Stomach pains during period not cramps

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Avatar f tn Cramping in early pregnancy can be normal, as long as it is not accompanied with spotting or bleeding. Try not to worry.. All the best!
Avatar n tn I ovulated a week ago and got some mild cramps before so, which i understand is normal.4 days after ovulating I am now getting slightly stronger cramps in my lower stomach, like period pains...but my period is not due for another week and a half...why am i getting this pain?
1284522 tn?1291845984 thank you. i have also had like cramps around the rib area.
Avatar f tn I'm 6 weeks. experienced the same pains no blood just bit like cramps and period pains. I also got nagged to go to the doctors. they have referred me to have a internal scan, Aparently nothing to be concerned about all seems normal as there's no blood but just to rule all the possibilities, such as ectopic. I'm nervous but I'd rather be in the know and get a few answers so it's definitely worth just going to see ur GP.
Avatar f tn I'm 11wks and have the same pains EVERYDAY but the Dr said it's normal and the organs and linings are stretching and moving out the way and she also said Honey, u ain't feel n.
Avatar f tn Hi i have got period pains yet im not due untill another two weeks, my belly looks different and i dont feel my self ,but i dont feel ill, my last period i didnt have any pains or anything i usually dont but two week's after my last period ive had period pains and ive been feelig sick most of everyday since two weeks ago its alot worse in the morning when i wake up but i dont actually be sick. Please can someone help i would like know what is wrong or could be wrong.
Avatar f tn My last period was 5/25 i had sex 6/8 and since the 11th ive been having sore breast and period pains and today after i ate i had to stop eating because i felt like i was gonna throw up and my stomach was upset it felt really weird and it felt like i took some antibiotics and my stomach got upset because i didn't eat i was having horrible period pains today but it stopped im not due for another 10 days
Avatar n tn Is it normal to have twinges, pains, cramps, twitches during 7 weeks. I heard a heart beat on monday and feel soooo happy and relieved...........but am still nervous beacuse if prior m/c. I just don't know whats ok and I get crazy from every little feeling in my stomach. I keep thinking maybe its a result of gas pains.....but I am just not sure. I want to maybe ask the doc. but I know I drive them so crazy already. Please let me know if anyone else has these issues.
Avatar f tn We sometimes feel hungry for a few minutes but every time we eat, we feel like throwing up more and if we don't eat the feeling is worse than if we do eat. We are not pregnant, not sick and it isn't period cramps. We don't know what to do and we never feel like eating. What is it and how do we "heal" it?
Avatar n tn Anyway, I asked my doctor and he said that it is normal, but I still can't shake the feeling that its not. I also get some not-so-sharp pains in my uterus from time to time which I have been told is the uterus stretching. If anyone has experienced this before or knows a little better about what it might be, please respond. Thanks.
Avatar n tn i was due on my period around the 19th 20th of april, i've had stomach pains for around two weeks now that feel like the first day i come on, my breasts have gone a little bit bigger and feel sore, im not on the pill or taking any other form of contraception and i have still not come on my period. i dont think i am pregnant so is there any other explanation for this.
1559231 tn?1297063008 I am 21 weeks pregnant and this weekend i have had period like cramps in the very lower part of my abdomen. I my first pregnancy I suffered with kidney stones and am now worried it is happening again. I don’t have a bladder infection. Is anybody else experiencing these kinds of pains? Is it just a sign of growth and stretching?
Avatar n tn I'm in my early 30's and have always had period pains. However, in the last few years they have been extremely painful, so much so that I have even thrown-up! They are so unbearable that they wake me up during my sleep and on the morning of my first day I occasional have no option but to take the morning off work until the pain killers kick in. My lower back and stomach and thighs are incredibly tender during these days.
Avatar n tn Hello-my first time to this wonderful site! My husband and I just started trying this month for our 2nd child. I was gone for 2 wks, but had unprotected sex both before and after I returned. I totally expected to have my period since I was gone for so long. I had just gotten off the pill before having my last period. So, I started having very bad menstrual cramps and "shocks" in my breasts 3 days ago. I kept running to the bathroom thinking I was going to start. Nothing.
Avatar n tn ive had cramps for about a week and a half or 2 weeks now but still not on my period , i usually have the worst cramps at night , i didnt have my period in july at all and then had it in august and not had it here in september, i get cramps usually 2 days before my period and then have it ... why havent i had it? ive tooken a pg test and it said negative but can different HPT not read your hormones or whatever?
