Stomach pain after drinking beer

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Avatar n tn My husband recently quit drinking after 20 years. He is concerned because the bloating in his stomach has not gone down. He has been sober for two months. Could this be something other than "Beer Belly"? It seems swollen and hard, not like fat.
Avatar m tn i am a 26yr old man was an alcohol abuser quit for evr after noticing slight brng in stomach nd kidneys like dehydration and quit beer nd waited for 2 mnths and had 1 pint to chek wthr its ther i dnt usually drink clear water alot.nd whn i had beer after 2 mnths since i stopd i felt brng kidneys nd next day back ache stopd it for evr nd smtimes lowerbaqck ache but i am a carer i dnt knw wth rthe bak pain is coz f ma hard work ..
Avatar m tn Heres the deal I am 18 years old, and lately every time I drink alcohol i get horrible stomach pains. They aren't even cramps, it is just horrible pain. I have been drinking alcohol since I was 12 and was fine up until just before christmas 2009. It happens when I drink any type of alcohol, and it gets so bad that i can't move. Sometimes when i soak in the bath tub it helps with the pain. Another thing I've noticed is that I can't get drunk anymore.
Avatar m tn I have noticed that many times after drinking 1-2 beers, or having a glass of wine, or eating popcorn, I experience Back Pain on my upper left side...almost around the shoulder blade. It's very uncomfortable, and I rarely drink, but at BBQ's, when I have a beer, the pain arrives soon after. Also, I have noticed after watching a movie, eating some popcorn,...the pain soon arrives.
Avatar n tn t usually get an upset stomach after drinking beer (although I usually drink lager), but I do have an acid reflux problem which Ive had for a number of years ( I take pepcid 2 when needed at night and that does the trick). I do not have a fever, I have not vomited and I have not had diarrhea. How long do upset stomachs take to normalise? It is 20 hrs now and it still feels queasy, although as stated I dont think the nausea is as bad as last night.
Avatar f tn About one week ago, I drank some beer and as I drank the beer my stomach started hurting, but I kept drinking (a lot). The next day my stomach started hurting bad! I had a sharp pain and super nauseous. I had a bowel movement (diarrhea) and my stomach feel better. The next day my stomach felt better but I wasn't 100% I still had pain and a bloated feeling so I took some Rantidine and that help me sleep with no pain at night.
Avatar m tn Sometimes the pain gravitates to my back and sometimes it goes up. Also, and I thought this was just from drinking beer, but my stomach has gotten much larger and always feels bloated. It seems like the right side of my stomach is bigger that the left side as well. I don't know if there is some kind of strain that suboxone is putting on my liver that makes it really bad to drink as well. I'm just concerned that I have done some kind of permanent damage.
Avatar n tn I get a lot of stomach discmfort after drinking wine or liquers,I often get a dull vey annoying behind my ribs on left side.usually releived by taking a combination of painkillers rantidine tablets and a soothing hot drink.
Avatar m tn from an ibs point of view beer and ibs do not work well together,i know if i go out and have a couple of beers i will be in pain the next day also with diarreha. does this only happen with beer.maybe u could change your type of drink. beer also can cause more acid in the stomach area thus causing pain and so forth. i persume it is not liver related ,or maybe you could have a simple celiac blood panel to see if u have a gluten allergy this is very common in ibs a lot of docs dont check for.
Avatar n tn It is common to have a immediate or the next-day headache after drinking. The immediate headache is usually common for those who have history of primary headaches such as migraine or tension headaches. However, it is not usually the alcohol which is the source of the headache. Certain nonalcoholic ingredients are more likely to induce the headache attack than alcohol itself. Hard liquor is more alcoholic than wine or beer.
