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Avatar n tn if i have a swollen labia minora, itching, vaginal discharge and burning sensation what type of stds do i have?? i've never had this before.. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE ANSWER ME!
1514431 tn?1290445956 A day or two ago, I noticed that my left labia minora was swollen. It's not itchy, it doesn't burn; I have no symptoms other than the swollen area being rather sore to the touch. If I squeeze it, it hurts. When I did some investigating, it feels as if there's a small tube inside my labia minora, about 3/4 in. long. It changes a bit depending on if I'm aroused or not. It's in the part right next to the clitoris. I AM a virgin.
Avatar n tn Hey chikkies, The same symptoms as most. Swollen labia minora, it is it's usual colour though, sore and hurts to walk or pressure to be put upon it. I have not seen a doctor and don't intend to, I feel like it might go away on it's own. I am 19, nearly 20, I have 3 sexual partners at the moment. Last night I had sex with one of them and it was rough fast sex, he came inside me, I felt pretty sore and noticed that i was unusually tight and wasn't very wet at all.
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Avatar f tn I masturbated one day, and then next my vagina was intensly itchy, and throughout the next 2 days my left labia minora has become soo swollen, and irritated I cant stand it! It hurts to sit, and walk. I thought it might be a yeast infection, so i got the monistst cream, and that took care of most of the itching, but I am still soo swollen. What should I do? Remedies? Or has anyone else experienced this? I cant afford a doctor visit right now... This is really freaking me out...
Avatar f tn If anyone can help me. My labia minora is constantly swollen. Not visibly but when I can feel that it is irritated. I would go through 3-4 weeks of consistent irritation and maybe a 2 week relief period. When it goes away I can always count on it to come back. I have no itching and no redness no abnormal discharge and lastly no stds . I am not having any form of sex. What is this ? Why does it feel like I have a little grape between my legs ?
Avatar n tn Then in December 2006, I got what looked like a pimple on the inside of my labia minora. I squeezed it and it popped out blood. It wasn't painful, but it did grow in size. I took lots of hot baths and it would shrink, but not go away entirely. Eventually it went away and I didn't think anything of it. Then in early January 2007 I had this big bump near the opening of my vagina. I took an extremely hot bath and it shrank away.
Avatar n tn i have a swollen right labia minora it just happened today. it had been itching for the past few days and i thought nothing of it since it had happened before. but later on i was scratching it through my undies and i reached in and my right labia minora was swollen. its only on the right, its hard, and its very uncomfortable and the clitoris is slightly swollen. i also have some thick white discharge. Somebody please help me what is it?!
Avatar n tn I have had a painful swelling in the upper right side of my labia minora. It is very swollen and painful. I have done a search, but the only thing I find is for a Bartholin gland cyst and my husband doesn't think it looks the same as my swelling is on the same part only on the upper portion of the labia minora. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. I have soaked in a bath and taken advil, but it is still hurting to walk or sit in certain positions. Thanks!
Avatar n tn Today I am experiencing extremely swollen labia minora. I don't think they could be any more swollen. At first I was experiencing very severe itching in that area and a bit of a burning sensation and now it is more numb and swollen up about 6 times their normal size. They have become hard from the swelling. About a month and a half ago I was diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis (BV) but I had antibiotics and it went away.
17075101 tn?1453498995 My left labia minora is very swollen (looks like its been inflated) and has lots of white hard bumps on it. Ive tried pooping them with a needle but they are evry hard and no pus comes out, one of them leaked a little blood but that was it. I dont know what caused this, ive had a very itchy vagina lately and havent had sex since september. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn i just looked at it earlier today and it is swollen on the right side of my labia minora and it is really red. I am really worried! it isn't painful but the feeling feels like how an ingrown hair would feel or something, but of course i know it isn't. I haven't read every single post on here yet but i will, and if nobody knows what this is please help! thank you!!
