Stomach flu in infants

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Avatar n tn If you have the flu you need to see a doctor. It can be dangerous for prego women.. I had the flu a couple weeks ago and they prescribed me tamiflu but you need to see a doctor first. Good luck!
Avatar f tn i had chemotherapy when i was a child after succesfull treatment ,Two years later my doc diagnosed me as a healthy carrier in 1999. I never had any mum was devastated buy the docs said ill be okay because i cant transfer it to other people and it will not harm me, and i have been having liver tests almost yearly which turn out to be normal i have been married for 4yrs and my wife is not infected how is that possible.
Avatar f tn I have never gotten the flu shot with any of my pregnancies. Ive heard it can make you sick and lord knows I've been sick enough. But all 3 of my previous prgnancies I was pregnant during the winter and I have never gotten the flu pregnant.
Avatar n tn I was given a flu shot before I knew I was pregnant - it was administered about 5-7 days after conception. I can't find any information on getting a flu shot so early in the first trimester. Should I be worried? Please help - I am a wreck thinking about it.
Avatar f tn What do you mommies think about the flu shot is it safe or not.. i need help on deciding if i should get it and also if my son should get it...
Avatar f tn Is anyone getting a flu shot? My dr told me to but I havent had a shot since I was very little. Is it ok not to get one? Also one from whooping cough.
427258 tn?1266445242 s vaccination on their unborn children was demonstrated in a study of women in Bangladesh published last year in the New England Journal of Medicine. It found that flu shots given to pregnant women reduced flu in infants by 63 percent. Only about 15 percent of pregnant women get seasonal flu shots, experts noted, so it's not clear how many will get the new shot.
Avatar f tn I feel Gerd and milk allergy are grossly overdiagnosed in infants. Lactose overload has been diagnosed in breast-fed infants now - and I believe it is also found in babies.
Avatar f tn infants cannot receive the flu vaccine until 6 months old. Those in close contact with infants should receive both the swine flu vaccine AND the regular flu vaccine. And honestly, the latest recommendation is that all in close contact with the baby also receive a whooping couch booster (a part of the DTaP). Since we spend a lot of time with my mom and teenaged sister, they all got the flu shot when my little one was born. I will ask that they do it again.
492921 tn?1321289896 I never get a flu shot (I had Gillian Barre when I was little and am not really supposed to get the shot). The flu can be very serious for infants though, so I have thought about it. I likely will not, especially since Finn is not in daycare. If he was, then I would have gotten it.
Avatar n tn I have a 7 month baby and has the stomach flu in I just breastfeed and baby food.
2050045 tn?1343153733 If it only lasted a couple hours and not several days it was food poisoning...most people get it without even knowing it because they automatically label it as "stomach flu" if your doctor said 2 go if it doesn't go away I wouldn't worry about it if it's finally over with...
Business woman2 I have vomiting and diarreaha 104 fever. I can't keep anything in my stomach. Two days already.
Avatar f tn Well that me tell you I wanna punch what ever girl at my work decided to come to work and give me this ...!!!
Avatar f tn t thrown up(yet) but this diarrhea is killing me is there I can do to make it stop or should I call my dr when her office opens? This is my third child and I've never been sick while pregnant so I don't know what to do. Please help!!
Avatar f tn I think I have some kind of stomach flu and have had diaherria all day. I'm a ftm and am worried about it being bad for the baby. Has anyone else gotten sick while pregnant?
Avatar f tn I'm 25 weeks and 3 days and I have the stomach flu anything I can take to help please let me know
Avatar f tn Anyone else had any stomach flu problems? Try anything u were able to keep down.
Avatar f tn My 2 yr old son has just vomitted for the 3rd time since I've been home (12am) and 1 more time before that. He pukes and doesn't have a problem passing right back out. For example his last time he roled over and puked, cried a tiny bit and then he passed right back out. 3 days ago I contracted, what I thougt, was food poisening, but all last week my wife's mother was really sick with something... seems to be a coincidence!
5421936 tn?1378849147 Ugh I know what you mean.
Avatar n tn Pertussis is whooping cough and can be fatal to small infants. It is also recommended that women in the same catagory get their annual flu shot. This year the shot helps to immunize against 3 types of flu.
Avatar f tn Im 16 weeks and pretty sure i have the stomach flu or a stomach bug . What can i take ?
5615074 tn?1378316840 I think I caught the stomach flu from my nephew and my moms helper. I am about to be 36 weeks, so is there anything I can do for it, or do I just have to wait it out? I haven't really ate today and drinking is just as bad. I have gone to the bathroom numerous times today and have been continuously nauseous for about 5 hours.
Avatar f tn I'm a nurse too and I fully support this vaccine, as well as the flu vaccine. There has been a resurgence of pertussis and it's dangerous for kids - esp infants. The flu is bad for anyone but again, esp infants. I'm even having my husband and father in law (who lives with us) get it as well.
Avatar f tn I've been trying to prop her on her side and lay her on her stomach and that seems to work but I can't keep her on her stomach at all times so I just got a little worried but I will def bring it up then
385668 tn?1301793880 ve not heard of it happening in adults, but I know that it does happen in infants. They can have sudden severe instances of bradycardia due to feeding and acid reflux. I think most docs would say it couldn't happen, but?