Avatar m tn i went to a gastroenterologist and he suggest limitiing alcohol consumption.. i stopped drinking my beer and drank tons of milk hoping to soothe my im worse than ever, bloating, gas, bubbling , diarrhea, stomach pain. last week at dinner , before i could finish drinking 16 oz of milk i was in pain and making loud gas noises. at age 65 i read that lactose intolerance is very common. i have been lactose free for a week but not feeling better.
Avatar n tn you seem to be putting a lot of gas in your stomach with coke and beer. Maybe your sensitive to all the bubbles.. I was I only drink juice and water.But if your stomach feels like that try to eat 2 hours before you drink. And drink some aloe to coat your stomach.. if you start you start to feel like throwing up carry a piece of candy to calm your stomach or ginger ale.
Avatar f tn Ok so I'm fairly new to drinking, kinda just started (I've only about 10 beers these past few weeks, and some liquor) it's nothing hardcore. One night I drank 2 (maybe 3 beers if I can remember) and downed several shots of liquor and my memory went into fragments the next morning but the hangover wasn't bad at all, and there was nothing wrong--very normal. Fast forward about 2-3 weeks I went drinking with some friends.
954814 tn?1247191128 ve got the same issues as you. My neck aches most of the following day after having a beer the night before. Have you found out why drinking makes the neck ache?
Avatar f tn A lot if people have told me that i can drink while pregnant like a small glass of wine or 1 bear a day i dont want to take that chans so i was going to wait till after i give birth but is it ok for mr to drink while brestfeeding
691696 tn?1227454140 I realized after drinking beer, I would get such a headache, it felt like my skull would explode. Also I would get deathly ill, very unpleasant. The last bout in 1986 did it for me. No more beer at all. Luckily this did the trick. These days I dont really drink at all. It just wasnt worth it, if it doesnt feel good, dont do it! I think it was probably the hops. You can get hangovers of course from other drinks, but nothing close to being allergic to hops.
Avatar m tn Wine gives me a certain amount of discomfort, but beer really gives me trouble. After two or three pints I get quite intense pain, and a need to vomit. It feels like my whole system has backed up, and that my intestine's won't let the contents of my stomach through. If I am able to vomit, it tends to be clear liquid with no food in it.
Avatar m tn My GI doctor has no idea what is causing the low grade fever. I stopped drinking beer for 5 years and then I drank 3 beers at a party and the next day my intestines felt like they were on fire and I had the low grade fever. I have had every test under the sun and nobody can figure it out. One doctor said, the fever was probably stress related since it goes away in a day or two and I only get one when I drink beer. I even tried drinking a light mixed drink and the same results.
Avatar m tn I just recently started having pain behind the right eye right after drinking even one beer......(within the last year all of this has started) .the pain comes later on though and not immediately...For example, I had two beers last night with a friend.......I live about 60 mi from her and by the time I got had started to hurt just the time it was bedtime....approx. 3 hrs later, it really hurt...
Avatar f tn About once a month and that too only light beer or a cocktail of any spirit. I have been drinking like this since last 10 years or so. But in recent times, about 10 months or so, I experience this excruciating pain in my middle back right after only few sips of any alcoholic drink I take. This pain starts from middle back and spread to my right arm with deep sensation on my finger tips. Sometimes this spreads under my rib cage.
Avatar n tn Things went fine for a while, but the headaches returned so I have returned to the daily meds very recently. Recently I have noticed that after drinking 3/4 of a beer, a mild headache would begin. This past weekend the usual mild headache turned into a 3 day extreme headache and the day afterwards I felt weak and miserable. I will be staying away from all beer from now on in hopes that this will stop the pain in the future.
Avatar m tn I have now suffered from upper abdominal pain for three years. I have drank beer for the last 25 years (now 40) and for a period of 7 years from the age of 31-38 I drank 6 beers daily. When I went to the doctor about the pain 3 years ago they did an ultrasound and blood work and found nothing out of the ordinary. I went back to the doctor 2 years ago with the same symptoms and the first blood test they did showed enzymes a little out of normal so I went to a gastro doctor.