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Avatar m tn I have quit oxy for two weeks but went back, the first couple days were pure hell but i was left feeling like a empty shell. No happiness just a boring empty shell with bad anxiety. Now that I'm using again I feel like a pile. I am considering geting suboxone to quit with, I want to quit but I hate feelin depressed and empty. Just wondering if anyone has used it and is it worth it?
Avatar f tn Naloxone is probably the culprit causing the stomach problems. Feeling tired is also a sign of taking too high of a dose. 16 mgs is a high dose. I was prescribed 12mg a day and that was way too much. I was nodding out and high as hell. And I had a heavy habit before with oxyys and heroin. So it wasn't that I didn't have a high tolerance to opiates.. What was your son taking before the subs?
Avatar m tn while you take suboxone u basically wouldnt feel the effects of opiates in short you dont get high. suboxone doesnt get you high but at a high dose you can experience methodone effects being for me not high just about to crash I havent slept for 3 days. this is the best why I can explain suboxone. I think it can be a life savor. infact I think I need a little higher dose today cause of my cravings.
Avatar f tn The good news is that the volume of your Suboxone Dependency is not high. The bad news is that you can be sick up to 5-6 weeks getting off Sub. It's the gift that keeps giving. I was, and on a larger amount than you..... I'm now clean after going through HELL. If you really want this, You can do it.............. We are here to support you.
Avatar f tn I too was a 20 year methadone patient. I have tried numerous times to switch to suboxone. On suboxone I cannot sleep, I have extremem anxiety, and I have no energy. I am not sick but I do not feel normal. I have been told by the manufacturer that this is a common complaint from long term methadone maintenance patients. I suggest you return to methadone. Follow your own bodies advice and ignore the rest. Only you know how your body functions and reacts to medication.
Avatar f tn Today I kept my doctors appointment and he put me on suboxone. It has been such a blessing for me. I wasn't sure if I wanted to go that route or not but my cravings were so bad I decided to keep my appointment. It was a good thing that I did because my blood pressure was 170/110 and my heart was beating so hard that it felt like I was going to come right out of my chest. After I took 16mg of sub. my pressure went down to 140/95.
Avatar f tn Anything more than that, and you won't get any effects from it. Subutex/Suboxone definetly produces a high early on. But that quickly disappears within a few days. The benefit of it having a ceiling is to prevent abuse as once someone no longer gets a high from the ceiling effect, a high can no longer be obtained.
Avatar f tn So a friend of mine gave my husband and I a few suboxone. I'm on day 2 and feeling ok, not great, but ok. I've only been talking a quater to a half of an 8mg tablet and just that little bit works wonders. I know I shouldnt be taking other people's meds but I was desperate. I could not go to my family, again, and tell them i screwed up again. I do not plan on using the sub. for that long. Hopefully it will be a little help till I get over that hump of feeling so badly.
Avatar m tn I was started on Suboxone 8mg. i had been tapering my doses myself and was down to 1/2 pill a day. i was suppose to go to the clinic today but decided not to because I am afraid I am just going to get addicted to these and have fought so hard to stay sober. The clinic doc told me there would be no swithdrawl side effects when i stopped yet here I sit feeling like **** again! I thought these days were behind me. If any of you have gone tgrough this please advise.
Avatar m tn The problem is that since I'm weening off of them I am starting to feeling like i can't catch my breath. It is really driving me crazy to have this feeling! I have had a few people tell me it's just anxiety but I don't know what to think? I know Sub can cause breathing problems for someone who takes alot or too much but I am going the other way taking less now then I have before. Any Ideas or comments would be great!
Avatar n tn My head is clean and clear with suboxone and it was very high and kind of like a way stoned feeling on methadone. I broke my foot high on methadone and walked like a mile to the my car no problem. ANyway I have more information for you. It's time for bed for me. Oh yeah don't be scared I think suboxone is something you really need to think about in fact I think it's a sign of you wanting to take the next real step to being sober. Suboxone gives us a chance to be free.
1553215 tn?1296171645 I also just asked her if she ever got high from the Suboxone and she replied that she did... but not so much so that she couldn't function. She was more alive and alert and able to perform better at work, too. She said the "high" was a side-effect and would go away eventually. She also said to be aware that headaches are a major side-effect of which she suffered, but she was able to combat the headaches by taking four Ibuprofen at the onset of the headache.
Avatar f tn Sooner or later word will get back to my job and I am at high risk of losing it as I have clients who are HNWI (High Net Worth Individuals) who would not appreciate my background. I have Canadian Citizenship and am traveling to Canada in December of this year. I am looking for a doctor who will prescribe me the Suboxone. I need to know if you can get a prescription for this and if so can you get like monthly refills or how does this program work?
Avatar m tn To answer your question, it may be long enough but it might not. It's right on the border. I have taken Sub after 12 hours before and been fine, but others have suffered from it. I would say that 24 hours is a safe bet, try to stick it out as long as you can and definitely use sleeping overnight to kill most of that time. As for the negative comments about not trading your minimal addiction for a b*stard like Sub... it is a great tool if used properly.
