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Avatar f tn I just battled the dreadful 24 hour stomach virus/flu. I was terribly sick on Monday with fever, vomiting, and diarrhea. Tuesday I suffered from weakness and really worked on gulping fluids and eating a bit more. Wednesday and today (Thursday), I've had awful bloating and mild stomach cramping. The bloating and gas are even work when laying down. Not only am I just uncomfortable, but I'm also self-conscious about my distended belly (not cute!).
Avatar n tn I had the stomach flu or what I thought was to be the stomach flu a few days back and now I'm extremely bloated, get nasty tasting burps, body feels like it's full of gas, and the pain of bloating gets worse when I eat. Is this something I should look out for or just let it pass through my system?
Avatar n tn For the last three weeks every time I eat. I get really gassy and bloating. I use the bathroom atleast 3 times a day. I have never use the bathroom this much. I might go every other day. After I use the bathroom I have pain in top part of my stomach is this normal ?
Avatar m tn Sometimes bloating includes a little nausea but never actual vomiting. Usually stomach pain occurs on the upper part of the stomach 3 to 4 hours after eating, whereas bloating happens on the lower part, around the pelvis. I also got an intermitent flu in december. If this is not HIV can they be symptoms of any other STD???? if not from the november event, probably from a previous happening.... PLEASE HELP!
Avatar n tn persistent bloating. Comes on gradually, then it is as something is growing inside. Yogurt, stomach medications offer no relief. Must avoid certain foods at all costs(beer, wheat, nuts) when this comes on, but I have already cut out those altogether anyway. At the height of it, wake up in a sweat, suffer from dizziness and mental cloudiness. Sometimes systemic reactions -- flu-like symptoms (extreme fatigue, pain, intestinal stress).
Avatar f tn My stomach growls a lot more since I've been pregnant; I understand it has to do w slowed digestion in pregnancy. As far as green mucus, sounds like you might have bacterial infection and need antibiotics. Take care.
Avatar f tn s diet for about 12 years but I seem to be experiences a lot of bloating and gas for some time and the only help is to not eat. I have tried almost everything from yeast treatments for doctor's fluconazole or diflucan and non doctor prescription of yeast gone which is a yeast cleanse. I have through the years avoided sugar products, bread products, grain products and milk products, but it doesn't seem to matter what I still have lots of bloating. Need help.
Avatar n tn Period Bloating in the stomach. had several test completed all were negative and everything was okay. The bloating is now at a point where persons areasking if I am pregnant. what could I do...anyone.
Avatar f tn I have terible stomach bloating. Can diviticulitis cause this.
Avatar n tn Check out Gastritis and see if it matches your symptoms. This can be caused by reflux, but I'd expect you to have heartburn almost all the time.
Avatar n tn Has anyone on this site ever experienced stomach bloating ? I just assumed it was attributable to MS. The other annoying thing I have been dealing with is paresthesia mostly in groin area ... if you couple that with the lower back pressure/pain that I get from time to time, would suggest sacral nerves are affected perhaps?
Avatar n tn Our vet said that the bloating stomach was due to a tumor. Could there be any other diagnosis for Daisey ?? She has had the bloating for about 5 months now and appears to be feeling OK. Eating pretty well and even getting a fair amount of exersize.
Avatar f tn The baby is way too tiny for you to be showing. It's bloating!!
Avatar f tn For the past 4 months I have been chronically bloated and recently, during the past 3 weeks, have had a few cases of flu/food poisoning-like issues. I'm not sure if these two are related, but I have seen a few doctors with no help, and had an ultrasound which came up negative. My menstrual cycle is very irregular (don't get it very often, last menstrual cycle was a month ago) and generally only lasts a few light days.
Avatar f tn I had had a high dose flu shot a week earlier. I felt pretty awful for the next 3 days, but improved slowly. However, I have had these symptoms intermittently along with stomach upset, pain in the upper right abdominal quadrant which sometimes extends across my stomach and to the lower back. My appetite has diminished somewhat and weight has gone down. I am making an appt. with gastroenterologist but wonder if someone could give me advice on how to manage these symptoms in the interim.
Avatar f tn My last period was May 6-May 11. We had sex on May 17th. Since then I have felt sick, headaches, body kind of aches all over, bloating & lower stomach hurts, sometimes sharp pains and sometimes I want to eat more or less at times...
Avatar n tn Id also say bloating/gas pains. I get them often enough at 13wks and have been a lot since 8weeks.
Avatar n tn I been having bloating but in the upper part of my stomach, sometimes it's so bad I cant bend over and it puffs out and makes me look round. I had stomach issues on the past, colonoscopy, two endoscopies and nothing, My stomach stopped working after I have birth 6 years ago and and slow to wake up the end time I gave birth. This is making my crazy... what could it be?
Avatar f tn I think I have some kind of stomach flu and have had diaherria all day. I'm a ftm and am worried about it being bad for the baby. Has anyone else gotten sick while pregnant?
Avatar f tn I'm 25 weeks and 3 days and I have the stomach flu anything I can take to help please let me know
Avatar f tn Im 16 weeks and pretty sure i have the stomach flu or a stomach bug . What can i take ?