Stomach pain after eating

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Avatar f tn Any idea why i will get bad stomach pain (stabbing) after eating. And then i will feel the need to make a bowel movement. I also used to be able to put my laptop (it's not very heavy. it's a macbook pro), but now it's too painful to bear and weight on my stomach. Any ideas?
Avatar n tn I recently was diagnosed with gastritis and GERD which was causing me TONS of stomach and back pain when eating. After doing a lot of research 2 of the things that can cause your stomach to be inflamed is a long history of drinking and taking pain relievers on a regular basis. You mentioned that you do both so it could be that the lining of your stomach is wearing down and becoming sensitive.
Avatar m tn I sometimes experience stomach pain after eating a meal (usually breakfast). What happens typically is that I wake-up and eat a breakfast (sometimes leftovers from the previous nights, sometimes cereal). Then I’m out the door to catch the bus to go to school/work. It takes me about 1.5 hours to reach my destination, and I usually have to transfer several times. For the first part of my trip, I have a 45 minute bus ride where I usually nap.
Avatar f tn So i don't know if I should go to the ER or just wait till my next appointment. The stomach pain is mainly after every meal I have so I can't even eat without being in pain. Help!
Avatar m tn I have been experiencing some pain in my upper stomach immediately after eating for about six weeks now. I am male, white and 65 years old. I am diabetic and have been taking metformin, crestor and altace for several years with no ill effects. The pain occurs about 15 to 30 seconds after ingesting food or drink. Fresh fruit and salads seem to cause more intense pain. Antacids do not in any way alleviate the problem. This pain is not at all like acid indigestion or heartburn.
Avatar m tn I get severe burning in my stomach, chest pain in the middle of the night, pain down the left side of my arm, nausea and headache when they are acting up.
Avatar n tn I am a 37 year old female who has terrible, sharp pain in my upper left stomach after eating. It is in the same spot everytime. This spot is about the size of a lemon. It doesn't hurt to the touch. Does anyone else have this kind of pain? What could it be? I would appreciate any help!
Avatar m tn Monday I had a few handfuls of peanuts and nuts and since this i have severe stomach pain, nausea and diarrhea, what can i do or take to help with the pain?
473796 tn?1238297042 lately when he eats (not over eating) about 10 minutes later he gets stomach pain in his upper stomach. then roughly 20 minutes after that he gets a pain in his lower stomich(that feels like a gas pain) then his stomich makes a funny noise, then has to use washroom(diarrhea) also in the last couple months he had a few dizzy spills, and also feeling very weak. what do you think it could be.. please reply ASAP!!!
Avatar n tn On a Friday I finished my antibiotics and Monday almost immediately after eating I starting have stomach pain, and then I got this pain again which woke me up. Stomach pain seems to occur most immediately after eating and still have diarrhea. I have a diagnosed Hiatal hernia but since I have been eating so little it hasn't been bothering me much. It ususally does though. Is this pain possibly caused from the hernia or is it most likely something else?
Avatar n tn however, nearly every day since then, i keep getting a decent amount of pain after eating, and a very distended stomach, both upper and lower. i also have some pain underneath my right rib. it's not a dull gnawing pain, but really more of a sharp pain. it feels like gas, and it comes immediately after eating much of anything. but even when i pass some gas it doesn't seem to go away. my bowel movements have been fairly normal i think. this doesn't stop me from having an appetite, however.
Avatar n tn 3 weeks ago I started having pain about 2 hours after eating high up in my stomach below my left ribs. The pain continues for about two hours sometimes is severe and gradually subsides. I don't have a fever and haven't had any nausea. I tried not eating then just introducing bland foods but I can't connect the pain to any specific kinds of food. It seems to be mild if I only eat one small meal a day.