Stomach ache diarrhea after eating

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Avatar f tn Hello, Various possibilities are there.Do you get stomach ache and diarrhea only after eating a particular food or as such also?Is it accomapanied by any other sign or symptom?
Avatar f tn This pregnancy ive had a stomach ache at least once a day since about 5w and im 7w 2d now. I had a miscarriage in october and at first I was scared thinking it was happening again, but I can assure you that if it was a miscarriage it would have progressivly gotten worse and not stopped. Not to mention those cramps are blinding pain! The best thing to do is tp check with your dr, but being that ypu had a bowel movement and they have since stopped im going to say it was just a basic stomach ache.
Avatar n tn Friday, I went out to eat with my family, when we left the resteraunt, I felt fine, but after about 45 minutes, I got a horrible stomach ache. I layed down and I felt like I was going to throw up, and I could only sleep in 45 minute spurts. All of the sudden, my stomach started to feel better, so I fell asleep for a suffiecient amount of time. When I woke up, I felt just fine, until about 20 minutes later, my stomach started to hurt again. I layed down the whole day.
7606248 tn?1397675037 I get really bad stomach aches everyday and it hurts like hell im only 6 weeks why is this happening wat can i do to make it stop.?
Avatar f tn whats good for a stomach ache and feeling like throwing up after eating too much , ):
Avatar f tn I usually feel sick after eating a lot of eating fatty meat, or some types of dairy. How can I stop this yellow diarrhea? Also, I'm going on a school trip (3 days) in 3 weeks and I'm really nervous I'll get stomach problems. How do I stop getting so anxious about this?
Avatar n tn If it continues go ask the Doctor who will take a look at her. The Tummy ache does seem to indicate a stomach virus dont feed her up ,let her stomach rest as if it is you are merely reinfecting, give her light food maybe Rice and lots of Fluids.
4254325 tn?1355663975 Hello ladies. Im dead tired with a busy day in front of ne and no sleep. I actually have a reason this time tho. Hub took me out to eat last night, which was really sweet. He pulled money from his lunches to do it. Now I've got a huge stomach ache. Started with just bad gas cramps. Then turned to diarrhea mixed with a little nausea. Not to mention every time I cough my stomach cramps like it wants to throw up. Any one else do this with eating out?
Avatar n tn I am 17 and for about 3 years I have had stomach aches after eating almost every time. Sometimes it is more severe than other times. I switch between having diarrhea and being constipated, although sometimes I have neither. The pain is in the lower part of my stomach, but during the more sever aches, I have pangs of pain in my upper left stomach. I thought maybe I was lactose intolerant, but I drank milk without lactose and the same thing happens.
Avatar n tn When I eat peanuts my mouth burns and feels sore and then I get horrible stomach cramps followed by severe diarrhea, when I eat wheat I get sick with stomach cramps and diarrhea, when I eat eggs my throat feels itchy and swollen, when I eat diary products I have a hard time breathing and can get sick enough to vomit because of all of the mucus production.
Avatar n tn My son has been having stomach pains on the left side by his belly button after eating for the past 2 weeks. He says it is not extremely painful, just very uncomfortable. Does anyone know what could be wrong?
Avatar n tn rash caused by laundry softener in early childhood, periodical light diarrhea after eating stone leek and water-melons (probably treated with to much pesticides) during past 2 years, one jaw spasm and strong head pressure incident after eating typical noodles with meat and vegetables dish in Chinese restaurant!!! If only food sellers would give us info about what chemicals exactly they use to treat the goods!!!!
790669 tn?1465189099 Thanks so much! Yes, I get hungry, stomach growling and everything so I eat, after that I get nauseous and then my stomach starts cramping. It's only been here lately though, in the last couple of weeks. Sometimes it causes me to have diahhrea (sorry tmi). The only problems that run in my family is Crohn's which my mom has and diverticulitis which my grandmother has (on my moms side). Could that be related in anyway??
Avatar n tn If the diarrhea continues you should see a doctor about this. Have you noticed that the diarrhea correlates to something you are eating (like a large glass of milk)?
Avatar f tn I have a stomach ache all day and night. It's the kind you get when your super hungry. At 5 weeks I am always hungry and never satisfied. What should I do? I can't keep eating like I have been...I ate 3 full meals within 2 hours this afternoon..
Avatar f tn I usually try to go for a walk an hour or two after eating but as soon as I get in the car to drive to the lake I feel ill... any movement travelling or walking I feel ill like I need to either throw up or poo (sometimes I can do neither. Walking makes it worse and after some time walking I end up with really soft poo. The nausea feels like when you have diarrhea and there's that feeling in your stomach like you need to go and can't stop it.
5421936 tn?1378849147 So my daughter was throwing up on Saturday until about late afternoon. No other symptoms. I woke up today...stomach ache, headache, body ache, throwing up, diarrhea. Can't keep nothing done. No food, ginger ale. My hubby came home and now he has it. Ughhhh I hope this passes like...tonight. I just ate some applesauce and a few saltines and sipping Gatorade. Being 9 months pregnant and stomach flu is not fun at all.
Avatar f tn I woke up yesterday feeling lightheaded and dizzy. My stomach was hurting as well. It feels like the type of ache I would get if I had diarrhea, but I don't have diarrhea. Sometimes I get a sharp pain in my stomach, then i get weak. I don't feel like eating due to the pain. What could it be?
Avatar m tn t go inside her virgina. the day after she kind of got sick started vomiting stomach ache but no diarrea. could this be a sign of pregnancy or some stomac problem? thank you.
Avatar m tn Hi im 16 going on 17 and recently for the past 3-4 days my stomach has been acting weird. Like after almost everything i eat i get a bad stomach ache followed by diarrhea/ soft stool but after i "go" the stomach usually subsides. Things like bread, water, crackers, and soup havent bothered me. But almost everything else does. do you have an idea of what this could possibly be? Could it possibly be a stomach virus or something?
4407520 tn?1363011865 Usually within half hour to an hour after I wake up I still have to hit the bathroom. Usually after lunch and eating something substantial (which I don't feel like in the mornings) I start to feel better. In the meantime, I eat toast, crackers, yogurt, bananas, things like that in the morning.