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Avatar f tn does suboxone cause mood swings and severe agitation? also...can you get high from taking more than perscribed??? i've read so many contradicting stories.
Avatar m tn while you take suboxone u basically wouldnt feel the effects of opiates in short you dont get high. suboxone doesnt get you high but at a high dose you can experience methodone effects being for me not high just about to crash I havent slept for 3 days. this is the best why I can explain suboxone. I think it can be a life savor. infact I think I need a little higher dose today cause of my cravings.
Avatar m tn I just found out that my boyfriend is taking Suboxone. I knew he had a problem w pain killers in the past, and noticed his sneaky trips to the bathroom. Come to find out he is sniffing suboxone. He says he has been on it for 3 years and that it helps him stay clean. I have NO IDEA about pills and what the effects they have on you when you are addicted to them or what is even appealing about it. All I know is that I love him and I want to be here for him.
Avatar f tn I'm not sure of your son's dose but I often encounter high doses that make no sense as Suboxone has a ceiling and all it's doing is aggravating symptoms. Try to get your son to the site so he can know that this is possible for him. Best of luck to you both. Please keep us updated. We're here.
621322 tn?1222142091 i have been reading all the posts and sounds like so many are taking sub in high doses. I was taking 3-5 30mg oxycodones a day and my dr. told me to start with 1/2 of a 2mg sub, and increase it to another half every two hours as needed. Today was my first day of sub therapy and it went pretty well. i only took 2mg, 1/2 in afternoon, and 1/2 in eve when i felt mild wds.. I don't feel 100 percent normal, but nothing that i can't handle.
Avatar f tn It has a ceiling effect meaning that 32 mgs is as high as you can go. Any pills after that will do nothing. Suboxone also blocks the effects of other opiates. If you take morphine or a similar drug, you will not get the euphoric high you normally would. This drug is used to ease the withdrawals of regular opiate addiction. It can also be used as a maintenance drug to help chronic relapsers live a structured life without the waxing and waning of other drugs.
Avatar f tn I too was a 20 year methadone patient. I have tried numerous times to switch to suboxone. On suboxone I cannot sleep, I have extremem anxiety, and I have no energy. I am not sick but I do not feel normal. I have been told by the manufacturer that this is a common complaint from long term methadone maintenance patients. I suggest you return to methadone. Follow your own bodies advice and ignore the rest. Only you know how your body functions and reacts to medication.
Avatar m tn I’m not addicted to opiates and never have been a friend gave me a suboxone and.
610505 tn?1329607323 I started Suboxone in April 2008....stopped taking in October when I was down to 2mg a day. I was able to get to day 6 and couldn't take the withdrawals anymore. So...I started back on Suboxone again. I am now taking 1mg morning, 1mg night. I will stay on this for about a week and then go down to .5 morn, night. I have heard that getting down as low as you can go with dosages and then just taking every OTHER day will eliminate alot of the withdrawal feelings.
Avatar m tn Methadone as a full agonist will still invite cravings, just not as often due to its long half life. This is where suboxone differs, used properly there is no high as its partial agonist feature and its affinity for the mu receptor is quite low, however it binds to all receptors very tightly which prevents other opiates from working in combination whether its suboxone or subutex...the naloxone in the suboxone is simply to deter IV use..
574633 tn?1314212993 I raised our 2 daughters on my own with him here he was too high to ever see that he wasnt there for the 3 of us at all.. just looking for that next high spending everything.. the lies.. I just dont know if I can handle the next 2 weeks to umpteen years hoping that he is going to get better.. After him not hearing my crys for him to stop day after day... I left him..
Avatar f tn Also have read that suboxone keeps you from getting the high from pain meds. My husband asked me what exactly is suboxone. I realized that I don't really know the whole answer. What is Suboxone, and what does it do to help you get off pain meds? Is there anyone who can tell me?
Avatar m tn I can't handle the w\d cold turkey, can anyone comment on suboxone and can psych. perscribe?
