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Avatar f tn His symptomes were severe but he is slowly getting better. What are the long term effects of this disease on a young child?
Avatar n tn Why is strattera causing a stimulant-like reaction and why does xanax take the reaction away? Will this side effect of strattera go away? I'm 21, 105lbs, and female if this helps.
Avatar n tn Hello Between ages 8 and about 28 I took, daily, a prescribed dose of Ritalin (between 20 mg and 40/mg per day) to treat a learning deficit that has always clearly expressed itself. Ritalin was very effective and the noticeable side effects were minimal. However, around age 20 I began to notice erectile sustainability issues which became increasingly prevalent heading into my mid and late twenties.
Avatar f tn Hi Ozzy, Just read the side effects of this drug, and yes impotance, lack of intrest in sex and orgasm problems all there, so why your on them and is your problem long term, will depend if you should come off them, best advice would be see your doctor, and see if there is another drug that could replace it, without the side effects.
Avatar f tn Most people in clinical studies who experienced side effects were not bothered enough to stop using Strattera. Strattera has not been tested in children under 6 years of age or in geriatric adults.
Avatar n tn Yes, it is wonderful to be hep free regardless of the long term effects that the medications might have left.... I would do it over again in a heart beat. Willow....There have been a large number of people post treatment who talk about residual muscle and joint pain. This is not new news as we do know that an abundance of interferon causes a constant inflammation which does not always go away.
Avatar n tn Will he continue to drop weight if he stays on this medication? How long is too long to stay on the medication? Can he be in it for long term? When he skipps his medication he's back to his old ways...he's hyper, anger, upset, etc so I fear the thought of taking it away but also am concern if taking it for too long could harm him? please help.....
1367899 tn?1278125040 [Long Term Side Effects] Can I build up a tolerance to Adderall? [Long Term Side Effects] Can Adderall cause addiction from long term use? [Long Term Side Effects] How does Adderall contribute to weight loss? [Long Term Side Effects] Does Adderall cause loss of appetite? [Short Term Side Effects] Does Adderall cause stomachaches? [Short Term Side Effects] Is impotence a side effect of Adderall? [Short Term Side Effects] Does Adderall cause insomnia?
Avatar n tn trileptal, there is limited data on effectiveness for bipolar. If it's working for you, no reason to discontinue it, but there may be bettter options. Are you experiencing any side effects from your meds?
Avatar n tn Hello, All these drugs are known to cause itching of the skin or rashes as their side effects but more so with tergetrol and strattera. Itchy skin that isn't accompanied by other obvious skin changes, such as a rash, is most often caused by dry skin (xerosis). Dry skin usually results from environmental factors that you can wholly or partially control.
Avatar m tn As for ECT that's for extreme cases of treatment refractory depression and has some long term effects such as memory loss and cognitive confusion. I know some consumers who say they have benefited from it though. I don't want to suggest how to specifically adjust your medications as I would not want to second guess a psychiatrist.
Avatar n tn It is one of the side effects of Ritalin perhaps you should ask your Doctor for a new evaluation of the Med, if you ever decide to let him be on Natural Remedies, it has been shown in studies that food supplements have the same efficacy as Ritalin and a Muliple Vitamin-mineral with B Complex and Vit C also Fish oil, would be good, a lot of Parents are trying this now and their children and not getting the bad side effects that Ritalin and the other meds have.
Avatar n tn A) the side effects suffered from ADD medication Strattera or B) Hyperthyroidism I'm hoping it's the latter as I have heard some scary stories of Strattera causing some serious and permanent damage to the organ :( I have considered seeing a Urologist yet my doc insist I treat my thyroid condition first to rule on that possibility
Avatar f tn k here is a list of the meds and also a list of side effects from any stimulant meds. side effects of stimulants for ADD & ADHD: Feeling restless and jittery Difficulty sleeping Loss of appetite Headaches Upset stomach Irritability, mood swings Depression Dizziness Racing heartbeat Tics Stimulant medications may also cause personality changes. Some people become withdrawn, listless, rigid, or less spontaneous and talkative. Others develop obsessive-compulsive symptoms.
Avatar f tn I had side effects with adderall in the beginning but they were not as intense and long term as vyvanse. Right now I don't have any side effects except if I get less than 7 hrs of sleep then I do get tired even on the adderall xr. The side effects went away about a month after I started on the 25mg. I'm going to see a psychiatrist soon and have been trying to decide which one to go with now that I can afford it.
