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Avatar n tn I was taking 20-40 10 mg norcos daily for two years. I have been on suboxone for one week now, and I am feeling really good. I'm hoping to be off the suboxone in less than 3 weeks too! If anyone has any concerns or questions about it, I will be glad to fill anyone in on my experiences with taking it. It will be nice to be able to help someone else if I can, and I see SO many strong people on this site. Plus, I could really use support too! The suboxone only covers the physical part.
Avatar f tn about five months ago I found a doctor that prescribed me suboxone for my withdrawls. I recently moved back to new york, and after i moved back to ny i find out my insurance did not cover my suboxone so i owe 400+ dollars. I cannot afford to keep paying for it, and have had SO much trouble finding a doctor up here who can prescribe it but I have had no luck. I have been thinking about quiting suboxone and just toughing it out.
684726 tn?1228489221 it will probably get worse for the next week or two but hang in there it wont be super bad. its def. doable and youll be free of all substances.
Avatar f tn I finally went to an addiction psychologist who put me on suboxone.. I have been taking suboxone for a year now. i know that my doc is leading me on to get his money every moneth. I was the one who sugested taking less of gthe sub. I want to be free of it but he never mentions taking less. I am glad that I have ahd him to help me but i also know he is stringing me along so ne gets nis hundred a month from me. What should I do?
Avatar m tn Now I take suboxone 5 days a week and 2 days a week I'll go through 50 percf 10mgs. My question is IF I can stay on the Suboxone how long should I be on it before I can wean myself off of the suboxone and be drug free ???
Avatar f tn Is it possible for one to take suboxone for just a few days to get "through the withdraws" from hydrocodone abuse, like 300mg a day use.? any one have any ideas. I was thinking of talking about 1 8 mg sub in the morning first day(after 24 hours of with drawl) and 4 mg in the morning and 4 at nigh for the next day then 4 mg in the morning and 2 mg at night then then just stopping all together? so a total of 3 days of suboxone to get through the worst of the withdrawals.
1141221 tn?1261007302 Today is the 1st time I'm taking Suboxone! i've been on pills for the past 2 1/2 years, & i decide it was time to Stop ruining my life & others!! My question is.. how long do you have to be on suboxone?? my goal is once the bottle is done, so i'm I!! is it poss. to get clean from one script?? I don't even like the fact that i'm taking one pill to replace all the other ones!! i just don't want to get addicted to the subs. either!! i don't even know who i am!! anymore!!
610505 tn?1329607323 I have been on Suboxone for 3 years now. I have managed to get down to 1/2 mg per day. How often should I continue to lower from here...once a week, twice a week...etc. My Dr. suggested that I go one day without taking it, but I get very agitated and sick to my stomach. I'm not real sure how much is physical and how much is psychological. What is your suggestion. Thank you!
Avatar n tn is anyone else tappering off suboxone and can someone give me some support and tips on how they did it because i want to stop and it is a lot harder then i thought it was going to be so if any one is out there that can help please feel free do so
Avatar n tn If you know that, you may want to mention it to the doctor. For me, 16 mgs nearly knocked me out, so every one is different. Let us know how you make out tomorrow. Take care.
Avatar m tn Thank You for the input Emily I didnt know there wasnt an expert on this site. Sorry about the double post wont happen again.
Avatar n tn god only knew when that one day was going to come that that one last pill was the one that was going to do me in ... i didn't want that to happen for my kids and husband ... thank god he has been sooo supportive. he doesn't understand addiction, he can take a vike and doesn't get the feeling you or i do ... but nevertheless he has totally been there for me ... as you have for your girlfriend. i love reading your posts, most interesting ... are you doing a rapid detox?
Avatar f tn I live in a 20,000 population town and we have one. They are doing a suboxone study and everything is free. I told them, heck i'd pay and be glad to get help. They are awesome people. From the Dr, to the counselor. They told me this study is going on nationwide. Good luck.
Avatar f tn I don't think I would of for only doing it for 2 weeks but was scared. Now I like the suboxone and have taking it for a month, longer that I shot up. I take it about 3-4 times a week about 12mg, really just recreational. Can I cold turkey stop it since its just been a month or should I tapper? I only have 3/8mg strips left I could cut in 4ths. Or should I just stop? I read it is also a mental thing so am also concerned with that but don't want any wd from that.
Avatar m tn i saw it as a way to get past the worst days and hopefully be able to stick with it after that, probably not the best idea to not see a dr of course but with the amount of money ive spent on oxy spending 10 dollars for a week of suboxone didnt sound too bad, i could have of course bought more oxy but when he mentioned he had those i didnt think i should pass up the chance
Avatar m tn but when she started on Sub it was actually 3 x a day, for the first (I think 5 days) and then 2 x a day for a few days and then to one time a day. When your addiction is totally out of control they will have you dose a few times a day to keep you from relapsing it is a lot mental and as you know physical but the goal in a week is to get you to one tablet a day...... two fold to break the cycle of railing oxy on an hourly basis and physically to adjust your body.
