How much does suboxone cost without insurance

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Avatar m tn Does anyone have an idea of what suboxone treatment would cost without any insurance? I plan to go this route when I move to Arizona. That's in a few weeks. Also is it hard to get in? Should I make my appointment now. Have tried a few offices and can't seem to get anywhere.
Avatar n tn Hi i was wandering sence i dont have insurance will the DR. help me by prescribing me the saboxin pills...I can pay cash...does anyone know..The nearest Dr to me is 100miles so I kinda wana know some info on what to do...Do I just give him a call and tell him my situation and ask for a APPT. plzz some one help me my drug use is outa hand and braking me every paycheck....Im hoping this pill will help me...
Avatar n tn I just got a prescription for Suboxone. I found the dr. on The office visit was covered by insurance and only cost a copay of $35.00. I filled the prescription, again covered by insurance, which only cost $25.00. Go to the website and call around to all the dr.'s in your area to find the cheapest one.
Avatar n tn The best thing about the gel is that they are all non-addictive, less drug on drug interaction and you can apply it directly to the source of your pain. If you dont have insurance to cover the cost then its probably not worth it because the bottles were $240, luckily all I had to pay was $10 co-pay. Now I havent heard of too many people that have used these gels, but it worked wonders for my pain.
Avatar n tn By the way, how did you get your suboxone? how much did it cost? Did it keep the withdrawls 100% from happening or just a little help? I am VERY CURIOUS to this drug as well. I am too weak to quit cold turkey!
Avatar f tn I will go to if I go that route will take me if I pay and not use my insurance because they already have their 100 insurance patients. Also, like Mar said, when you talk to them, ask if there is any other dr. nearby who offers sub. I hope it works out hun.
307401 tn?1194835748 Do you carry a ID card identifying you as a suboxone user? On the back it tells the physicians how to treat you for pain management, Mine which I got free from, they will send you a kit which contains the card. It is very important that you carry this card with you in case of such emergency, Or if you should be brought into the ER unconscious, They would no how to treat you should you have the card is an easy accessible place in your wallet like in plain view near your license.
Avatar f tn keep in mind that suboxone is a long term treatment, it is not something you can walk away from without suffering great pain in my experience suboxone wd was harder than my actual drug of choice it actually took longer too but i wasnt ready to give up a chemical peace of mind, so it served its purpose, i am asuming you are on here for a family member, its really their choice how long they take the suboxone the problem i see with rehab doctors sending patients home with a suboxone prescription is
309618 tn?1193379313 I called a few of them and there first response was we need 750 to start and this much more etc, I got discourge and sad cause how in the hell was I supposed to pull 750.00 out of my butt. I had kids, bill, home etc. But I was determined to raise the money if need be. But then the last Dr. to email asked me to call him asap. We talked for about 1/2 and he asked me to come in to his office 2 hours later (which was today).
Avatar f tn This makes the physical symptoms of detox very manageable, without causing the patient to become cross-addicted to Suboxone. I have found that Suboxone use for a longer period than this begins to cause a strong dependence on Suboxone. Once a patient is stabilized with Suboxone and no longer getting high, they have to be convinced that recovery is possible. A detailed program is then created at the P.B.O.D. office that focuses on abstinence and better coping techniques. P.B.O.D.
Avatar n tn There's a wealth of information online as to the difference between Subutex and Suboxone. Without getting into all the information you can find pretty much anywhere, Suboxone contains naloxone along with the buprenorphine; Subutex does not.
717440 tn?1292747342 I cant click a button above cause its really not that simple. Does suboxone work - yes for most people it does WHILE YOUR ON IT. When taking suboxone I did not crave or worry too much about relapse. I had some side effects (headaches every day, dizziness and nausea for the first two weeks) and yes it took any and all withdrawal pain away instantly.
Avatar n tn 12 -24 hours after your last opiate depending on type and usage. Insurance does cover the cost here though without it, it is quite expensive. I do not believe that it goes by any other name, though the meds in Suboxone are buprenorphine and naloxone. In my experience, Suboxone totally gets rid of w/d symptoms including those you listed. The mental aspects will continue to have to be dealt with but the physical are nonexistant.
Avatar n tn I have been given 5 8mg suboxone and I want to use them to get off of the vicodin. I had a doctors app for the suboxone but at 180 for the visit and the cost of the script I cant afford it. I just lost my job and my husbands work has slowed considerably. Basically we are a family of 6 living of about 500 a week!! Can anyone give me a suggestion on how to do this I have read just about everything on the internet that I can.
