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Avatar f tn Yes many people get on and stay on suboxone for years. It does and can become another addiction. He needs to be sick and tired of being sick and tired. The suboxone is still in control he isn't. Does he live with anyone? If he hasn't dealt with his demons and why he abused drugs in the first place and is still on the suboxone 4 years later he isn't ready to make the necessary steps to change his life. Have you attended any alanon or naranon meetings? How long was he in rehab?
480035 tn?1222369764 Although people can react differently to a medication and it's side effects, some aspects of suboxone usage/side effects are pretty uniform. Making the decision to start suboxone/subutex and setting up a plan is very serious and people should not take it lightly. Suboxone can be a great tool to help people in their recovery, but it is not a cure all and comes with risks and side effects that people should be informed of before they start treatment.
Avatar f tn i dont mean to make it sound soo scary, but tis something he really needs to remember and pay close attention too, cuz ive been through both suboxone and methadone wd's and good lord it was bad. the wd's will be,lighter the less amount of time he takes the suboxone, but most people in recovery need to be on the treatment drugs for long periods of time, at least a year.
Avatar n tn dose of methadone on a sunday morning, and took nothing else until friday late morning when i took my first dose of suboxone, and i was put into precipitated withdrawal immediately, and was severly sick for 4 days, all i can say about suboxone is that i am exsisting... i am not "physically" sick, but i am so mentally screwed up i wonder if this is even worth it, (never mind the cost of suboxone $170.00 for 30 8 mg pills (and i take 16 mg - 20 mg.) compared to $25.00 for 100 10mg.
6541568 tn?1382416351 I'm definitely trying to stay away from the benzo's as I took them for about a year prior to going to rehab and getting on suboxone and I really don't want one drug for another. This sight is definitely helping....not only do I get a lot of advice from people I also kill time reading, posting and just trying to get it together as much as I can with the hard won wisdom on this board. What a thing to do to oneself....
460591 tn?1207154399 I was wondering if it is safe to mix 10 mg of Ritalin with 2mg of Suboxone? I don't think it will put my heart under a lot of stress... I know uppers and downers are bad to mix, but I don't think such a low dose should hurt anything... Anyone know for sure? Thanks.
Avatar n tn Now he is having problems and they say getting worse. they keep upping his dosage. I dont want them to do this and they say then my insurance wont pay for the bill if i refuse treatment. I hae asked them to start reducing his dosage so he can come home. He is fine when i am there holding him. he eats well and he doesnt cry. he only has these crying fits when i am gone. The hospital is saying he is not restin and that is the problem. he has also lost 11 oz since he was put in nicu.
Avatar n tn I am on Suboxone and it has definitely taken a toll on my sex life with my wife. The interest is there as much as it used to be. A couple times a month is where we are at, sorry if that is too much info. When I take less or miss a dose it does come back. Maybe have your husband put off taking it until afterwards. I take 8mgs once a day. I do need to point out that my wife and I have never had a great sex life.
1460021 tn?1445739558 I was put on Xanax for my anxiety, Prozac for my depression and 10mg of suboxone, and now living back with my mother (I'm 24...oh joy to living back with the mother lol). It's now one year on and i have dropped my dose down to 4mg a day..(still on antidepressants and xanax).
Avatar f tn Suboxone also greatly reduces withdrawls, but comes with it's own problems. You NEED a plan to taper off Suboxone right away. It will make withdrawl days bearable and maybe even get rid of them all together, but the longer you take Suboxone, the more chance you will have to be addicted to it as well.
Avatar m tn As with Methadone, SUBOXONE should be tapered so he still needs to be on it...and the fact that he's on it tells me he's trying to get clean... Brian- Contact the manufacturer at They often provide meds at a reasonable price for folks in need. Good luck!
Avatar f tn So anyway people are going to have their opinions in there and you have to pick and choose what you take to heart. I see NOTHING wrong with taking the Suboxone and going to meetings. Its not like you are popping Oxy's and sitting up in there. Suboxone is a tool used to TREAT addiction so therefore in my opinion you are in recovery! Again I am not downing meetings by any means, just be careful what advice you get and don't act unless you talk to a Dr first. A REAL Dr. lol!
Avatar n tn No matter if I take less than that (12mg a day even) makes me feel spaces out, I do sweat like someone else mentioned. Like way too much! and my heart races. and the pain in the right side of my chest. I called my doctor about this for 3 days and she didnt call me back. So im done with it. I got off my lortab binge and thats all i needed to do. I really hate suboxone. I did like it for the first 5 days or so but I can't even take it anymore.
696149 tn?1314324559 Anyway, the Vicodin seem to bother my heart.....that is I felt like I was having heart problems right after I started taking the Vicodin. That never happened before. All that lasted badly for about 3 months. I even had an heart cath done and everything was OK but I swear I felt like it was my heart. I asked if it was the Vicodin, but they said no. Anyway, I have bi-polar disorder and borderline personality disorder. I've tried most of the anti-depressants and nothing helped.
Avatar f tn I guess I was wrong. You know were able to take a heart from one man and put it in another and they walk away, and were able to leave this plannet to go to another, but when it comes to an adiction their doesn't seem to be any answers through out the medical community. or maybe could it be an " I told you so " kind of thing...............
