Stomach pains under sternum

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Avatar n tn I recently felt what feels like a lump under my sternum, it feels like its connected to my sternum and only way i even relized he was there was because i was feeling around my stomach area one day. It really doesnt bother me but lately ive been noticing it more and more. I dunno if its all in my head just because i found it. Im just wondering if I should go see a doctor, ive read of the xiphoid process and im not sure if thats what it is.
Avatar n tn No other pains under sternum or stomach pains (always mild) disappeared. In mid March 03 I started having mild stomach pains in the lower left quad of stomach & sometimes in upper right quad of stomach. Very mild & sporadic but come & go. The pain sometimes feels like a joggers side cramp.The pain occurs mostly when I am sitting. Some back ache when sitting but very mild. No blood in stools, no weight loss,no fatique, no vomiting or nausea & normal BM schedule.
Avatar f tn Ok so I've been having constant acid like and pressure like pains in my upper stomach (right under my sternum) this has been going on for more than a week, I'm on anti acid pills, I'm taking stuff that's supposed to help me poop- my doctor said I should try that, he also said I should try not eating dairy for a while and see If that's the problem but I've never had problems with it before..
Avatar n tn Remaining symptoms are tender at base of sternum, minor back pain between shoulder blades. Stomach bubbles frequently - like a water cooler. Hard stools, infrequent diarrhea if any, no headaches. What could cause this???
Avatar f tn My whole abdomen is now sore like a muscle and I can still feel the lingering pain from yesterday. The pain is directly under my sternum - no behind. But in the hollow. It doesn't just cramp up and fade in and out, it just remains there. A sharp, nauseating ball of pain. It hurts to move, to sit, to stand. If I try to stretch, I will immediately regret it. There was sharp pains throughout my body and I even started sweating during that time. It is incredibly painful and disabling.
Avatar n tn I have had gall bladder/apendix type pains in my stomach although I do not have either. I have had scopes, MRIs, scans of all sorts on all digestive tracts and had a sphincterotomy on the Sphincter of Odi. I have had elevated liver enzymes and pancreatic enzymes but not consistently with pain. Over the last one and a half years, these symptoms have been occurring. About 6 months ago, I started having the sensation of my stomach flipping over followed by moderate to very severe pain.
Avatar n tn I get chest pains now further up my chest and it occurs almost every day. Just today I had chest pain in middle of chest under the sternum and it was followed by a rapid heart rate of about 115. Laid down and heart rate returned to normal. I know I should get tests, but without health insurance, what am I supposed to do? Also, when laying down I fell like a big heart beat, it is weird, the bottom of my feet sort of feel pulsing. I run about 2.
Avatar m tn For a month or two I've been experiencing intermittent pains on both sides of the chest but mostly on the left, never in the middle (sternum area), and not over the liver. They are not terribly painful, nor do I feel any sort of pressure or breathlessness as often associated with heart issues such as angina. However, they sometimes occur with exercise or exertion, but often without, just lying around.
Avatar n tn Gary, the ulcers were in my esophagus and the pains are varied and many....Most of my pains are around the sternum area or upper stomach, except for the painful swallowing, that definitely is in the esophagus.....
Avatar n tn For about two years, I've been having sharp stomach pains and it also hits under my breast bone. I get these pains maybe about once or twice daily. It can last from 10mins to 30 mins during the pain I get nausea and vomit. It usually happens when I eat. It can be anything from cereal to a heavy dinner, It doesn't matter. It's driving me crazy. When I get this pain I can't move, talk, etc. I have to stay still bite on something because the pain is so sharp and let is pass by.
Avatar m tn Mild pain in chest just left/center of sternum. EKG, Chest X-Ray, Stress Test normal. Diagnosed with GERDs. Could GERDs be what is causing the pain? Also, had gall bladder removal 2 yrs ago. Still experience pain in area. Appendix removed 1 year ago. (Wishing I could take my body in for an overhaul, but that just doesn't happen.) Any ideas? Don't feel it's life threatening. Just annoying when it happenes.
Avatar f tn I've had this strange pain right up under my sternum for a long time now. It comes and it goes, but when it comes its unbearable. It's as if someone has pushed their fingertips right at the joining of both rib cages and hooked up and under them. It's a feeling of incredible pressure and pain. I guess if you've ever slept on your stomach and your stomach starts to hurt the you'd multiply that by 15.
324372 tn?1222823802 I started getting super bad nausea a few days ago, and the doctor gave me Zolfran yesterday to help. I also was having intermittent sharp pains in my stomach (right under my sternum) and really bad gas. My tummy was all gurgling like it would if I ate a bag of prunes! I took the Zolfran and it totally took the nausea away! The gas seems to be improved, but the stomach pain is still there, and actually a bit worse. It really hurts!
Avatar n tn Anytime I do any exercising(walking) I get really bad stomach pains. It feels like a burning sensation. I just had a endoscopy done and it was clear. My Dr put me on Protonix 40mg plus 150mg Zantac twice a day. But I still get these pains. Also almost everytime I eat my left eyelid has like muscle spasams. Do you have any idea why I'm getting these pains. By the way I also have vasvagol syncope symptoms. My cardiolgist says my heart is fine but needs to be conditioned with exercise.
