swelling.
Avatar n tn My labia majora has been swollen for a few days. I've applied some anti-infecion cream on it, but it still hurts. Its so painful, till i have problem sitting and standing. I'm a virgin and it seems to get worse and worse. Im on 15, I'm scared to tell my mom and I don't have a gyna... What should I do? I REALLY REALLY REALLY need advice.
Avatar n tn Hi When I got up this morning the panty liner I had on was bent over and the adhesive was stuck to the left side of my labia majora,. I've had this happened before but this time my labia majora got a little sore (only when I touched it) and there is a small medium lump under the skin, at lest I think it's a lump I can't tell if it's just swelling or not. This has never happened to me before I don't know if I should go to the doctor or if it was the liner adhesive that did this?
Avatar f tn I'm not sure if I posted this in the right forum but please help me I'm really scared My left labia majora is really swollen and red (about 3 times the size of my right, which is still normal) and it hurts to walk/sit in some positions :-( there is also a brown-ish discharge though it doesn't smell.
Avatar f tn Please help. My right vagina lip is swollen it started off like a small bump then slowly increased its size now its my whole right lip.! It's hard and the slightest touch hurts like hell!!! I try popping it but No discharge is coming out. I tried a warm bath but but did not work.! I cant sit or walk. It's to uncomfortable because i could feel it rub against the left lip and it stings me. To the point that I can cry.
Avatar n tn About two days ago, one of my labia majora became swollen and sore. As the days progressed, the swelling and soreness continued. Nothing like this has happened before. I was recently checked for STD's and HIV/AIDS. Everything came back negative. Help!!!
Avatar n tn My right iabia majora is swollen. It does not burn or itch. There are also 2 red spots. They don't itch or burn either. It was irritated when I wiped but not anymore. This has been going on a couple of days. What is it? Should I be worried?
Avatar n tn pls help! had a baby 3 wks ago and discovered last wk that my labia majora is swollen and painful, i also had fever, docs gave me antibiotics, fever now gone but swelling remains,it seems to get bigger everyday. still bleeding as well!
Avatar f tn this is so embarasing im only 17 and i havent been sexually active before but i was masterbating today and ( also i think i have labia majora) then later my labia was very sore and then i had a look at it and its all swolen and when i checked it again it was even more swollen, it is very sore even when i put my nickers on, please help because im to embarassed to ask my mom for money to go and see the doctor and i really dont want to have to see one, please help i dont know whats wrong, and i jus
Avatar n tn The left hand side of my labia majora has swollen. i noticed it yesterday as i was suddenly experiencing a lot of pain. Especially when i set down and walked. When i examined my self earlier tonight i noticed that a small area was purple. Obviously i will go to the doctors to get it checked out. Untill then just wondering what it could be.
Avatar f tn For the past 3 days my left labia majora has been swollen and I feel a large bump inside and it hurts A LOT, I don't know if this is the right place to ask but I'm getting really freaked out, I tried taking warm baths and some painkillers and the pain goes away for a little bit but it comes back 10x worse. Can anyone please help me out, I'm thinking about going to the ER.