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1176246 tn?1415015517 Hi, i'm currently on suboxone and have been for over a year. I don't plan on coming off of it within the next few months but hopefully by summer. My sole question is this. In northern california, what insurances will either pay for Suboxone fully, or offer a co-pay, and how much of a co-pay. I'm currently prescribed 56 films a month. Medi-cal has covered it completely however I got a new job and I'm afraid that i'm slightly making too much money at my new job to qualify for medi-cal.
Avatar n tn I have the best plan available at my work through Health Net HMO, and my insurance is $500 a month, so without coverage I dont think I can afford it. If anyone has this insurance, or any information, I would appreciate it! Thank you!
Avatar m tn I take suboxone. I am close to relapse and my doctor will not help. I am going to a new doc Monday morning. Will my insurance continue to pay for my meds if I switch doctors?
Avatar f tn Any way iam now on suboxone and i think its the best thing since peanutbutter! But now i need help paying for it because we cant afford it. See iam with ahealth care plan called Magellan and they are really against it, NOW I HAVE READ JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING THERE IS FROM START TO FINISH.
211417 tn?1189759422 I don't pay anything for doctor visits or intensive outpatient (I have double coverage) and my co-pay for suboxone is $40. Before I was paying about $200 a month for my oxycodone. My doc also said he has a patient that takes 4mg of suboxone evry day and if she needs to be on that for the rest of her life he is ok with that. Sure every drug passes through the liver but 4mg of suboxone is much easier on the body then tons of oxy's or the like every day.
Avatar m tn hey yall- im on sub film strips and i have medicare part D coverage and for 10 oe them i have 2 pay 41 dollars. does this sound right? it cost the same for ten loracets. the sub works its just cost too much!
Avatar m tn I have insurance that covers 80% of drug programs and doctors. Call your insurance and ask. Calling and asking questions cannot hurt because of the HIPPA laws. DO NOT GET IT OFF THE STREETS LIKE IBKLeen said. This drug has to be dosed properly according to your height and weight and usage and has to be tapered carefully. Sub is not any easy way out. I understand some people have to take it but I just want you to know that you then have to WD from Sub. Good luck!
Avatar f tn there was a time I was feeling totally exhausted from the Suboxone. Couldn't figure out why. I moved up my dose and it didn't help. Then I went the other way and cut back and it worked better. My theory was I was actually taking too much Suboxone and that was what was making me so tired. Maybe give it a try? It worked for me. Good luck and I hope you find the answer soon.
Avatar f tn I feel very blessed that I found a clinic willing to work with me and my insurance, and the Suboxone has been a godsend for me...I know I was easily spending $500-$1000 a month on pills so for me I would have paid for the treatment regardless because it is still cheaper than my pill habit....
Avatar f tn This must be the contracted price with insurance and Walgreens, I an on SSDI which is social security disability insurance and have been for the last two years due to a back injury. It's not like SSI which is basically a check for $634.00 but qualifies you for medicaid as well. People who have not paid 40 quarters into social security get a basic amount. How can a person live on that? I get more than twice that and have no copay on my insurance. I have AARP partd.
Avatar f tn I had been an opiate addict for about ten years-beginning with Vicodin, onto OxyContin, onto Opana, onto heroin, and finally, suboxone full time two years ago. I never researched suboxone. I just knew that a family member had just died of a heroin OD, and that suboxone was where I wanted to be. I didn't want to keep using heroin. It felt wrong. Then, I got into a doctor. He induced me at 16 mg a day, which is HUGE.
Avatar m tn ALL AROUND THIS IS THE BEST THING FOR ME! AND MANY OTHERS! When I can get a job and hold it down after getting on suboxone and bringing in money to help my 14yr relationsship then that will be a start.. Then I will also get my many other goals going strong as well, which I CANNOT DO ON PAINKILLERS! So it can do many positive things for me and many others..
Avatar m tn Now, I didn't use an inpatient program, but I've taken methadone before and eventualy suboxone from walk in clinics. Even though you do have to give them your information, it is against the law for them to share that info with your insurance or any other doctor without your consent. Now, keep in mind I am talking about walk in clinics where you pay just 5 dollars a day to speak with your doctor and get your pill/s. I'm not sure how inpatient works.
Avatar m tn I am actually between jobs right now...which is why I am paying for my own insurance. I am studying to take the MCAT and then start apps. to med school. I plan on finding a job in late september.
Avatar m tn I know that sounds odd, and most likely I am moving to fast, but if I don't move fast in this I'll be in a position where I won't have coverage thus no suboxone and then I'd really have a bad kick, possibly loosing my job. So I figure going down fast and feeling uncomfortable now is better than being on a higher dose and then having to face a really bad detox.
Avatar m tn gave me a therapeutic discharge which allows me to keep insurance coverage intact and leaves the door open to return to a post care program in the future. I encourage you to find a Doc that will truly be there for you. Suboxone is an appropriate treatment for many who are locked into the dance with long term opiate use but it is not a drug to be entered into lightly.
