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10256164 tn?1408981241 You should be fine, my dogs a German shepherd and she jumps on me while I'm standing up and hits my bump sometimes if I can't catch her fast enough. if there's any bleeding or bad cramps I'd go to e.r.
Avatar m tn After 20-30 mins of eating a solid meal (fruit, sandwich, chips, etc), my blood pressure skyrockets from 120/80 to 180/100, my heart rate jumps from 75-80 bpm to 120 bpm on average, my heart feels like it's beating a lot harder than it should(laid my phone on my chest and you could see the phone jumping from my heart beat), and I just felt fatigued and crappy.
Avatar f tn my baby used to get so scared wen i coughed but then i got sick and coughed so much it puts him to sleep now lol silly baby.
Avatar n tn everytime someone touches my stomach and lower stomach my muscles begin to twitch but they only do that when touched. is there a reason why this happens??
Avatar f tn one one told me to try star jumps to bring on labour as I am in early labour and last week was 2 cm dilated... Has anyone tried this or knows if this works?
Avatar f tn Like little twindges what hurts and den stops
Avatar f tn Im in extreme pain n I have a 1yr old to run after tthat jumps on my stomach all day. I just want to scream n cry n start pushing now!!!
Avatar f tn My perfectly healthy 8 month old shih tzu wakes up from a dead sleep, jumps off my bed pretty much every morning and throws up on my floor then jumps right back into bed and goes back to sleep. It's usually nothing but stomach fluid but I just wonder why he keeps doing it. He never vomits any other time. I dont get it??
8274643 tn?1406141596 I had a fluffy kitty with my 1st baby n the kitty laid on my stomach n my girl kicked her hard she woke up looked at my stomach and try to hit it with its paws everytime the baby kicked haha she freaked n left eventually super cute tho
Avatar f tn m tiny (pregnancy wise) only gaining around nine pounds so far I am 26 weeks..everytime he moves my whole stomach jumps so it looks like someone is playing the drums on my stomach..
8914177 tn?1412873164 I'm a tiny person and i feel like she doesnt have enough room so she pushes my ribs or jumps on my bladder, and whenever she pushes my ribs i push on my stomach on where she's pushing me (not hard, just a little bit) and she moves away
Avatar f tn At night it feels as though my stomach is jumping, is that her kicking?
Avatar f tn But is it normal to have so much turmoil in the intestines,it like they are little jumps. It feels a little like as to feel the baby for the first time. But it can not be because I only 4 weeks pregnant.
Avatar f tn I Have A Lot If Questions Lol This Is My First Pregnancy! And I'm 6 Weeks And 1 Day. When Will My Stomach Get Hard.? I Don't Feel Pregnant.
1021834 tn?1379292300 I'm with you.. I don't know how this baby could possibly grow any more. My stomach is quite round and firm. Seems there's no room left but OB assures me there's plenty. Guess we shall see! Baby has made a few attempts to turn recently. I'll be curious to see on the US tomorrow if any progress has occurred but it still feels like baby is head up... well except for at 3 a.m.
Avatar f tn How do I know if I feel it? I'm 17w 2d and when I drink pop or something with sugar my lower stomach area feels like it "flips" like going up a big hill or roller coaster. But its not my stomach area its only in my uterus area.
Avatar f tn Whenever I eat I get very nauseated, but never vomit. My stomach sometimes jumps and I have 3 red stretch marks(to be exact) on my lower stomach.Can someone please tell me what's going on?
5677659 tn?1379817567 Idk if its kicks or hiccups but my tummy "jumps in sets of twos but in my lower stomach wayyyy below my belly button close to my v-jj it's almost like it's in my v-jj b/c when they happen I can feel it in my v-jj what is this??
2021910 tn?1339896686 I'm 19 weeks today I'm sitting up in bed n feel strong flutters below my stomach like kinda my pelvic area up high Idk lol is that the baby ??
Avatar f tn I am 25w6d today an to have 99 days to go!!! Omg I am so ecstatic time is flying by I remember getting excited when I got to 199 days left!! My little man is so active and just makes me so happy when I feel him kick me. And he kicks so hard that my stomach jumps sometimes it's such an amazing feeling I cannot wait to meet my Greyson!
1996005 tn?1343871411 ) but i love feeling him move whether its hiccups or blows to my organs. Sometimes you can see him having the hiccups like my stomach will gave tiny jumps in a rhythm Haha and with them having more room still with hiccups you can tell where they are positioned.
Avatar f tn Umm... I am also a first time mom and I'll be 9 months Friday. My stomach jumps all the time sometimes my baby kicks so hard it makes my whole body jerk and jump.
Avatar f tn I felt jumps on bottom of stomach but I'm too early to feel baby move. It's not gas so can BBC Anyone tell me what it is?
Avatar f tn Yes I have a 16 month old an she jumps on me an hit me in the stomach all the time an my baby is perfectly healthy 23 wks I just try to be careful an try to keep her away from my stomach