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19731013 tn?1556048587 t help but notice that there are around thirty of these unconnected points spread around the whole body which happens to be the average amount of points of any meridian. Could there be an uncharted 21st energy meridian?
Avatar f tn The traditional Chinese medicine thought that this defect many are thermal by the Rung meridian after the wind, fumigation in flesh, either food greasy pungent, the spleen and stomach product heat, outside violates the flesh, as result. The treatment by expelling wind, clearing heat, regulation Chongmai and Renmai. The spicy food and fry food should be avoided now.
Avatar n tn I have just started working with Meridian Tapping Techniques for my anxiety and I am telling you this stuff works. Just type in Meridian tapping techniques in google and you will find all you need to know. There is even a manual that is free and you can print it out . The technique is very simple and even though I had doubts I am starting to feel the results and it is pretty great!!!
Avatar m tn Apparently positioning the IOL on the correct meridian can reduce, even clear a small astigmatism. After I had my lens exchange done my surgeon advised my astigmatism (previously .90 in each eye) had been eliminated in one eye and reduced to half in the other. This was wonderful news. If your son-in-law's vision is otherwise fine I wouldn't advise "clear lens exchange" to correct his astigmatism.
9924471 tn?1419954420 i had a really hard time too.
19082554 tn?1472035905 My doctor recommended that I go to Northwestern University in Chicago to see a specialist for POTS. But they won't take my medicaid card because it is not through Attna or Meridian. Because of the county that I live in I am under the Illinois Health connect. I really need to find a doctor that will take my card. Can anyone help me.
Avatar n tn Hi,Please can you be more specific about placement of electrodes(which point on meridian)
Avatar f tn lol court, you are too funny. hmm, riley, i do think paranoia is a pregnancy symptom for some of us-- definitely for me! ;) that is all such GREAT news you got!! ok, this might sound crazy to some, but i have noticed that for me there is a correlation between fear and my nausea/vomiting. when i am feeling really anxious, i feel worse physically too. my nausea gets really bad.
Avatar f tn If the surgical incision was made at the first axis, say between 160 and 170 degrees, the incision may have flattened the cornea at that meridian and caused the axis to change to 10 degrees. Ask your surgeon to obtain Keratometry readings to determine the true corneal astigmatism, and repeat the refraction in a while. Also the surgeon should check to be sure the intraocular lens has not vaulted (Z syndrome), which may require a YAG laser procedure.
5587438 tn?1370416937 Thermography is a non-invasive way to find out if you have cancer. Also, look into bio-meridian scan. http://cancerdetox.
Avatar f tn had no real concerns only that due to my son suffering from GERDs, she saw in the xray that the bile is backing up into the stomach. This was the same thing she told me 3 years ago and prescribed Prevacid and now prescribed Nexium. There were bad news, however, when the Dr. got the results from the sonogram. She found a lesion on my son's pancreas and the liver is enlarged. Lab results also show the liver enzymes slightly higher. A CT Scan is pending (in 2 weeks!).
Avatar n tn i went to a naturopath with the bio-meridian tester - showed round and flatworm infestation in upper/large intestine.
Avatar n tn 3 weeks ago, it has to do with going over past traumatic events that have occured in your life while tapping on a sequence of meridian points on the body. Im not sure if this has anything to do with my raised heart rate while trying to sleep or not, all I know is that I have a heart rate that is too high while trying to sleep. Can anyone provide any insight? This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.
Avatar m tn if you know of a naturopath that has bio-resonnance testing or bio-meridian, they can sometimes put you at ease, they do it all the time so it's no big deal. it's quite a difference talking to these people since they understand gastro problems and 'undiagnosed' bacterial infections. they can give you a printout of problems, then you'll have to go from there. my mom went through the same, if not worse; now i'm going through it but want to prevent it.
Avatar f tn now all health plan has standardized coverage - so the same deductibles and co-pays. all health plans cover prenatal care. you have to look if it is a PPO, HMO or EPO PPO you do not need to see a primary care doctor before seeing a specialist - but you are charged extra if you see a doctor out if the network.
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Avatar n tn I have similar symptoms with no results from an opthalmologist and a neurologist. I suggest looking into the meridian system in Chinese physiology. It is the only paradigm that is consistent with my eye symptoms and other serious muscle, joint and fatigue problems.