Avatar n tn Prozac in children is very very worrying - I know its being used to treat OCD and major depression in kids and is the only AD drug approved for under 18 use in Australia and UK but it has serious long term side effects and its use in children is something many doctors have major problems with (not to mention the major problems many doctors have with children under 10 being diagnosed with major depression).
Avatar n tn The time of consumption actually does not affect the absorption of Aricept. Most of the side effects are seen with 10mg dose. However, if continued for 6 weeks, the frequency of side effects decreases by almost half. The prognosis is generally good, with long term treatment.
Avatar dr m tn As I point out in my book, Sleep, Interrupted, many people who suffer from sleep breathing problems like obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), or upper airway resistance syndrome (UARS), are often unable to get past stage 1 and 2 let alone stay long enough in REM or stage 3 and 4 sleep stages to get the kind of quality sleep they need to feel truly rested. The reason why this happens is because their airway is constantly in danger of closing off or obstructing.
Avatar n tn and what are the long term and short term effects and is it safe to take long term? Im on 10 millagrames 3 times daily and there not the XRL. there the regular blue oval pills....... Im just really gettin kinda scared bout this drug.......
Avatar n tn She has taken the zorax for 2 nights and seems much happier and calmer however I am concerned after reading the instructional leaflet in the box and have stopped her taking it - she developed pains in the stomache and a big headache within 1 hours of taking. Is this medicine safe? Would it mean long term useage? Is there another way I can help her??
499442 tn?1210008210 The neurologist said there would be no long term effects, but since EVERY ASPECT of my son's life, from his diet to his sleep patterns to his learning process seem to have been somewhat unusual, I wonder if they are not all related and caused by that one particular event. And if they are, what do we do about it? I have an appointment for my son to begin seeing a counselor, though if his "issues" are medical and not psychological, I don't see how that will help.
Avatar n tn While medications do mitigate symptoms, learning new behaviors and coping strategies will give you long-term benefit without the side effects. Best Wishes Rebecca Resnik Disclaimer: The information in this post is for informational purposes only. It is never intended to replace face-to-face psychological or medical care. This post is not intended to create a patient-clinician relationship, nor to give or rule-out a diagnosis.
152264 tn?1280358257 She then sent me to a psych nurse because this is a psych med that is used off-label for insomnia. Negative-bad side effects at first. Postives-can be used long-term. So I am on it until I go to the sleep lab. An interesting side note, I had a traumatic experience 3 years ago and the psych nurse believes this is delayed PTSD aggravate by poor sleep from Restless Leg Syndrome. Apparently lack of sleep leads to psychiatric disorders.
454366 tn?1211248901 Beneficial effets on thinking, mood, and behavior. POSSIBLE RISKS - SERIOUS TOXIC EFFECTS ON BRAIN with long-term use. Eye toxicity. There is a book that is downloadable from the internet. I found it so informative. Worth the $20. No, I am not affiliated with the site. I am just a concerned parent who did some research. The author is Jon Bennet - 3 Steps to Conquering ADD-ADHD. I am so greatful that I gave it my attention. Our children are worth it.
Avatar m tn Hello, I have been dealing with mental health issues of all kinds for quite some time now. I have long term depession and ocd type issues and don't really have much of a label. About a year ago or so my doctor prescribed me adderrall because my job stress was getting me depressed really fast and I had a history of spiraling downward so he thought it would help.
Avatar n tn First problem.. no one has any idea what this drug's long-term effects will be in children. It is new on the market and has never been tested in children in clinical trials. Second problem... The drug was developed, originally for treatment of depression in adults. The drug did not perform all that well in clinical trials but received FDA approval anyway.
Avatar f tn ) I had no side effects whatsoever. I now take Strattera and it works perfectly for the fog. It's not for fatigue, though. Nancy T.
Avatar m tn ) My smaller brother has ADHD, and was prescribed strattera. It had the same side effects mentioned, and It turned his life to real hell. So i don't think i can bare this. Fortunately for me, OCD in my life has its ups and downs. It was close to disappear, until i had this last sexual encounter... when OCD boosted again big time.. I'm sure it's very psychological. If I had protected sex, with a woman that had a less active sexual life.. i wouldn't have freaked out that much.
86075 tn?1238118691 aaaah man, weight gain? jeeezalmighty...if it ain't one thing, it's another huh?