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Avatar m tn Today I’ve been experiencing a stabbing-like pain, only occasionally and usually instant, in my upper left abdomen about an inch or so down from my rib cage. This pain seems like it goes straight through me or around my side sometimes and too my back when it happens. I’ve felt somewhat of a dull ache in this spot for a while but just today, it’s started turning into stabbing like sensations. Any idea what this could be?
Avatar m tn Where is the pain located? Is it upper or lower abdomen? Stomach ache would imply upper abdominal area, but some use stomach as a wide general area.
Avatar n tn i have lost a little weight but my upper stomach, just below my rib cage is getting more swollen. Is this a side effect of my underactive thyroid? I also take water tablets for my swollen ankles.
Avatar f tn And my stomach keeps hurting me so much and also the bottom of my stomach hurts. i need help in why my stomach feels like this ?
1661778 tn?1307049902 been having the rib pain in the left upper abdomen again (still taking vicodin after wisdom tooth removal, so I know that wasn't it). I've noticed it becomes worse when I have a very full stomach. It's still a very tolerable pain. Sometimes it even feels like a runners "side stitich" but is way more of a discomfort that an actual "ouch". My burping while eating/after drinking seems to have decreased though. Luckily, still no recurrence of acd reflux.
Avatar m tn Just last week I woke up with a stomach ache that progressively got worse and more intense throughout the day. The ache turned into these attacks every 15 minutes or so where my entire stomach had this sharp sword-like stabbing feeling, almost spasming... like a charlie horse or something, but sharper and in the upper middle part of my abdomen. This would let up a bit and then suddenly an even sharper, more intense attack 15 minutes later.
Avatar m tn Can it make your actual stomach hurt - well, no. BUT You can experience bloating and a dull ache throughout your upper right quadrant due to pressure on your liver capsule. If the cause is from a chronic infection of the gallbladder, that could maybe move toward your stomach and remaining G-I tract...
Avatar f tn Everytime or mostly every after meal, I feel like my stomach is super full like its gonna explode. My upper abdomen is bloating.. became bigger. Then after 10 minutes, gas starts to come out.. (flatulence) coz gas has extreme foul odor.. after all the gas was out. My abdomen returns to its normal size. Another symptom, is when I wear quite tight jeans.. my abdomen becomes larger again.. and whenever I try to not make the gas out or should I say I try not to let my fart out.
Avatar f tn Her symptoms are fever, stomach ache, vomiting, dizziness, and pain shifting from stomach to lower right abdomen. What should I do? I getting really worried about her she hasn't had much sleep and this been going on for 3 days now.
Avatar f tn The first two days were lower stomach pain at first it felt like a pulled and then like a cramp, so I drank so tea and it felt better, then the second day I still felt it again (the pain if minor and it comes and goes). Then the next day I felt it on my upper stomach this one feels like a there something's there but doesn't come out. I've been looking online for answers and I'm freaking out.
Avatar m tn Symptoms include burning/gnawing feelings in my upper abdomen, sometimes indigestion, sometimes rib ache. I feel something every day, but it is worse if I am stressed out, or the day after a busy/tiring day. I've also had a stool test for H. Pylori, which came back negative. To cut a long story short, although it is slowly improving, I still have days when I feel unwell.
Avatar n tn I would further investigate the stomach and upper digestive tract, which can result in left upper abdominal pain. This can be done with an upper endoscopy, which can exclude GERD, inflammation or an ulcer. REFLUX. WOULD THAT STAY IN ONE SPOT FOR 2 MONTHS? INFLAMMATION? WOULD THE ANTIBIOTIC TAKE CARE OF IT? WOULD IT BE IN ONE SPOT FOR 2 MONTHS? ULCER? WHAT DO YOU DO WITH THAT? If negative, a colonoscopy can be performed to look for lower GI causes. WHAT COULD WE FIND IN A COLONSCOPY?
Avatar n tn So my big question is, I have no heartburn, no burning in my esophagus, nothing like that, I just have a really bad stomach ache in my upper stomach area, can this really all be cause by an ulcer? Sometimes it aches so much it's hard to straighten up. It is often relived by sitting and reclining in a chair. It is also sometimes relived by eating. And sometimes can almost go away 100% for 3 or 4 days but then it comes back with a vengeance.
Avatar f tn About 3 weeks ago I started feeling pressure in my upper middle abdomen that spreads from side to side. If you can imagine it starts at the side of one rib (under arm) and spreads to the entire side. Sometimes it feels like a rubberband around my waist. The main pressure is directly in the upper middle. I also have periods of dull sharp pains all over my abdomen with the right rib (under breast area) having the most ache, pain. But sometimes it is identical in both rib areas.