Avatar f tn Swollen, red, hard labia minora (inner lips), sometimes on just one side or both, irritated, sensitive to the touch, itchy, usually present as a result of having had sexual intercourse TREATMENT: Take a sitz bath 2-3 times a day. NEED: Bathtub, distilled vinegar, natural sea salt, A&D ointment HOW TO MAKE A SITZ BATH: In the old days they used to call it a Sitz bath because you sat in a basin (larger bucket) just big enough for you to sit your bottom in. DO NOT GO BUY A BASIN.
Avatar f tn After sex I noticed that my labia (or lips) have become extremely swollen, mostly on one side, but both are still pretty swollen. I feel no burning at all even when I use the restroom, itching, pain or discolored discharge, but just the simple fact that I am swollen after intercourse. And I feel that its extremely swollen, not just a little swelling. I feel that this is not normal concidering the fact that this is not an everyday thing...
Avatar n tn I had my usual menstrual migraine attack plus a sudden pulsing in my labia minora (I was at school that time so my teacher brought me to the clinic). The nurse made me take a mefenamic acid but the pain still did not subside she decided to call my parents to take me to an OB-Gyne and my doctor said it was dysmenorrhea. o_O It occurs every time I had my period and the throbbing increases the longer I walk or sit or stand that's why I have to change my position every once in while.
Avatar n tn recently i notice i have a small bubble-like bump thats the same color as the rest of my labia minora. the bumb is on my labia minora. it wasnt there early in the day when i took my first shower, but tonight after taking a shower i felt an irratating sensation as i washed, when i noticed it..
Avatar n tn I'm a Filipino girl and i'm very bothered about the small lump that appeared in my labia minora. It just appeared when i have my menstruation visit.
Avatar m tn i have itching on my labia minora near the sides of the clitoris. It swells and becomes red when i scratch it. It continues for a period of 3-4 days and then goes. After some days it again comes back. I sometimes make it bleed by scratching. it continues to be swollen for a day an they shrinks and again swells when i scratch it. There isnt any discharge or bad smell. I havent consulted aanyone so far. What should i do about it?
Avatar f tn The thing thats got me very bothered is my right inner labia is swollen massively (sorry for the description) anyway it is very very uncomfortable as it is making things such as walking and underwear very difficult and unpleasant. Its gotten mch worse withen the last few days and now things have began to itch. Everything is beng disturbed and feels very raw and unpleasant is this swelling of just one labia minora and itching normal or should it be time to freak out?
Avatar n tn /) for 3 days and it went,then about a week later my clitoris hood was swollen and it hurt when i pee'd but i left it for a day then told my mum the next day but then that swelling ahd gone down and my labia minora was swollen and it still is, i wen to the hospital and they said i cam back positive for another UTI, they gave me more of trimethoprin but it seems the swelling is not going, i always wear cotton underwear, i dont wear tight pants, im not allergic to anything, i havent changed anyth
Avatar f tn Yesterday, I experienced itching down there, and of course, over the course of the day, scratched and rubbed for relief. Late in the day, I realized the left flap of my labia minora was swollen and somewhat painful. It's seems firm to the touch, about the size of an almond. No discharge that I can see. The color is normal, perhaps slightly redder. My first overreaction was that I have a Bartholin's Cyst. But I'm hoping it's just a bug bite that has become inflamed.
Avatar n tn Yeast infections usually include itching, burning, and clumps in the discharge. You do NOT have a penis growing. In fact, labia minora are very feminine and normal. Labia minora is a good thing. It makes sex more pleasurable for you AND for a guy. Nothing you can do will make your labia grow. Sex or masturbating does NOT cause any change in labia minora appearance or length.
Avatar n tn I wish my wife had your labia minora. Hers are very small, but I'd much prefer it if they were large. Keep what ya got! I don't think you know how lucky you are!
Avatar m tn But now I have again started having intercourse but with a different partner. We are using condoms. All the times, we have tried recently I get my labia minora swollen so badly.It hurts and the swelling on minora labia decreases only after my partner gives me anti allergic injection( He is an intern general physician). It didnt happen before means with my previous partner. My majora labia stays slightly swollen for some days afterwards.