Avatar m tn I know the drill about the short time for suboxone and have written down FLaddicts regime of her own, as it seems to have worked. I get my meds through a Physician. No street buying. I met someone at work whos brother is on 400 milligrams of Methadone a day, Yes 400. He is in a pickle. He can give me a 40 milligram wafer. Could I take ten milligrams a day for four days and then stop, or would I be better off going the ten day Suboxone route. The Methadone sure would save me a lot of money.
Avatar n tn On the way, I called my roomate and BEGGED her to loan me the money to go to the Suboxone doctor, and she finally agreed, bless her soul. We both went together, and the doctor was soooo nice. She was the cheapest in the area ($125 for the 1st visit, and $60 each subsequent visit, but in a month, my new insurance kicks in). She also uses a pharmacist who gives all of her patients discounts on the Sub, so it only cost me $50 for the first 10 pills.
Avatar m tn The detox I went to and completed (they tried treating me with methadone and I told them NO that is just another addiction) - I did go to rehab too , and my parents insurance coverage with me ended up not being covered at the rehab center. I was like THANK GOD! I guess at that point all I wanted was a high. They picked me up and suggested I go to meetings with other gays in the city (Manhattan) to find support and ones who have struggled with addiction as well.
233181 tn?1235186752 Now, for all people with medicaid I have heard stories that their Medicaid HMO Plan has in fact denied coverage on suboxone. I an very surprised and shocked in these situations as medicaid is a program run by the state and Federal Government. Medicaid by law is suppose to follow Medicare guidelines. In fact Suboxone is listed on my medicare part-D, formulary drug list as a tier 3 drug with no Quantity Limits or prior authorization.
Avatar f tn Although I have no doubt at all about there being many terrible doctors out there looking for a paydate - MY suboxone doctor, treatment and prescription was all covered by insurance. The suboxone doctor I used accpted most, if not all insurance plans. I do not advocate suboxone. Its not for everyone, or even most. BUT it does have a purpose and it can help many and I am sure it has saved many lives.. It has also ruined many. There is no good answer.
Avatar f tn Hi I see two things here....people either love suboxone and says it's the best thing that has happened to them or they hated it....coolio just told me there is a fine line, not too much but nottoo little.....thanks coolio...but is there some source of info to give you a general idea of how much you would need...? I decided I my cse worker should be able to give me an anser in a few days re the I am planning for Monday.....just have to do this....
Avatar f tn If they learn I've been using I face the possibility of her being taken away from me. My parents and family think I have been on suboxone since my daughter's birth. Finding a suboxone doctor that takes Medicaid is nearly impossible around here and I have no money to pay a cash only doctor. I have no money to feed my habit even for tomorrow and from everything I've read stopping cold turkey could cause me to lose the baby.
Avatar m tn The last time I was free of all drugs, was July of 05' after a protracted and painful detox from suboxone and methadone, which I had been on prior to the suboxone. I want to be completely sober again. Suboxone has ruined my sleep patterns, my creativity and robbed me of much of my enthusiasm for life. Since I no longer get natural highs, except from sex, I am ready to go through the arduous and drawn out detox that is a suboxone detox.
Avatar m tn You mentioned that he is going to a detox facility and will be put on Suboxone. Am I to guess this is a short-term detox and not a treatment center? If so, they generally do not participate in counseling meetings, etc. Their goal is to get the addict through the first five days safely. In order to stay clean, which is the hardest part, he will need aftercare in the form of counseling, meetings, as I mentioned. I am providing the link to a meeting guide.
563594 tn?1309586732 ) I can't go the suboxone route, due to insurance issues, and since I've been clean for 11 days...I just don't wanna. I don't have a bathtub...we're moving in december and I will then! :) thanks for your kind words...I know I can do this. Its just the hardest thing I've ever had to do..
517788 tn?1213761417 but i am not only fighting the urge, with every move that i make it kills, it hurts so bad. My new insurance coverage doesn't start till sunday so i can't really do anything. Cold turkey was the worse mistake i ever made, i had no time to plan this out and wasn't even sure if this is what i was really going to do. I really have nobody to talk to. I am so ashamed to talk to anyone about it. I hate the thought of what everyone is thinking of me....
Avatar m tn Besides the Patient Assistance Program which can provide the medications through certain pharmaceutical companies if a person falls between the guidelines for insurance coverage there are other insurance options as well. Medicaid can be helpful for people who meet the eligibility criteria. If a person doesn't but would otherwise be eligible the Medicaid Buy In can be an option if its available in their state. The work requirements are relatively lenient.
Avatar f tn I don't want to give into this, but I am getting burned out and I am only making enough to pay daycare and insurance. I am staying with my Mom, a foreclosure on my home of 11yrs because my husband was too strung out on suboxone to work. That **** is evil! If anyone else out there is familiar with suboxone you know what I mean.