397118 tn?1219765850 hi there everyone, well here I go again back on suboxone I really mess up but I'm trying to get my life back and suboxone is for me the way to go again but I have a question this time I'm not thinking short term I'm going for a long as I have to anyways my question is for someone like me that has been using lortabs 7.5 up to 45 pills a day yes 45, how much suboxone do you all think i should start taking?
Avatar n tn And it is only a partial opiate agonist and gives NO euphoric or high feeling. Therefore, when you start Suboxone while opiates are on your receptors, you will suddenly feel much worse. It's called "precipitated withdrawal" And also they won't be able to judge how much Suboxone to give you. But if you have NO opiate on your receptors, you will take Suboxone, and you will feel BETTER at the right amount.
Avatar f tn And it's not that high feeling you get when you're on drugs, it's just more of a dazed feeling. Tired almost. I've told my doctor that, and he said it was normal? So I don't know. How long have you been in recovery? And what didn't you want to deal with? Did the Suboxone not all? Thank you for the apology. It wasn't necessary.
917167 tn?1330259538 She is just a toddler, but I want to be around when she's 20. I am starting Suboxone therapy on Monday. Not looking forward to this weekend. I just wanted to know how quickly after my initial dose will I start feeling better because of a crazy schedule at work including some public appearances. I just don't want to feel horrible...Thanks for reading and replying.
Avatar n tn It has definitely helped me get my life back together. It wont get you HIGH but it will give you a very mild opiate feeling, just enough to keep you motivated and not to much to where you crave it like crazy. Some people amy have different opinions, but for me it has been wonderful. Find a doctor near you and get your life back.
Avatar f tn I used subs for 20 days to get off high dose methadone. I'm not sure if I was feeling sub withdrawals or methadone withdrawals. The brain doesn't start to heal until all opiates are out of the system for enough time. I think you're more likely to pick up your DOC withdrawal after subs are gone. I don't think you built a new addiction to subs. I agree with the aftercare and using subs and a complete recovery program.
Avatar n tn my son started suboxone treatment yesterday... he was quiet at first... it made him feel better than he did while going through withdrawal..... but today he is aggitated, aggravated, and edgy.... he wants a pill really bad..... is this normal??? Does he need a larger dose of suboxone.... ??? Can he up his own dose safely???
Avatar f tn The opiate withdrawal does not last forever, but suboxone is very strong and the withdrwal is typically twice as long or more than a standard opiate like hydrocodone. Suboxone also depends on how high the dose was when you stopped taking it, for the least amount of trouble the dose should be as low as possible, 1/2mg or less.
1222871 tn?1268843138 What if it isn't enough and I still feel like crap and am not able to take my norco? I have taken 16mg in a day and feel great, not high, just great. I don't want to be high; I just want to be normal. Will that ever be the case? I went to see a drug counselor today and have to go to a meeting tomorrow. Anyone have any info on suboxone the dosing how they determine, how healthy it is, anything else would be much appreciated.
Avatar m tn wondering what your thoughts are on using suboxone for getting off opiods....
Avatar f tn Although I have never done suboxone I have read a lot about it in my time here. You are on a high dose 16mgs is a lot. Have you tried tapering back to smaller amounts This alone might make you feel better. Have you spoken to your Dr. about your feelings ? What has he/she said too do ? We have had many members detox off they will be along shortly I just wanted to add my support.. I hope you stay around pick up support and get this behind you..
Avatar n tn i have been taking about 15-20 roxo's /dayso i think it will take at least 24 hrs before i take the suboxone. i have a very high tolorance and dont want to take it too soon. i think if i wait as long as possible it will work better than it didi before when weboth started andwaited about 14 hrs. we were both so so sick, couldnt even walk the dog. so i have to get strong and do this or i will lose my job and i dont want to do that.
Avatar n tn will some of you share experience if prescribed suboxone, physical & mental. see, i been prescribed them but have only taken two only the one day i didn't have hydro. it got me through that day, but i don't know about day two, three, four, etc. because i got hydro the very next day and haven't been without since. in other words, i'm afraid my mind is telling me i can take sub until hydro comes along, like a crutch. i know this pill taking has got to stop soon.
1224339 tn?1287606736 Now you have to be in mild withdrawals when you take ur first dose but after about 30 min I started feeling better. It doesn't give you that eufforic high like oxys and such but it definetly gives me a buzz, but thats not the point of it, it does completely take away withdrawa symptoms. I'm only on day 3 of suboxone, I take 1 8mg tablet daily, but were still ajusting the dose, I may go to 1 1/2. But I can do my daily activities, work school wutever.
Avatar f tn I find that I am able to achieve a minimal euphoric feeling from Suboxone but mainly, the drug allows me to function normally. I can get up easier in the morning and participate in activities that I enjoyed before my addiction - like going to the gym. I am also less moody.