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884943 tn?1241662998 The whole idea is ****** It seems to me that dr make more money the more suboxone they push They are dope dealers who can prescribe liver problems prostate problems kidney problems The whole experience opened my eyes to alot of things. I dont have to take a ******* pill to do something I just get off my *** and do it. Riding my bike walking and fishing are alot of fun.
Monkey Yes, Suboxone can be used to treat pain both in patients with opioid dependence and in those without it. However, it may or may not be effective in every patient. Please ask your doctor regarding whether it will be suitable for you or not. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you.
Avatar f tn In the morning I take my am meds and 20-30 mins I would be in the bathroom throwing up. I did go to my primary doctor and he took an x-ray and told me how backed up I was and put me on lacitives and a pill you put under your touge. He also put me on a powder lacitive you mix in juice. While a week later I was throwing up and it looked like coffee grounds. I went to the E.R. right then and they addimted me to hositpal.
Avatar f tn Anyway, I'm scared because now I'm tapering and starting to feel the detox's. They are small now and usally only in the evening and durning the night I'm having problems sleeping. I thought to get on to suboxone when I got down to 30 or 20 milligrams. I'm on 39mill now. At this moment I'm going to try to just get off and not start taking the suboxone. Because the methadone has worked so well I figure if I don't make it out to the other side, I'll just go back on methadone. who knows.
Avatar f tn An Overview As with any medication, there possible side effects with ZocorĀ® (simvastatin), including problems with the liver.
1200909 tn?1306818681 also,,ive been taking subs for 2 1/2 yrs my self without ever taking anything lse,,but the thing is that I was only on pills for one year and brown for 8 months after he pills,,then I went to jil for thee days,,couldn't get off groung,,got pout after 4 days,,went home to 6 subs I had piled up from people,,anyways now im here today still onsubs,,longer then the original problem,lol,,crazy shitm,,,I hear the withdrawls from subs are horrible,,one 8mg strip will last me 2 days,,used to be 3-5 days,
Avatar f tn Then you were clean for two yrs? And now you are on 12 mg suboxone and drinking alcohol with the subs? You also asked in another thread which is better for chronic pain.....neither really....what was your pain like when you were clean for 2 yrs? Are you upset with your dr. because you cannot take codeine while on the subs? I jumped off subs at a ridiculously high does because I did not know any better....but if you are looking for chronic pain relief...which I am.....
Avatar m tn I had a heart attack in 2009 and the suboxone helped me gain about 25 lbs and edema in my ankles and other places. Plus I started having dull ache occurrences in my chest that scared the hell out of me. When I stopped taking Suboxone I lost weight and my edema left, plus no more dull aches in my chest. I am trying, but if I had a 2mg film right now, I would take it. I am a ex-marine, I feel I wouldn't do so well in a prisoner of war camp, because I am so willing to submit.
Avatar f tn Hi Terri --- Don't know why the vomiting -- perhaps her dose is wrong. Dosing Sub is very tricky -- most doctors do not know how to do it. I started Sub after being in W/D's for 18 hours - only took 2 mg the first time but found that was enough to alleviate the W/D's so I stopped there and took that amount twice a day. Many doctors have their patients start with a very large dose -- not appreciating the strength of Sub. My take is that the lowest dose the better on Sub.
Avatar f tn how much opiates were you using? i have been on suboxone and methodone. the suboxone was not strong enough for me. i felt like i was in a hole and unable to move. i was later told while i was in rehab that it would not have been strong enough which is why they put me on methodone. methodone was a huge help.
210982 tn?1280987495 For those of you who have pain and are on suboxone, what do you take and what works best for you dealing with pain? I know everyone is different, but just curious what non-narcotic pain meds are out there and do they work as well as the narcs??
1349676 tn?1277916049 I've been taking Milk thistle the last 6 months, and will be doing a liver flush this weekend. Still scared =( I've done some research, and it seems people have a much lower incidence of relapse when following the suboxone treatment, AND councilor. Has anyone here tried it? If so, how did it work for you? The day I can wake up and not think about that stupid little white pill will be great. I just need some support, it's easy to feel alienated like this...I can't wait to be Sober again.
Avatar f tn You are abusing the suboxone treatment, you are using it so you dont have withdrawel from your frequent drug use. Try just sticking with the suboxone and dont do anything else. I had a really bad opiate addiction and the suboxone helped me so much. Ive been clean from opiates for 8 months now and stopped the suboxone 2 months ago. Please talk to someone close to you. If they love you they wont judge you.
Avatar n tn I'm a liver transplant patient and SVR. I wrecked my motorcycle and was on oxycontin and oxycodone for 4 months and if the transplant team didn't object to it I figure it can't be that hazardous to the liver. Of course, 5 years is quite a long time and I have no idea about proplonged use.
Avatar n tn in the past week i have had about 5 a day.. and now suboxone.. im fearful of withdrawing for the sub but will worry abotu that when the time comes.. when were you on it? for how long? did you despise the taste? when you stopped taking it (assuming you did) was it difficult? and again thanks for the help.. it really means a lot..
Avatar m tn I finally got clean April 4th 2014 from herion and other drugs ... I was on suboxone for a year and it helped me stay clean away from herion ..I was on suboxone for a year and it was a constant battle ..first few months I was fine on suboxone and the. After 3 months I started to get really sick headaches.. Stomach cramps .. Constipation and more .. I couldn't take the pain anymore from it.. So I quit taking suboxone after tapering off to 0.5 mg ...