451870 tn?1209949094 Are the w/ds from sub. easier than oc or what. AmI trading one addiction for another 0r is suboxone the answer. How long do you need to be on sub? Any help would be appreceated. I have an appiontment for a suboxone dr. on thursday the 20th. Should I do this or just be sick in my bedroom for a week. This forum is great. I don't know any where else to get these answers. Thank you guys, really, all of you.
Avatar m tn Maybe I should have done some research on it but you guys seem to be in the NO as it were. I took Suboxone for around 18 months, coming off sucked but got through it after about a month with the shakes and so on. Well I did good for about 4 months now I am back on the pills again and just beyond fed up with myself and everything else, very disappointed. My question(s) are this: Did I take Suboxone long enough? Am i the only one who messed up anybody else mess up and finally get it right?
Avatar n tn So, I figure to drop in two days to one quarter of a pillm stay ont that for one week, then drop to one quarter every other day (subox stay in your system for so long, that you don't need to take it everyday at the end) and do that for 2 weeks. Then take one quarter every two days and do that for about 2 weeks. Then I plan to take smaller and smaller pieces, even if I need to shave them, every two days, until I can't go any smaller, then I will be be close enough, that I will just stop!
Avatar f tn You got a 2 week supply and its gone in 1 week? The drugs are making your decisions for you. You will be so much better off without them. Trust all of us who have quit. WE HAVE HAPPY, FULL LIVES! Most of us at one point or another wondered if we could live without that opiate boost. You need to fight this if you are serious about quitting. And if you aren't serious you should get serious. The opiate using lifestyle is not sustainable. Its going to end bad in one way or another.
519661 tn?1264519808 5, I actually started to forget about suboxone all together as long as I kept busy. And when it came for my last and lowest week of dosage, I did not even want to or feel the need to take sub at all. Although I did, just to ensure a success. I will say after several months without sub I did on occasion have a desire to take something, but that is normal for anyone with an addictive personality.The main thing I noticed was how much better my brain worked without the suboxone in my system.
Avatar f tn Please click on my name and read some of my blogs especially the one about options for detox. You can also look at my clinic website for more information about percocet addiction. You can also reach it by clicking on my name or by going on There is nothing in what you have told me that precludes you from going on any treatment regiment, Suboxone or other. Good luck to you and please cut down on your acetaminophen intake.
Avatar f tn Cold Turkey would have to be the way for me. I have one shot at this and thats it. And I have a week to do it. So, its all or none......... Thanks for your advice Cathy.....
Avatar f tn I have to say that suboxone is a very strong medication to turn to for a 3-4pill/day habit of hydro. I know how hard it is to quit and more importantly to stay clean, but maybe you should try to kick your current habit and see a doc for your depresson issues. After quitting opiates our brains take time to regain their ability to produce sufficient amounts of its own natural chemicals (norepenephrine/dopamine/serotonin), leading to feelings of depression/anxiety.
325131 tn?1227188381 Please don't think I am saying not use suboxone . Everyone is so different. Many have had very good experience's with it. These were just some side effects I was having. Triggers... Is this your first time detoxing ?
Avatar f tn I was wondering if its possible to use SUBOXONE for a week or two at the most to get of hydrocone addiction. Would I suffer WD from the SUBOXONE? What's the most I could take to prevent wd's from the SUBOXONE. It makes since to me but maybe it's just wishful thinking? Please advise because I'm so tired of living like this!
Avatar f tn and how those terms apply to you. Your bf must really want this for himself - and there is little a loved one can do until he is ready to do this --- it is tough but doable. I don't think you mentioned his DOC, but that makes a huge difference in what he should use to get clean. Methadone and Sub are tools but come with a price that is very high -- not money but the fact that they are extremely difficult to come off of.
Avatar n tn Every body situation is different in some way and what is good for one may not be good for the other. Keep posting we are all here for you. There are a lot of good people on here with a whole lot of exp and good advice. Please I am not trying to be nosy I dont want you to take it the wrong way I want to help you so please tell us your story, How you got to now. Sending love, thoughts and prayer your way!!!
Avatar f tn I need to ask what I should do or if I should do it. I have been on Suboxone now for a year and have had great sucees with it and not using other drugs. But as with any drug your tolerence increases so does your dose need to. Well when I see him I am afraid to tell him that for the past three months I've run out a week in advance and make up reasons as to come see him early which is not being honest with him. I dont feel Im abusing it , its just my current dose is 1.5 8mg. Strips a day.
Avatar n tn Hi and sorry it's taken me some time to get back to you. I have been on suboxone for 10 months now and for me it's been a life savor. I've also taken methadone back in the days when I was out of oxy's, percs, or vics and the methadone kept me from being sick but it also kept me if I had enough pretty high. The one thing about suboxone is that most people will tell you that you don't get high and you can't get high.