Stomach pain under both ribs

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Avatar f tn Im having pain under both ribs . Could this be the baby ? I'm 25&5 and he is very active ..
Avatar f tn it could be ur stomach ur stomach goes up there under ur lungs when uterus grows for the baby
4658567 tn?1364142123 I'm only 24+3 and for the last week and half I can't sit or lay on either side without this horrible pressure of pain under my left ribs.. It doesn't feel like his foot stuck up under there but I can't do anything bout it. Mom said it could be my organs needing a place to go and they chose there... Anyone else have this?? How far along were/are you? And how did you make it go away?!?!?!?
Avatar m tn Hi. Recently I've been having pain in my ribs, on both sides. No pain in my back, really. They hurt to press on them, especially the lower ones, and especially their tips. I also have slight discomfort just below my sternum. Pressure there makes me uncomfortable. Sometimes it makes me lose my appetite, but other than that, no symptoms. No fever, no nausea, etc. When I lay down, I have to lay on my back. The rib pain makes laying on my side or chest very uncomfortable.
Avatar f tn I have lately been having a dull pain under right ribs now and then but daily for about four days. They want to start treatment in April.
Avatar f tn Tags: Pain, left, ribs, left ribs, years, muscles, sores, pancreas. I too have suffered with symptoms identical to yourself and have in the past had a similar lifestyle.
Avatar f tn It also hurts under the right rib (this is the same pain I experienced before) the pain under the ribs is dull but constant. The gas has become much worse. Instead of diarrhea I now have constipation then after 3-4 days I get diarrhea. I know I should probably go back to the Dr. but I hate complaining.
Avatar f tn It comes and goes its really high like right under the v part the ribs and top of stomach. I had a scope down the throat and and stomach they said there is redness and iritation there and had colonosopy also both done in june. I also had a colon ososcopy done five yrs ago and it was fine but this time they say i had a tortues colon meaning lots of twists and turns but its funny i didnt have it five yrs ago.
Avatar n tn I've also got pain under my left ribs which radiates into the chest, into my upper back, sometimes under my right ribs, and right arm, which isn't as often and not as bad, but usually it radiates under my left arm too. I also get pains in my stomach all over, sharp pains a bit like spasms, as well as lower back pain at times, I also feel nausea at some points too with all of these symptoms. As long as you have been fully checked out I'm sure it's nothing to worry about.
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391038 tn?1298737386 LoisMary, I am having the same thing! I have back pain under both sides of my ribcage in my back SO I did a search for it & this link came up with your message! It does make sense now that I have read what you wrote because I too have fibromyalgia! I just didn't put the two together that they could be related! This makes me feel a little better(even though my back is in much pain)cause at least I know that this is what may be causing the increase in pain!
Avatar n tn hi,i know this might sound silly,but it could simply be trapped wind,,as i get it alot,sometimes i feel like im going to explode,and my ribs hurt,and as u say a sence of pressure,but if u think about it,when ur gut is full of gas,ur stomach swells,but ur ribs dont move, so the stomach must press against the ribs,,but u could always go to see ur gp, just to get it checked out,good luck, viv
Avatar f tn With my first I had that pain about 25-30 weeks and was told the baby was under my ribs. It last 3-4 days and was gone. I was crying cause of the pain!
954925 tn?1246461805 well could be a few things but is it painful? What side of the ribs are hurting? Both? Left side would be possible spleen...right side would be gallbladder..spleen would be sensitive to the touch and usually a ct scan/xray would be used to diagnose that. Could be trapped gas, so maybe buy some gas x and give that a shot..had a member here a while ago went to the doctor thinking she had some spleen issue and it turned out to be gas trapped on her left side (it happens).
Avatar f tn It started as a small fist sized area on her back then went into both kidney areas then moved forward and subsided where her stomach/gallbladder / liver would be her stomach then started to shut down and she felt like something was stuck and squeezing when she tried to eat she was given pain meds and iv for 6 days in hospital she was able to eat and drink they sent her home about a week later it all started again back pain into lower ribs this time she can eat fine just has constant squeezing p
Avatar f tn I feel like there is a huge air bubble in my stomach. Has anyone else experienced this or anyway to help this feeling.
396332 tn?1320003615 Ive posted here a couple of times trying to figure out if an upper enoscopy is the correct procedure for me. I have had pain through the left lower ribs going into the mid abdomen section. Though the pain seems to be a bit closer to the surface than I would think the stomach/ small instestine is located. When I contract my muscles sometimes I will feel a pop feeling under the ribs and I know its not a hernia because I had a cat scan.
Avatar n tn I have been having back pain around my right scapula for 10 months. About 5 months ago I went to a ortho back dr. and he said it was a pinched nerve. I did physical therapy for 3 months but it didn't seem to help. About a month ago I had ab cramping in between my ribs. Now the pain in my back is going around under my arm and into my chest and ribs. I've gained a few pounds within a few weeks, my stomach seems distended and i have frequent loose stools, but not much gas. My general dr.
Avatar m tn I am not certain if 8 year old is too young to have gall bladder problems but others here may know, it can be severe, ask his doctor if this is possible ,does he get any pain moving from under his ribs on the right into his shoulder and back ?Food can irriate it.... just in case , dont give him food later in the evening, low fat diet is best.. There are other expert/Doctor forums here on MH you may want to ask there also.
459210 tn?1237381603 hey, has anyone ever had pain in your left side under your ribs, and when you move a certain way, feels like an indian burn???? i don't have it anymore, but the doctors thought it was in my head. i felt it mostly in the shower. does anyone know what this is? or has ever had it? please get back to me if you can thanks.
1132657 tn?1260554069 In Feb 09 I started to have pain under my right ribsRib cage pain, hida scan showed low % fuctioning rate, so they removed it. (MAY) 1 week after surgery I awoken with screaming pain. Lasted for 6 hours then went to ER. They told me it was inflammation from the surgery and sent me home. The pain has not went away since!!! Went to a Gastro dr, in which he sent me for many tests: Colon, EGD, MRI, CT scan, ultrasound, blood, the whole works.
Avatar f tn But if they did not check them, you should have them checked. those are both on your right side under your ribs. (I have had both removed, which is how I know this.) I hope you feel better soon!
Avatar f tn I have been having "attacks" of pain just below my ribs in the middle of my chest, wrapping around to my back. I feel like I cannot breathe and it feels like my ribs are compressing my lungs. I have taken pain killers and nothing seems to help. It can last anywhere from ten minutes to a couple hours.
Avatar n tn I am 30 weeks pregnant and I had experienced a stomach pain this afternoon which then led into the night as a constant. Assumed at first it was just the baby kicking under the ribs and I am moving organs around but started to worry as it progressively got worse. Anyone know what the cause can be and what I should do?
Avatar n tn have had it for 10 yrs or so.. it can be very uncomfortable having this pain under the ribs and around the back ..I have had mine feel like it pops out of place.. i push it where it hurts and it does relieve the pain some.. but I too would like to know what this is.. I have been to the Dr. had all kinds of tests.. nothing.
Avatar n tn hi ive had pain under both my ribcages seems like a heavy feeling, its worse on the right side and when i breathe in deep my left side feels weird almost as if something is stretching, im getting an upper GI endoscopy soon but all my blood work has turned up normal, ive also been very constipated lately for about 3 wks and my symptoms all started with mild heartburn that went away and is now mainly the ribcage pain and the constipation, i also belch all the time...any ideas on what it might be?