Avatar m tn It felt very tight and 10x worse than any cramps I get with my period. I am not pregnant but recently quit taking birth control pills after 9 years and haven't had my period in the past 9 months which my ObGyn says is normal. I don't know if it was the position(on my knees with man behind-which we use often), but the cramps just kept getting worse. We tried different positions, but the cramping just wouldn't go away.
Avatar m tn It felt very tight and 10x worse than any cramps I get with my period. I am not pregnant but recently quit taking birth control pills after 9 years and haven't had my period in the past 9 months which my ObGyn says is normal. I don't know if it was the position(on my knees with man behind-which we use often), but the cramps just kept getting worse. We tried different positions, but the cramping just wouldn't go away.
Avatar n tn I was curious as to if it is at all possible to have a normal period (with cramps) during pregnancy?
Avatar n tn well, im 18, and for the past year i have been getting stupidly big clots, it hurts like hell for the first few days of my period, i get the worst pains in my stomach, no tablets can shift it, the Doctor is useless and cant find anything, but there has to be something to calm it?? its costin me loads in sick days. Anyone???
Avatar n tn No, It started in November of 12 when my period would start. It would not hurt through the month just when I was on my period. Then after my period was over the pain would stop. Each prriod got a little easier the pain would not be as bad w each period. Which April I did not have the same pain as all the other period times. It only lasted 3 days and was light. An this month I've calculated wrong I'm 11 days late.
Avatar n tn hi,im 20yrs old & my period was 7 weeks an 5 days late. finally it came last night(4-13-08) it started off light pinkish color then in the morning it was reg.color now today i used the bathroom an a blood clot the size of a quater came out of me like a dark purple color! is sumthing wrong?i took 5 hpt an 1 blood test all neg. so i dont think its a misscarrige,im scrared.. please w/b.
Avatar f tn I suffer from the same clear discharge during my period. No odor so I'm not concerned but certainly bothered by it. I don't have any answers but do you think it might be extra stimulus from the tampon? It is a far fetched answer since it sometimes happens at night, but I can't think of anything else!!!
Avatar n tn I recently had blood work done to check my immune system and the only thing that showed up is that I have an allergy to who knows what, but my symptoms only surface during my period. Last month my doctor prescribed me claritin to take 2days before my period and throughout it and no cold. This month I didn't take anything and sure enough, I have awful cold symptoms again.
5070096 tn?1363139197 About a year after my first period i started to feel extreme pains on my 1-3rd day of my period along with very heavy bleeding (having to switch my super plus tampon every 3 or 4 hours. HAVE to wear a pad at all times with tampons also) The pain i feel to this day is at first the regular crampy feeling, but then at random it will start to feel like a shocking sudden pain thats no longer a crampy feeling, its as if someone has stabbed me in the lower abdomen.
Avatar n tn But i just dont get why the hell i feel like this,i never felt like this before. Sometimes i get cramps before my period but not after?????? Well i hope im not pregnant i dont know what i would you. This is gonna be some month...
Avatar n tn hi i was a month late for my period and then i had bad pains in my stomach like cramps so like an hr later i went to the bathroom and brown stuff came down and that was on a monday and now it is friday and it is still brown and a lil red was in there 2 brownish red..i was feeling a lil sick and sleeping all the time now i feel a lil better i bought a home pregnancy test but then i got the brownish stuff so i havent taken there a possibility i could be pregnant???????
Avatar m tn It's like a massive cramping of the stomach rather than a burn, and it eventually travels down to the intestines as the dangerous food in question makes its way through the digestive system (except for peppers which tend to cause me to be sick to my stomach in addition to the intense cramping pains). It's not acid, it's tested negative for allergies, and it's tested negative for fructose intolerance.
Avatar n tn hello all, I also suffered these disgusting eggy burps, diahrea, and stomach cramps and vomiting. Its absolutely terrible. I ended up in the ER once for dehydration (couldn't even keep water down). Mine would usually happen after eating at Mexican food restaurants, I was eating it quite frequently (once a week?). I'd feel very full and then get the belching- i'd know i'd be deathly sick for the next 24 hours. I would be sick about every 3 weeks!! Terrible. After scopes, tests and everything dr.