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Avatar n tn Hope that helps. I get a tum ache/sour stomach if I don't eat for a while, or if I eat anything greasy.
Avatar f tn I noticed that it started around the holidays when i was eating more junk food and sugar so i'm trying to cut back on sugar to see if that helps - also i was thinking that it might have something to do with the extreme cold - did you get any of these symptoms over the summer? Let me know if you have any other tricks or if you find a more permanent solution. Best!
Avatar f tn i've thought maybe the possibility of a smaller form of lactose intolerance or maybe even a gluten allergy but when i drink milk sometimes it actually helps and even when i avoid foods with gluten i still have stomach pains.. spicy, greasy, and fried foods are all things that i try to avoid because i notice a direct link to stomach pain.. coffee depends on the acuidity, i've noticed my mothers coffee hurts my stomach while most diner coffee is just fine..
Avatar n tn I haven't had the pain too much since because all I have been able to eat is applesauce, turkey, bread and milk. My stomach also bloats out so big I look pregnant. It will go away after a couple of hours. I've lost 10lbs in less than 3 weeks. I went and had an ultrasound done to check for gallstones. Nothing showed up. The pain started to increase even though I haven't been eating hardly anything. They sent me for a HIDA scan yesterday, the doc called and said it came back normal.
Avatar n tn - dizziness and fatigue - yellowish stools (both diarreah and formed) - seems to be partially digested food in feces and greasy - headache, sinus, localized pain under armpits - no sharp pain but somewhat burning sensation in belly/intestinal area - bloodshot and somewhat itchy eyes - sometimes frequent bowel movements or urination - occasional ache in upper chest, could be palpatations The symptoms don’t seem to happen all the time and seem to get worse after eating certain things.
Avatar n tn This helped for eight months where he did not have a stomach ache or throwing up, now its back. Perhaps it is in the diet or the diary foods, perhaps a doctor should be diagnosing this and not his mom, he doesnt care who solves his aches and pain he just wants it to go away. We will keep searching and trying to do what we know to do and to everyone else good luck as well.
Avatar n tn yes,tomato is one of the forbidden food ,besides spicy,greasy food,dairy products,chocolate,soda,caffeine. You need to baby your stomach,use your common sense,if it is difficult to digest or irritable to your stomach lining,you need to cut back eating them. water is neutral,fruits are mostly acidic,pasta and raw veggies are hard to digest,too much meat is also hard to digest. white bread ,water,rice,plain potato ,fish are easy on the stomach.
Avatar n tn My symptoms started about two weeks ago after I ate at a Swiss Chalet with my parents. The next day I had mild stomach cramps, figuring it was the food not agreeing with me, I went to the bathroom with fairly loose stool. From that day on, I've had strange stomach aches/pains.
Avatar n tn yesterday, I didn't take the Licorice, and last night I was up for a while with a stomach ache. I tried taking Rolaids, but the relief lasted only 15-30minutes. This stomach ache/back pain lasted until this morning, when I had breakfast and a Licorice pill. Anyone have any ideas?
Avatar m tn I recently quit tobacco after about 30 years of use and I've experienced mild to moderate headache, mild stomach ache, mild fever, slightly dizzy/queezy. It could be anything. How long ago did you quit? If it bothers you enough to mention, perhaps its worth getting it looked into.
Avatar n tn Based on what I've studied and have been told, the most likely culprits are Gastroparesis (very slow emptying of the stomach). Stomach retains its food load an excessively long time, the contents can somewhat "ferment." I've haven't hear of this yet, but I'll check into this. I'm just glad finally to see other people suffering from this thing. I'm going to try to lose some weight and try to stop eating a lot at one time, which I do.
Avatar n tn I did have Chinese food last week, but nothing too greasy. In Lebanon I didn't have any greasy foods. It was all very healthy and I still had these symptoms. I seriously thought I was dying. It's nice to know that I'm not alone, but the circumstances are terrible. I was sweating so badly and I just rested my head on the bathroom wall because I was so weak. I hope there is a cure for this some how, but it doesn't happen that often.
Avatar f tn Granted I did eat fast food from jack in the box for dinner. It just seemed to be something else. Is this just greasy food upsetting my belly or should I be worried?
3837727 tn?1348672591 Im 34 weeks and he is big! Ive had a constant stomach ache feeling no matter what I eat and I drink plenty water, I havent eaten anything greasy or spicy... it just hurts inside like he is just mashing on my stomach or something. Today when he moves, its been hurting. Anyone else going through this? Its frustrating and its hard for me to get comfy to go to sleep bc of it. Im in college and finals are coming up :-\ I just want the ache to go away.