Avatar n tn Sure i get nervous or get a stabbing pain and then my heart starts racing but im not feeling faint, light headed and im not breathing fast/hyperventilating One thing more thing i may as well say is, i had a pint of beer a few days ago and while talking to my mate in the pub i started getting really bad stabbing pains in my stomach, it felt as if i had to burp but couldnt. That last a good 3 hours and then i started having heart thumps and palputations shortly after.
Avatar n tn I've actually had some stomach problems simultaneously, but I'm not so sure it's related. Have you experienced any stomach issues aside from that? Thanks for posting.
Avatar f tn extreme fatigue (unable to get out of bed), appetite gone, pain and pressure in abdomen and under ribs, nausea, dizziness, constipation, diarrhea, burping foam and food, extreme bloating causing severe pressure against abdomen and ribs everyday, all day, sore throat on and off, feeling of gas that severely bloats abdomen but will not pass, sharpest pain under right rib, tenderness under sternum, spasms under right rib, tenderness near belly button Vision impairment, muscle spasms, bottom of rig
671285 tn?1292663761 Just wondering if anyone has experienced chest pains while under stress? If so, how long did it last? Hours? Days? Weeks? What did the pain feel like? Pressure? Stabbing? Fullness?
Avatar m tn Does anyone know what could be moving around in my left side under my ribs? When I am leaning to the left i am able to press on my left side and feel something move back and forth under my ribs. It is almost like it is popping out from my ribs and then when i push on it it pops back under my ribs! Has anyone experienced this? Could this be my spleen or stomach or kidney or anything else? Before I started pressing on whatever it is it felt fine. Now its kind of tender.
Avatar n tn might be costeocondritis (enflamation of the sternum) which can last from 6 weeks to the rest of your life, or you might have a fractured sternum (often missed because of the position of the sternum on xrays)
Avatar n tn Could I have Gallstibe problems? I'm not experiencing the stomach pains, but about two weeks ago I started getting chest pains on my left side. It feels like its in my rib cage! It also hurts all along the side and to the back. I'm not feeling notious either. What could it be??
Avatar n tn In the past 6 months or so,I have had realbad stomach pains. When I say stomach pains, I mean my actual stomach, not abdomen. It starts as a stabbing pain, right under my breast bone. I then get real bad diarhhea, then I start to vomit. My stomach burns and hurts. I went to the doctor for it when it first started happening. He thought that it was gastritis. It wasfine for about 5 months and then it happened again. Could someone tell me if this has ever happened to them? Thank you.
Avatar n tn But that all changed when I started getting chest pains all the time. I would have sharp pains and dull pains all over my chest all day long. Some would last for an instant while others lasted hours. I would still get the hard heartbeats all the time. I would also sometimes get flashes of dizziness which would dissipate quickly. I also felt a very firm pressure in the center of my chest, under my sternum. It was like someone was pushing there with a few fingers.
Avatar n tn I was really sick for a few days after the surgery,throwing up.A week later the pains started again,my doctor gave me some nexium and it seemed to make it worse.He ordered some kind of abdominal cat scan,and blood tests but EVERYTHING came back negative. I really didnt have many problems for a good 6 months,besides diarrhea everyday within a 1/2 hour after eating. It has almost gone away a year after surgery. But the pains have been starting again.
Avatar f tn Also have a dull pain in stomach under my sternum. Was told by drs that I might have an ulcer and was given an any acid to take for a month and an gestrascopy ordered in 5 months time. While I was on meds the dull ach in my stomach was improving but now back with the vengeance. Also my bm have changed, mostly runny ones even though I take probiotic regularly. Was told that it could also be IBS. I was diagnosed with this 10 years ago and then had pain in lower abdomen.
Avatar n tn 3rd Dr sent me in for an endoscopy. This Dr. said he believed stomach spasms are the cause of the pains in my chest. For the past 6 months I have been taking Dicylomine to suppress the spasms. Have some chest pain, but not as severe. What is the cause of these spasms?? no one seems to be able to answer me, including the Dr. His answer is to stay on the medication thru the end of the year and "see what happens then". If anyone has had something similar happen, I would love any input.
Avatar f tn I've been having chest pains for some time and I thought it might me lung cancer. I don't smoke, but I have been in a basement for 5 yrs.(I am trying to get out) that is damp and there has been black mold found here. But I am not sure of the cancer part, so I thought I would repost here.
Avatar n tn they say they think my heart is fine. And yet, I continue to have pinch like feelings between my left chest and sternum, nausia sensations that last 4 or 5 seconds a few times a day.........My blood perssure is always 125/low 80's. I use to feel normal......but since this past June, everything changed. I need some help......
Avatar n tn Migration to the upper right side just under rib cage. Would experience periodic (cramping style) sharp shallow pains in the right chest area between the nipple and breast plate. Has now extended to the middle, at the bottom of the sternum. Have experienced a left to middle burning pain movement resulting in balling up at the middle of the stomach and is an intense sharp burning pain that is incapcitating. Taking deep breath causes pain. Entire stomach feels bloated.