Avatar n tn Has anyone been on suboxone and noticed it works better at lower doses, compared to the 12-16mg. target dosage for maintaince?? I was on 16mg. for about 10 days, and I just felt down, sluggish, depressed and so on. But I tapered my dosage from 16mg. a day down to 8 and it seems to work much better, I tapered down by 1mg a day, because some people do not realize that suboxone, even at 4mg. is a pretty high dosage because it is very potent. Let me know, Thanks and God Bless.
Avatar n tn Hey, I have been on Suboxone for 9 months and now im thinking about getting off them. I was on methodone before and the withdraws were horrible. Does anyone know if subuxone withdraws are as bad? Im scared to go thru that agian!
Avatar n tn I am prescriber suboxone but have not been taking it and doing heroin. I want to get back on my suboxone but last time i tried i was still sick as a dog after i took 2 8 mg. tablets.
Avatar m tn Now that I'm using again I feel like a pile. I am considering geting suboxone to quit with, I want to quit but I hate feelin depressed and empty. Just wondering if anyone has used it and is it worth it?
Avatar n tn HI Buddy, If you have the opportunity to see your doctor and get more suboxone, that would be your best option. 8 mg is much too high to stop suddenly. suboxone is a very powerful opiate and must be tapered to avoid withdrawal. Most people taper down to about 0.25 - 0.50 mg before stopping. I quit taking suboxone from 2 mg and went through horrible withdrawal because I too ran out, but I went back on for another few years before finally going through a medically assited detox in June.
Avatar m tn hey guys im new here but i have taken suboxone for five days then went without anything yesterday and tonight i just took a 30mg oxy.. will i be ok tomorrow or will i be back with my habit tomorrow?
Avatar f tn The good news is that the volume of your Suboxone Dependency is not high. The bad news is that you can be sick up to 5-6 weeks getting off Sub. It's the gift that keeps giving. I was, and on a larger amount than you..... I'm now clean after going through HELL. If you really want this, You can do it.............. We are here to support you.
Avatar f tn Hey I've been using suboxone for 2mnths now to get off of a 2yr vicodin addiction,and now I would like to get off of the suboxone I'm currently taking 16mg a day and I'am always tired...Does anyone have any suggestions?
1553215 tn?1296171645 I also just asked her if she ever got high from the Suboxone and she replied that she did... but not so much so that she couldn't function. She was more alive and alert and able to perform better at work, too. She said the "high" was a side-effect and would go away eventually. She also said to be aware that headaches are a major side-effect of which she suffered, but she was able to combat the headaches by taking four Ibuprofen at the onset of the headache.
Avatar n tn In her mind, she NEEDS the opoids. If shes taking suboxone, she has a high tolerance...I hope to god that she isnt using heroin.
Avatar n tn I've also taken methadone back in the days when I was out of oxy's, percs, or vics and the methadone kept me from being sick but it also kept me if I had enough pretty high. The one thing about suboxone is that most people will tell you that you don't get high and you can't get high. It's a fact that people on the street can get a high and maybe you could also but that would be an early experience with the suboxone.
Avatar f tn Anything more than that, and you won't get any effects from it. Subutex/Suboxone definetly produces a high early on. But that quickly disappears within a few days. The benefit of it having a ceiling is to prevent abuse as once someone no longer gets a high from the ceiling effect, a high can no longer be obtained.
Avatar f tn Sooner or later word will get back to my job and I am at high risk of losing it as I have clients who are HNWI (High Net Worth Individuals) who would not appreciate my background. I have Canadian Citizenship and am traveling to Canada in December of this year. I am looking for a doctor who will prescribe me the Suboxone. I need to know if you can get a prescription for this and if so can you get like monthly refills or how does this program work?
Avatar f tn If you truly want to stay clean, you want to stay on the suboxone. If you want to get high again, cut the BS and quit for three days and go back on the vics. A Vic addiction is NOTHING. I quit cold turkey off of 120mg vic a day several times, with nothing more than minor discomfort and diarrhea for three or four days. Try kicking a 2000mg a day heroin habit. You were buying online; you had money - you were not at rock bottom. Keep it that way. That's not desperation. Robbing people, etc.