2107027 tn?1345800331 I can swallow more but still have a bit of trouble with solid food, Ensure caused me stomach ache and diarrhea so I left it I'm eating a canned tuna in oil daily (it takes me an hour but I do it), but I do not notice any weight gain
Avatar n tn While the morning sickness is less of a problem, this time around the gallstones are giving me weekly pain, my stomach has become so sensitive that any food with any flavour whatsoever precipitates stomach pain. This time I am able to hold down the standard bland foods (incl. mashed potato, but not bread for some reason, and who knows why but meat pies in the morning go down and stay down....
Avatar f tn Do I need to be on diet, watch what Im eating??? Am I going to see any future complications because of my gall bladder removal??? Why am I feeling a lot of head aches??? Does it have anything to do with it???
Avatar f tn This is my problem, in between diarrhea or very soft stool, versus constipation, I will wake up with a life altering, mind blowing stomach ache. It just sits there deep in the pit of my stomach. It is not cramps, it is just a severe ache. I have described this to my Dr. millions of times and he put me on a constipation relieving medication called Amitiza although I will often have diarrhea - against my will I tried it and found no results. I am giving up and starting to be depressed.
Avatar f tn Im still unable to see a doctor as i have five more months to go until I may apply for my PR card here in Canada. Luckily, I havent had the bad burning/gnawwing stomach ache again, but Im having some trouble with trapped wind. Ive found that after a day of indulging in some junk food, if I eat something high in carbs/salt/butter Ill immeddately swell up with gas (twice garlic bread set it off, and once it was popcorn.
Avatar m tn So I booked a appointment with my family doctor today and went to see him, since the ache/dull ache is still there on my lower right side. I've been slightly nauseated recently(bad sleep and probably because the weather has been pretty cold -5'C and snowing). The ache is on my lower right, near the waist/hip bone, it happens very randomly and lasts for maybe 1 - 2seconds at most and then its gone. Than happens again maybe a few minutes after.
Avatar n tn Then two weeks ago I tossed two aspirin down on a semi-empty stomach, awoke with stomach pain, bloating, tenderness,nausea. I saw the doc who checked for appendicitis. I also had had a fatty meal earlier that day. Assuming a gall bladder problem, I decided to avoid fats. Took several days for the nausea to go away. Generalized sensation of heat across the my abdomen occured a few times. Trying especially oily things brings a mild version on again.
Avatar n tn I get cramping in the area where my esophagus meets my stomach and my stomach cramps up every so often. I have become more belchie as the weeks progress and my stomach feels achey. I get hic-ups in the middle of the night about once every week or two. I have pain in the middle of my back. Seems like the muscles are tight, doesn't really feel like it is a vertabre pinching. I am a 54 year old female.
Avatar m tn I can have the same attacks from real greasy food or garlic or oniony foods. The nausea attacks are few and far between but Im getting tired of all this running my life.
Avatar n tn I've been feeling weak, and i've lost my appetite, I used to be able to eat a ton of food now I can barely finish a plate without feeling nasuea and fullness.I've also been experiencing a fullness feeling in my abdomen ( the feeling where you just ate a big meal) that is just once in awhile though. 3. I can barley do any kind of exercise, playing, walking up stairs, swimming, etc. without feeling winded, and exhausted. To the point last night I slept for 12 hours straight.
Avatar n tn i have reflux i believe because i have the lump in throat feeling/regurgetated food etc and i just started nexium. in Jan of this year i have had stress test/ecg/ekg all were normal. my docs feel its anxiety. but the pain is in mid chest and back sometimes in left shoulder when i move.sometime it feels muscular cause when i flex i feel it in chest and back. all i know is i want to be 100 percent sure nothing major. how can u tell. symptoms for heart attack/anxiety/gerd are all the same.
Avatar f tn the first morning one is usually solid, the next two are usually mushy and just slip out, and i can see bits of my food from the night before in it. The evening one is usually solid. I am 15 going on 16, female, and am worried as i read somewhere that a man (now 35) has had this problem since he was 14, and has learned to live with it. Other things i experience/d: I often feel rather sick for no reason (since last year) and it makes me really uncomfortable.
Avatar f tn I have eaten a couple of not very greasy ham and pineapple slices of pizza and although I had a bit of a stomach ache after it wasn't bad. I get a bit bloated when I eat so I have some gas-X to use. Not sure if it really helps. The best thing is to eat slightly smaller meals. I made myself a big pot of vegetable soup with veggies from the garden and a non-fat beef stock base, no meat. Lots of brown rice pasta in it. That is delicious and sits really good in the tummy.
Avatar f tn But be careful about prolonged use or you become dependant in the drugs and have a harder time without them. Also personally I find anything greasy gives me a belly ache and makes me go (fried food, sausages, fried eggs.) Good luck!