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3056454 tn?1340398466 My son has been on Strattera for only two days. He will feel drowsy and sleep two hours 5 hrs after taking 40 mg dosage. He will be awake for another four hours and sleep 6 hours. He took his last dose at 9:30 last nite, and wanted to change his dosage time to 2 in the afternoon. should he do that tomorrow?
Avatar n tn Sounds like a good product
Avatar n tn I have had mri's, emg's, and neck x-rays and it showed I had bone spurs on my c2 and c3 and a protrusion on my c5. Do you think the bone spurs could be causing such horendous pain? The pain specialist thinks not. I have had several lidocaine injections with no relief and a few epiderals and none of it has helped. I also have alot of pulling and tugging going on in my jaw, throat and the roof of my mouth. TMJ has been outruled after several attempts with different mouth splints.
Avatar m tn Sorry I mispelled Thyriod . My daughter had ADD and was on all the meds and They check her pulse and found out it was 130 way to high. She would get so tired she would crawl under the clothes racks or get into the cart and slept. Always tired but could be so bounceing next min. Also the weight issue. She hardly ate. very picky and I have thyriod problems in family and notice how she was not just right. But they kept trying to say Iron, b12, folic acid and wouldn't listen to me.
Avatar n tn I've been on strattera for two weeks and the only strong side effect I seem to have is that I get really tired or fatigued around 2:00pm. Will this side effect subside over time? Is there anyway to lessen it? I've tried other ADD medications however because they are stimulants I tend to get really agitated or even a little paranoid when I'm on them so I am hoping that Strattera works out ok. Are there any other non-stimulant ADD medications?
Avatar n tn Straterra helps some people sleep and gives other people insomnia. Perhaps try it both ways and see which way you feel better.
Avatar n tn HI molly I am on strattera and I have zero side effect. However, I have a friend who has been on strattera and had to stop it because of the itch. Tell your doctor asap.
Avatar n tn Hi, I've been on strattera for 6 days now and when I take it in the morning, about 2-3 hours after taking it I get pretty intense anxiety (heart beats fast, chest feels heavy, my whole body gets tense, my breathing feels shallow) I'd say this anxiety fully subsides in around an hour. It's the same reaction I've had to stimulants, which is why I'm trying strattera. My doctor gave me 0.25mg of xanax for this reaction and it takes it away COMPLETELY.
311086 tn?1224732518 Laying down and going to sleep was the only resolve to this, and after about 6 days, total, I was feeling back to normal. Primary Symptoms: ----------------------------- * Short, rapid breathing following movement of any type, to include walking across the room, and nominal exercise (picking up kid, vaccuming, etc).
Avatar f tn My doctor has me on welubturon 150mg, strattera 25mg and klonopin 1mg. The klonopin for sleep. I love the way the other two make me feel throughout the day. Focused, happy. However, I work for a gym and my physical abilities are very important as they are my job. Ever since I've started the strattera, I'm only able to give about 60% and I still feel flu'ish. Weak, sick, cold sweats. That's not me. They want me to try this for three weeks. Ill lose everything I've worked for in that time.
Avatar f tn 30 and went back to sleep at 6 a.m. This never happened with the Focalin. Again, this is never happened with my son. He is very friendly and lovey. Just very hyper. My dr indicated the dosage was too strong. She is now prescribing 10 mg of Vvyanse and 10 mg of Strattera in the evening to help him sleep.
Avatar n tn sleep onset and maintainig sleep. These are both antihypertensive medications that are employed with children in small doses to assist with sleep and with some behavioral symptoms. In your son's case, the medication would be administered a while before bedtime (this would also allow him to get to be at an earlier time). The pills are quite small and often children take only one-half or even one-quarter of a pill. You might ask the doctor about this.
Avatar f tn As soon as I leave her room, which also has a lamp on low and the door wide open, her stomach starts to hurt and all of the bad thought come in. We have let her come down and sleep on the couch because she gets up and goes to the bathroom, gets a drink of water, lays in bed and cries, starts counting loudly, and then praying and crying aloud begging for help and appologizing for not trusting that all will be ok....
Avatar n tn i started tapering him off and some most of these have calmed down at a quarter of the dose, strattera is a non stimulant and works like an antidepresant wellbutrin but is for kids too..frontline has a series on the medicated child on www . pbs. org, you should really check this out, it is scary!!! deals with kids being on physc meds...
Avatar dr m tn But what about those people who sleep more than 9 to 10 hours and still feel exhausted and groggy? Why aren’t these sleep mongers waking up wide eyed and bushy tailed, bursting with creative energy? The answer to this seeming disparity depends on where these people lie on the sleep-breathing continuum.
