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Avatar f tn So I'm 15 wks pregnant and I bought some maternity pants but they are still to big so I wore my regular jeans . But as I'm at a party my lower stomach started hurting cuz they were to tight I had no choice but to unzip them. My question is in those 30 min that I had the zipped and was in pain is my baby ok? Now I'm worried.
621803 tn?1302888341 I would buy some cheap breast milk freezer bags to have them on hand for the next time. These either tie with a twist tie or they zip closed. You can get a huge amount for a few bucks at Target. Sounds like you are doing great with the breastfeeding!!!!!!
Avatar f tn Yes it does. I can't button or zip my pants so i just use the belly band and you can't even tell. It covers that whole section.
Avatar f tn I packed two sets of pajamas for after the baby is born, socks, slippers, hair tie and bobby pins, dental floss, mouthwash, tooth brush and toothpaste, body wash, deodorant, face wash, a washcloth, and ill grab my phone charger pillows for me and hubby and make up... i still need going home outfit.. it sounds like alot but i went and got all the travel sized stuff from walmart and put it all in a gallon zip lock bag.
Avatar f tn Im 37 weeks & 2 days and my body feels like its tapping out. I can barely walk, I couldn't tell you when the last time I had a good night sleep. Im being induced on the 18th but it doesnt seem to be getting here fast enough. How are you September mommies dealing with these last few weeks??
7519155 tn?1391560314 I'm 31w2d (first baby) and my baby girl is sitting low. My lower stomach hurts when I walk. Also my girly parts get a sharp stabbing pain but only when I prop my feet up. I'm not into taking meds while prego. Anyone else experience this? How did you relieve the pain?
Avatar f tn I really want some zip fizz, im so sick of drinking plain water!
Avatar n tn And been gettin a bit of pressure down below. Is anyone elae had this at this stage?
10078473 tn?1409215186 -.- I hate that shizzt. Like so what im feeling the kicks to my ribs, im the one out of breath and can't tie my dam shoes.
866560 tn?1265061561 I will be 13 weeks this week and I was wondering if anyone else is feeling the same way I am feeling? My stomach is as hard as a rock most days from the belly button up to my breasts and from the belly button down it is not as hard and some days feels "flabby." Does anyone know if the hard stomach is normal or not? Should I be concerned or do you think it is just from being bloated or gassy?
Avatar f tn s about as long as the long glucose test if you fail your first. I would question why that appt. is so long and consider if they are going to tie you up like that, that you should find another doctor. I was able to zip in with a quick hour break for work--- within an hour, I could get there, see the doc and get back to work.
Avatar f tn hi im currently 39 weeks and 2 days and ive notied lately ive been sucking my stomach in alot when i bend over or sit down or go to tie my shoes stuff like that and i read on the computer that some lady said it can harm my baby i was wondering if this was true? its making me really nervous and scared that i hurt him..someone please help me im a wreck..and its kind of a stupid question some may think to ask my doctor so i was wondering if some can please help me..
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Avatar f tn Okay so for the past month or so my stomach has been very bloated but only from my ribs to the top of my belly button, it sticks out much farther than the lower part of my stomach (which barely sticks out at all so there is like an indentation in my stomach. Does this sound like I'm pregnant or something else is going on?
Avatar f tn Is it bad to try alcohol when your pregnant My husband is kinda a drinker when it comes to family party's he never let's me drink because I'm not 21yet but he will always take a little zip from he's cup last night he was drinking and he only gave me a really small zip I'm not a drinker if I drink it will only be a small zip I haven't drank since New Years until yesterday which was a small zip so I'm wondering is it bad to have small zips during pregnancy ? (P.
Avatar f tn You are probably bloated. I had the same problem at 7 weeks. Your hormones relax the smooth muscle in your body and that includes your intestines so you are really bloated, not showing yet. At 8 weeks I couldn't button or zip my jeans and I'm 11 weeks now and yesterday I put the same jeans on and they fit. Being nauseous can cause you to bloat also. I just got over my morning sickness last week and I'm feeling like myself again.
Avatar f tn So my first baby had a tongue tie and I was unsuccessful at breastfeeding I had to pump the entire time. I did get it snipped but he was to use to bottles I just couldn't stand the pain, the doctor who snipped it though told me it was genetic so I'm just wondering has anyone had a baby with tongue tie and their next babies were also??
Avatar f tn Can i get my tubes tie am only 20 but am done having babys am merried and have a boy and a girl am dont want anymore kids but idk if i can
171768 tn?1324230099 i've included a pic... does this look like tongue-tie or is this normal? i don't recall what my first's tongue looked like at 8 weeks. i am having a LC come evaluate tomorrow and will follow up with the ped at her appointment friday.
Avatar m tn I had tongue tie release surgery 2 weeks ago, but now it is still quite short, I can't touch the roof of my mouth when my mouth is opwn. I had unclear speech (I can't pronounce some letters very clear, espesially r sound) and the speech didn't changed. I had very poor shouders posture and forward head posture but now I don't. I think the surgery released me from upper body tension but I still have speech problems and the tongue is quite short.
Avatar f tn Could my mom be pregnant? She's 50 she still gets her period but sometimes twice in a month, she hasn't really had any symptoms but she is gaining weight in her stomach, she always had a big stomach though, but today she said to me that she couldn't zip through one of her jeans. She had a miscarriage when she was around 35, but she didn't even know she was pregnant at the time. She also has high cholesterol and blood pressure.
Avatar f tn Am I the only one that gets annoyed to **** when someone calls me prego or preggers or what have you. I snapped on my grand ma the other day she called me prego and I'm like really I have to listen to that crap all day at work let alone my family just zip it with the dumb comments.