Avatar m tn I am not sure if I am waking up because the half life of the suboxone is not as long as it used to be, and I begin detoxing in my sleep, or what the problem is. I have always taken a little suboxone right before bed, so I do not think this is the culprit. There are some pressures in my life right now, but I do not feel as if I am stressed out, in which I really never am.
Avatar m tn I tried stopping once at 2mg and the withdrawal was horrible, ended up back on the suboxone after 3 days and was on it for another 3 years. The other thing that you should be doing is only taking one dose per day, the further you can space your doses as you decrease, the better. Even skip a day if you can - that will help. Once you stop for good, it will take a little longer to adjust, but just know that you will get there.
Avatar n tn suboxone use for withdrawals. well some posts were recent and it really breaks my heart. i like many others have fooled into thinking we were getting a free ride and what have we learned about that? nothing is free. there is no being absent for ur W/D. im currently on day 8 off this sub **** and had i known it would suck so bad i never wouldve got started. those that praise are usually STILL ON THE DRUG! only after getting off i would like people to please come on back and comment.
Avatar f tn ( thank you so much for the advice, I really appreciate the help!! It's comforting for both of us to know that what he's going through is normal!
5417109 tn?1367641699 ok, 4 yrs ago my 1st sub doc gave me 8mg in office and told me to take 2 a day, he kept me on subutex the whole time. I did that until last dec when he left and moved and I got a new sub doc. she continued what he prescribed, until I told her I wanted to come down to 12 mg daily which I did w/no problem, after I got laid off in jan (1 mo later) I lost my health insurance so she prescribed a ridiculously fast taper that I was unable to do!!
214255 tn?1205639236 I have been off them for three days now and I feel good. Going from 2 mg to zero will cause problems. I hate to see you go out and use because of any w/d's you may (or may not) feel after the Sub. Good Luck and keep posting.
1428440 tn?1287393979 ) I used suboxone for my oxy addiction and i can honestly say it saved me and helped me get my life back because without it i really dont think i could have done it and my addiction was farther along than you i was at 250-350 mg oxy a day so i am so happy to see that you have not went to oxy from hydro because it turns worse a lot faster from there but the suboxone will help you as long as you do it the right way and when you talk to your doc my suggestion would be ask him about a 30 day suboxon
489042 tn?1211423977 But I got addicted to lortabs, then roxicodone, and oxycontin. I was treated for 9 months on suboxone. Starting a 8mg dose for 6 months and 4 then 2 then 1 mg the last 3. Two days ago I took my last 1mg I had left. The withdrawl isn't near as bad as it was when I ran out when I was taking 8mg...or when I didn't have opiates...but its still there.
Avatar m tn I had a heart attack in 2009 and the suboxone helped me gain about 25 lbs and edema in my ankles and other places. Plus I started having dull ache occurrences in my chest that scared the hell out of me. When I stopped taking Suboxone I lost weight and my edema left, plus no more dull aches in my chest. I am trying, but if I had a 2mg film right now, I would take it. I am a ex-marine, I feel I wouldn't do so well in a prisoner of war camp, because I am so willing to submit.
Avatar n tn I am now on day 9 of Suboxone and that, thank GOD, makes me 9 days clean of opiates (or so I thought) So is Suboxone an opiate or not? I was reading some info on Suboxone and I'm not sure which website to go to in order to get fact based info on the medication. I understand that there are a lot of sites out there strictly in the business of detox and that seems to be what I'm running into over and over again. I am now scared to death to detox off of Suboxone.
Avatar n tn Now that I've had some real experience with it I would advise people to find a doctor who is actually educated about Suboxone/Subutex and addiction before getting on this med long term. And also to really research as much as possible on your own beforehand. This med hasn't really been around long enough to have the kind of information that people really need, so alot of us have side effects that aren't widely known or understood yet.
610505 tn?1329607323 Show me your documented proof that a proper Suboxone taper produces withdrawals worse than a CT detox from hydrocodone then I'll recing my comments and eat crow. I'd also caution anyone on here to provide "advice" that contradicts the advice of their doctors. To do so is just reckless at best. People should be asking their doctors these questions...not going to a forum and asking for medical advice.
Avatar m tn therefore, that is why taking vicodins will not work while suboxone is in one's system. Anyway, I went back to suboxone and used that for pain with advil, which is what I shoulda done in the first place;) These are only my opinions. Nothing in here is a necessary medical fact, just some stuff that I have researched, read, and experienced over the years. Thank you.
Avatar m tn I may try and use the Suboxone again soon after I wean down like I said. I think it will be easier, and the Suboxone will then help space apart my dosage of Oxy which will help lessen sides to help me get off completely.
Avatar f tn You are abusing the suboxone treatment, you are using it so you dont have withdrawel from your frequent drug use. Try just sticking with the suboxone and dont do anything else. I had a really bad opiate addiction and the suboxone helped me so much. Ive been clean from opiates for 8 months now and stopped the suboxone 2 months ago. Please talk to someone close to you. If they love you they wont judge you.