Avatar f tn About 2 1/2 years ago I was doing an abdominal crunch on my couch ( I know dumb) and woke up the next day feeling like I had a stomach ache. Over the next few days the pain intensified and although seemed to be centered in my upper abdomen just to the right of my midsection, radiated all along my right side. The pain will last for weeks and then go away for weeks but it always comes back. I've had three ultrasounds, a HIDA scan, an endoscopy, a cat scan, a chest x-ray and an MRI.
Avatar n tn I have the same upper abdominal ache under left rib but I also feel the pain on upper left abdomen also. I have had every test available except ERCP and everything keeps coming back normal. My doc now is calling it IBS which I do not agree with since I do not have Diarrhea (besides 1 or 2 soft bm every morning) and I do not have constipation. If you every get a diagnosis please post it so that it can help others.
Avatar n tn Sometimes I get heart burn with it but usually it is in my upper/middle abdomen. It is a burning feeling, I was put on a medication for ulcers, it just basically coats my stomach when I eat but that isn't helping so I didn't know if it would still be an ulcer. I have just never had a stomach ache for this long.
Avatar f tn Excruciating pain in upper abdomen and back. Went to he hospital and told me it was a stomach ache...yea, right. Had my son and was put back in the hospital 2 weeks later when my gallbladder almost burst. Haf an emergency surgery which lasted almost 10 hours instead of the 2 it was suppose to last because it was so bad. Turns out im lucky it didnt burst while giving birth from the pressure of pushing. Stomach ache...i knew better but i listened to the doctors and almost died.
Avatar f tn An upper GI endoscopy need to be done to look in to the esophagus, stomach and duodenum. An ultrasound scan abdomen should be done to assess the status of liver and spleen. Sometimes bleeding from the upper GI tract may be responsible for the blood in stools. But it can also be due to causes in the colon and rectum. So to start with you need to undergo upper GI endoscopy and ultrasound scan abdomen.
Avatar m tn Started out with stomach ache and nausea. Never vomited or had diarrhea. This has persisted until now usually worst in the mornings. Then I started getting real bad headaches which are rare for me. Along came blurred vision, floaters, and "lightning type vision". The headaches have gone away once in a while they come back. I went to an optomoogist who said my eyes were ok he did numerous test. I still have visual problems especially in rooms with white walls or looking at a screen.
Avatar n tn My father expieriencing attacks of very sharp pain in right side of upper abdomen that goes away and come back under lower rib cage with neusea, pain radiates to a lower back. Blood test is normal except CRP high that sugest inflamantory condition but CT scan of abdomen normal, urine analysis normal, gastro scan normal. He is not dianosed and deteriorating. Is anyone expierience simular.
Avatar m tn Hey there, ive been having some general chest/abdominal pains recently (for about 2 weeks now) in my left upper abdomen/ lower chest area. Itt's mostly dull, ache type pain but can be sharp. In fact, last night i was woken out of my sleep with the same sharp pain, but felt on the other side at about the same height, the right side.
409410 tn?1251072712 I've noticed that sometimes when my stomach is upset and I have something to eat, I not only have stomach ache, but I also have shivers. I'm not cold because I happen to be in a warm room and covered up with a blanket. I have had an issue with cold intolerance lately, but that doesn't factor in here. I've tried taking the Donnatol that they gave me when this happens, but it doesn't help. Anyone else had shivers with stomach ache?
Avatar f tn Hey my name it’s Andrew I need some advice like around 5 days ago like i notice ball in my stomach & and lower chest like between my lower chest & upper stomach if I lay down on my back I can feel it even more if I push & the little ball it hurts please can me someone help because I’m scared to go to the doctor
Avatar f tn I will be 12 weeks tomorrow and all day i have felt a stretching in my upper abdomen. Its not painful but its pretty constant. Any idea what's going on here?? Thanks!
Avatar f tn Few days ago, i had diarrhea. Seems like i always get stomach ache. After that, i feel pain at my right upper abdomen. it's somewhere below my ribcage. then it got worse and affect my back also. can anyone help me?
Avatar f tn Sometimes I eat something small like soup and i get the worst craps and bloating in my upper stomach region. It never goes higher then my lower espohagus and it lasts for a few hours. 2 weeks ago I had one of these experiences and i touched my lower stomach and i found a spot that was incredibly tender and felt like a sharp pain when i touched it. It's about the size of a quarter and tends to move.