Avatar f tn Now the trick was- none of the clinics had openings (was at least a 2 week wait) and from my understanding (i don;t know from personal experience) suboxone is ridiculous (cost wise) to get without insurance - Do you have your own insur. card or something so that maybe you could go and your 'rents wouldn't find out? Because of the clinic wait time I ended up buying mine off the street anyways. Goodluck to you...
Avatar f tn it takes also longer than most opiates, like 4-5 days too show up and then it hits you symptom after symptom and it last for over a month but the severity of it is dependant on how much and how long youve taken sub...more and more is being learned about suboxone and the wd's after long term use is like methadone...the average half-life is 37 hrs.
Avatar m tn So that's when I found a doctor who would prescribe me Suboxone. I was so happy at how much it took my cravings away. My doctor never encouraged me to get other help and even when I did tell him I think I was ready to start weening down, he told me to not think about that just yet. So I continued on with my 16mg dose of Suboxone a day and I was still maintaining a job.
Avatar f tn Is suboxone the route I should take? If so how do you go about it? Does anyone know a Dr in Toms River, NJ or surrounding area?
Avatar f tn I know alot of the problems is cost,I have insurance,but still,anyway i spent 3 times this amount on street drugs,i wore out my prescriptions from all drs.of course,and the subs also beats running around sick trying to find vics,perc,oxy,s ect....It sounds like alot of people are really hard on themselves,trying to fast to get better,I happen to have a great dr thats working with me to get off of sub,s,so i am tapering,tapering.tapering,slow.
Avatar n tn I am going to call doctors in the morning who prescribe suboxone to try and get him in. My question is 1) how expensive is suboxone if you don't have insurance (I'm sure less then buying OXY off the street at $80 a day) I was going to put him on my health insuance after the first of the year but can't live like we are for another month.
Avatar m tn Hang in there, you will realize how much the sub effects you after it is over. True freedom is way better.
Avatar f tn It does enable you how to live without opiates. Every 4 months I'll go down 8 mg. then when I get into the 16mg per day range I will drop down slowly per my pain managenent doc. for more info check the suboxone website www. suboxone, Are you on a quick detox whats your story, I hope they work out for you, If your having headaches they will go away.
Avatar n tn I have been fortunate enough to stay clean, get good health insurance that would pay a good amount so I could afford my suboxone because if I didn't there would be no way I could afford $800 per month to stay on this medication. If anyone happens to know anyone I could talk to about my personal story and life on suboxone and possibly find the right people to talk to to make it affordable so we don't have so many deaths and people who want to get on this that cannot afford it.
Avatar n tn I understand that this could possibly cause withdrawl because of the naltrexone present in suboxone. Also, how long have you been on the suboxone and how high of a dose were you on of the buprenex? I'm thinking maybe you might be having slight withdrawl symptoms because you were used to getting the buprenex without the naltrexone. Just curious. Maybe we can work out a way to chat through some other means if your interested. Let me know. Take care all!
Avatar n tn I just got a prescription filled for Suboxone and am wondering how much I have to be in withdrawals to begin taking Suboxone. I've read that if you are taking under 30mgs of Methandone, you can start Suboxone immediately but have also read that you must be in full withdrawals to begin. If I start the Suboxone now, what will happen? Will I be in worse withdrawals than if I just wait and take in a couple of days? I'm wondering which w/d's will be worse (Methadone or starting Suboxone).
Avatar f tn No one knows that i have been going to a methadone clinic for 9 months and i will not burden family/friends with my problem. Privacy laws do not allow insurance or doctors to discuss any info regarding you or your meds. Most methadone clinics now offer suboxone and will help you bill insurance. Notmenow/Noah knows a lot about insurance and suboxone. Hopefully, he'll check in soon. OH..NOAH.........
351342 tn?1197588360 I don't have any insurance and not too much $$$. I'm planning on my quit date being Dec 18th?? How much $$$ does the drug cost and how long do you normally have to take it?? I'm more than likely going to go cold turkey but I wanna explore all my options first!!
192332 tn?1189759428 she will have no insurance soon and she will have to pay full price so we are wondering how much it costs.I asked this cost question once before but i want more input because i am wondering if it has different costs state to state.we are in Idaho.Thanx everyone.
1281073 tn?1272380079 so treatment was cheaper than the habit. I know that does not help the cost of the initial DR visit, but in the long run, you may need to consider it. There is no easy way out of this, it will take hard work, determination and self-sacrifice.
Avatar f tn And does insurance such as Blue Cross Blue Shield cover most the cost? Any help would be greatly appreciated.