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1749417 tn?1331996992 The problem is that no one can really read JPG images. MRI images have to be windowed and leveled in a DICOM viewer. Many people think they see UBOs, but most of the time, the "bright white" objects are normal anatomy. Finding the lighter "smudges" in the white matter areas of the brain is like hunting for Waldo. Once you MRI is read, we may be able to help translate it into something that looks like English.
Avatar m tn Doctors suspected that this could be cancer. From the scan pictures they suspected that the primary cancer lay elsewhere and had spread to the liver. Your question is how can the doctors be sure, what is the quickest way to confirm the diagnosis, and is a biopsy essential. Well, the clinical situation that occured in your fathers case is quite common. scan images of a primary liver cancer are usually quite different from images of liver metastases.
464075 tn?1281615436 Hey ladies! For anyone who wants to see, I posted pics of the 3D images of my little man that were taken this past week! It is so amazing to me how far technology has come. Although he would NOT cooperate, we were able to get a few good shots of his face. He so cute!(I know, I'm the momma) He kept putting his hands in his face and the umbilical cord was just everywhere. It was an amazing experience for dh and me though. I thought after seeing him we would come up with a name but....NOTHING.
Avatar n tn Hi. Can anyone familiar with UGI images tell me something about my images here? specifically pages 3 and 4. The report notes the congenital malrotation which I already know I have. However, just before the stomach, there appears to be this strange blob. I was thinking it might be a hiatal hernia. I asked another doctor online, and they said an epiphrenic diverticulum. However, the official report makes no mention of either...
Avatar m tn Hi, I am sending you these two links below, to view some images and I hope it helps a little. Your husband may or may not have this disease.In my opinion,I doubt that it could be cancer,since this is happening on both his nipples.This could be a skin problem,eczema, fungal infection,or perhaps an allergy of some sort that has to be seen by a dermatologist for correct diagnosis.
Avatar f tn Hello ladies are any of you taking or taken maternity pictures? If so around what time you took them and was iy expensive if you don't mind saying. Thank you very much. Ftm, 19w.
378497 tn?1232143585 If anyone would like, please take a look at the three MRI pictures I've attached (as one photo, and they're also in my avatar). I'm curious about what interpretations might be. I'm asking because I've gotten three different MD opinions in answer to that question. Thanks.
Avatar n tn You want to put the whole set of images online or only select images. MRI images come in a format called DICOM, you can find converters to take DICOM images to JPEG, you can also find javascript DICOM viewers. It all depends on what you are trying to do. Can you be more specific.
Avatar f tn CT scan combines special x-ray equipment with sophisticated computers to produce multiple images or pictures of the inside of the body. These images of the area being studied can then be examined on a computer monitor, printed or transferred to a CD. CT scans of internal organs, bones, soft tissue and blood vessels provide greater clarity and reveal more details than regular x-ray exams.
Avatar f tn My mother has a squamous cell cancer in her right external ear. Can you please read the scan and let me know if she has anything else than in her right ear? The doctors said there is nothing that is spread other than on the right ear. Thank you very much in advance. Here are some pictures of the scan: http://s148.
Avatar m tn i have my mammograms every year. i am 60 and have pretty dense breasts- referred to , by my place of mammagraphy as "snow caps" last year- they did a set of images in additional to the regular ones , from the middle to the nipple of each breast. yesterday, the tech did the regular images, but did not include those specific pictures.
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Avatar n tn They did tell us that the polyps are not the kind that cause cancer. However he has a family history of cancer, mom dad and brother have all died from cancer. There are so many of the polyps that cover the entire stomach, the surgeon and gastroenterologist both feel it would be to dangerous for his to have the total stomach removed. He is having a hard time eating because not matter how little or how much he feels nausea and full, he is tired all the time and is anemic off and on.
Avatar f tn These pictures do not show the genitalia. I'm not sure what the top set of pictures are, but the bottom set is the spine. There is no way to find out from these pictures. I see you are in India and to my knowledge it's illegal to find out the baby's gender there. From past experience of women from there who have posted their ultrasound pics, the doctors do NOT give the patient any pictures showing the genitalia.
Avatar m tn the pictures on google images are not that great or their a good site that specifically lays out how it looks?
Avatar m tn I am a 27 year old male with constant stomach issues. I had an appointment yesterday to have a colonoscopy, Afterwards before I was awake the doctor had told my mother, (wife is a teacher and couldn't be there at the time) he told her he had found tumors. Later he made the comment it could be Crohn's though "he had never seen Crohn's look like that. He made a comment to me where he said in his 31 years as a surgeon he had never seen anything like that.
Avatar f tn when is a good time to take your maternity pictures? how far along should you be?
Avatar n tn Paste links in new window. If you click the pictures you will see them full size in high resolution.
Avatar f tn Hi Suz! I was just wondering when you will get the results back about this MRI?? Didn't you say you'd have them this week some time? I really wish I could help 'read' these for you, but as you know, I have NO clue....LOL (I have no clue about much these days...hehe) Let me know if you hear anything, please..... HUGS!
Avatar f tn I'm not quite clear as to your question but it isn't at all unusual to be called back for additional views after having a Mammogram. Often more/different views will be taken and/or an Ultrasound will also be included in the study. You don't state what was found on your screening Mammogram so it could be anything from just a shadow, tissue folded over on itself or perhaps another abnormality.
Avatar m tn With 17 I underwent Billroth 1 surgery which is a partly resection of the stomach. Like tumor/cancer surgery just without having had a tumor. The surgery needed to be done otherwise my stomach would have perforrated. I'm sorry for my vocabulary and grammar - I'm not a native speaker. I'm from Germany.
Avatar m tn I called a clinic...three hundred dollars to get tested. I can't find ANY images online that look anything like this! It's way more mild than anything I can find, which is making my anxiety worste. I really hope she didn't give me something by cheating on me. HERE! I found some, please I am REALLY sorry, but thee are images closes to what I am talking about.