Avatar f tn My 8 hr old grandson was the same way. He was taking 25 mg of Strattera. He was getting VERY whiney and tempermental. He is now on Vaynesse. He is more in control during the day. His whining has calmed down alot. The only problem is at night like after 6pm he gets whiney and tempermental again. He doesn't want to go to bed very good, which some of it is probably him. It is like he is coming down off of it. Other days he is fine. I am ready to go back to the Strattera.
Avatar f tn Each time I try to console her and most of the time I can get her to wake up, tell her to go back to sleep and she will immediately, but occasionally she will try to pull away from me. Could she possible have a heart problem......could the rapid heart rate cause her to have a seizure? She has taken Tegretol up until about 2 months ago and her Dr. put her on Carbotrol (800mg). She still has the same problems. She also has behavioral problems at home and at school.
Avatar f tn D and Hyperkenises he was on Ritalin and my god it sen't him off the wall's and he's docyor said give him a few more week's on them and see how we go he would'nt sleep and he would'nt take no for an arnswer, the the doctor sugessted Strattera my son has been on them for 3 month's and i have not heard nothing from the doctor you are soppossed to get a number to phone a nurse for any quries and i have had nothing my son goe's half day at school because they cannot handle him he is such a live wire
Avatar f tn I spoke to my dr. and she slowly switched me over to Zoloft. She also put me on strattera starting me at 25mg for a week and going up from there for my ADD. I know that I need to go to the dr. and I plan on making an appointment tomorrow. Just wanted to see what ya'll had to say first.
Avatar f tn Each time I try to console her and most of the time I can get her to wake up, tell her to go back to sleep and she will immediately, but occasionally she will try to pull away from me. Could she possible have a heart problem......could the rapid heart rate cause her to have a seizure? She has taken Tegretol up until about 2 months ago and her Dr. put her on Carbotrol (800mg). She still has the same problems. She also has behavioral problems at home and at school.
Avatar m tn why does make me feel like I am in a very depressed state and sleep and extremely tired ?
Avatar m tn Then, about 2 ½ years ago I had a near-psychotic meltdown, mostly about the devil and evil spirits, and was diagnosed with OCD and prescribed Anafranil and Zyprexa, which helped with the irrational thinking and obsessive thoughts a little. Between now and then, I have been diagnosed with OCD, Social anxiety disorder, GAD, major depressive disorder, ADHD, and most recently, aspergers/high functioning autism.
Avatar f tn Nothing will fix it. i have a CPAP for non-obstructive apnea and had a recent sleep study which recorded a confused panic episode with negative brain and oxygen results. The seroquel is sedating but confusing. BUT:I have had no bad effects from the wellbutrin withdrawal since ending the wellbutrin except this week--is it wellbutrin withdrawal? I have just moved and will start my new job next week.
Avatar m tn I've been a 120 mg of strattera 2 days per doctors orders and I feel REALLY stupid. Will this go away?
Avatar n tn It looks as if I'm stalking you on the Forum page. Do you believe I married a computer engineer?? LOL In refernce to you remarks about Strattera.........It's great you are feeling like it's helping. I don't claim to know anything about it from experience but Ritalin is over-reated. I took it for two days in attempt to keep me "up" and then I flushed it. I'm pretty sure Strattera, Provigil and Ritalin are in completely different catagories.
Avatar f tn He prescribed me with an anti depressant, something to lower my blood pressure and for ADD patients and something to sleep. OMG! I litterally felt like I was on my death bed. I didn't want to move, I didn't want to eat, I couldn't sleep, I layed on my bed, then to the couch, then to my bed, and back to the couch. I didn't do anything or talk to anyone for 4 days straight. I thought it would never go away.
Avatar m tn Then i had a few very embarrassing Verbal tics when i got frustrated in the library , they were loud and were non-since. I yelled our Horse- manure Twice very fast. it only happened that one time that phrase i had a few other instances of auditory tics but none were that sever. I was in a grocery store and remembered i Post Question needed to get real butter not the margarine that my GF does not like.
Avatar n tn seems to be working, he's now doing things he wouldn't ordinary do without anxiety. actually went to a sleep over at his cousins house and stayed usually around 11 i have to go get him and went to a birthday party today with no fear, usually a stressful event. now the big test comes monday trying to put him back in the school setting.
Avatar n tn not sure if before or after increase in dosage, but he would flick his fingers out, often enough for us parents to notice, and be somewhat concerned. We watched and waited, and it did go away, after about 5 days. Now for the last 5 days, I have occasionally noticed during the day, repeated head jerking. Either sideways, as if to flick hair back, or a guick nodding movement, or a guick back and forth movement, and all repeated more often than I like.