Avatar m tn To be honest suboxone is pretty high price each pill at a pharmacy is about 5-8 dollars each so they not saving much at all sounds to me like they are saying your an addict and putting you on treatment plan to get you off oc etc. Like I said I've tried Suboxone and it's awful here's what it did to me. When I first started made me feel awful so I thought well it;s new I'll try it out but never changed at all. I tried it for 6 months and stayed same whole 6 months.
Avatar f tn I was addicted to percocet and vicodin for about two years on and off and went into treatment for that. I am now addicted to the suboxone which I even told my doctor and he didn't want to wean me. This is nothing but a money maker for doctors. I have weaned myself down from 16 mg a day...down to six mg on my own and I am now on 2 mg/day....but I am nauseous and severely depressed since my NEW doctor lowered my dose.
408795 tn?1324939275 But really, I had that toxic thing happen to me prior to stopping this last time so I don't expect any problems. It takes all the fun out of it when your liver clogs up and gets you all toxic. Ugh!!
Avatar n tn Earlier today I posted a note that mentioned how good I felt being off the ROXY 30's for 3 days, and on Subx.... and I still feel good. I am happy that I am off the ROXY's.... and most of all, not spending the kind of money I was doing 8-10 a day. HOWEVER>>>> (there always is one isn't there?!).... I have been doing some reading on this "wonder drug" that I am now on..,.. and I feel more and more depressed about it.
Avatar n tn I've been on both Subutex and and Suboxone for quite a long time. My former physician used it as pain medicine and perscribed 32 mg daily X4. It is an amazing pain releiver with little or no side effects. I now decided to lower and change to subutex 8 mg X 2. I'm a former Police Officer that was run over by a stolen auto and sustained a fragmented disk in my neck. I have tried many different pain releivers and i'm at this point. Does anyone have any suggestions that may be more helpful?
4822967 tn?1367660296 She goes really well for a while and then when her ex starts hassling her (he uses and she left him due to this and domestic violence) she gets stressed and anxious and then relapses. She is on suboxone to help but has messed up a fewtimes in the last fortnight. AS she goes to a clinic she gets random urines. As he has all takeaways, he is only tested once a month and always knows the same day!!! so he is "safe".
659957 tn?1224857787 I have been taking Suboxone for 3yrs and I am pregnant w/ my 2ND child while on suboxone. I also know of another girl who has had 2 babies while taking suboxone. My 1st child I had while taking suboxone is ABSOLUTELY perfect. He will be 2 in Dec. He weighed 7lbs. and 3 oz @ birth. When I had him, the hospital knew I was on this medication and monitored him just to make sure he was ok and he never showed any signs of WDs.
Avatar f tn Be sure to stick with the counseling and the fellowship and take the time while on Suboxone to get to the core issues. Learn coping skills and relapse prevention. Learn all you can before you come off of it. I am sorry but it is a violation of our guidelines to advise on how to take medications. It is also dangerous for you to be asking this on the internet. You should be discussing this with your prescribing physician and let him/her tell you how and when to stop the pain medication.
Avatar f tn Sometimes I think it's my intestines hurting (I have a history of ulcers), sometimes it feels like it is my liver. I went online and read some pretty scary stuff about tylenol poisoning but the fear of withdrawal is more intense than DYING I guess!!! Has anyone else had stomach problems due to Lortabs? Isn't that usually just associated with aspirin? This drug is the devil, I love it and hate it!!
4822967 tn?1367660296 She goes really well for a while and then when her ex starts hassling her (he uses and she left him due to this and domestic violence) she gets stressed and anxious and then relapses. She is on suboxone to help but has messed up a fewtimes in the last fortnight. AS she goes to a clinic she gets random urines. As he has all takeaways, he is only tested once a month and always knows the same day!!! so he is "safe".
538697 tn?1218415082 after I posted yesterday... my husband and I spent hours, and I mean hours, reading information on Suboxone. We discussed what we'd read and came up, together, with a plan for my detoxing. After all he read, my husband admitted to me that he was concerned that I perhaps was not being totally honest about my taking the pain meds with him. He said he'd feel better if he was in control of my meds and was able to dispense them to me daily. For me, that wasn't any big deal.
Avatar f tn So as most of you know, I have been on Suboxone for a year and 2 months. I should have done a short taper, I was only on Vicodin, wish I knew better, blah blah blah. I mistakenly listened to my dr. who said that this "miracle" drug could be taken for the rest of my life if I needed it. I was taking one 2mg pill every morning, but about a month ago it began wearing off at night, and I found that I could not sleep. I began adding 1/4 of a pill, so .
Avatar n tn Are you still taking the Sub? For how long and how much? Suboxone is W A Y stronger than vicodin, and MUCH harder to come off of.
Avatar n tn I now longer get high of that dose I just maintain and dont get sick. I have been given 5 8mg suboxone and I want to use them to get off of the vicodin. I had a doctors app for the suboxone but at 180 for the visit and the cost of the script I cant afford it. I just lost my job and my husbands work has slowed considerably. Basically we are a family of 6 living of about 500 a week!! Can anyone give me a suggestion on how to do this I have read just about everything on the internet that I can.