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Avatar n tn For the last three days I have been experiencing what can best be described as a minor belly Ache. Its about an inch above my navel, and its almost always on my mind. There are NO other side effects, I dont have any nausea, lack of appetite, stool is fine, etc. I did drink a lot of lemon flavored beverages last week, I dont know if that could be a factor.
Avatar n tn I have been having intercourse everyday but had a slight stomach pain today for about a minute. Could this be implantation?
Avatar f tn The first two days were lower stomach pain at first it felt like a pulled and then like a cramp, so I drank so tea and it felt better, then the second day I still felt it again (the pain if minor and it comes and goes). Then the next day I felt it on my upper stomach this one feels like a there something's there but doesn't come out. I've been looking online for answers and I'm freaking out.
Avatar f tn At the end of last month I blead light pink for two days then it stopped, a week later I blead very heavy for 8 days. Now last week I started to feel lower stomach ache at first was mild,then it got severe so I went to the doctor who after examimig me diagnosed an infection of my uterus and fallopian tubes on both sides. He put me on a course of anti-biotics. I then started producing milk but it stopped. Now I am finished the course but I still have pain in my lower stomach.
Avatar f tn Im not nausea i just have a stomache ache. Im 33 and 4 days.
Avatar f tn I went looking for information on my condition on the internet. Slight stomach ache, somewhat bloated feeling, flatulence. I was looking for an answer on GOOGLE. My symptoms relating to HIV. I am SCARED!!! I have a few questions I would appreciate it if you could answer them. Realizing you are not a doctor but apparently you are in the medical profession. If not even that it is nice to know that there is someone out there to talk to.
Avatar f tn When is it recommended to see a doctor for mild stomach ache? Is it after its lasted a few days or a week?
Avatar f tn After a few days, my stomach was sore to be expected but since then, I've been getting these weird stomach cramps that lasted a few days. All day yesterday, my stomach felt fine until I jogged a mile at lunch. About an hour later, my stomach feels tight right under my navel and there is this consistent dull ache. I slept fine last night but it has been there all day today. Can this come from working out?
Avatar m tn I have had a chronic stomach ache for about 10 of the last 14 days. The pain is located in the upper abdominal region. It s a burning/nagging pain that has been on and off. Stool is loose but going to the bathroom does not make me feel better. I have had such stomachaches in the past, which only last about 2 days. I thought I had a case of lactose-intolerance. I have not had dairy the last 2 weeks, but this stomach ache does not go away. What may it be?
4981292 tn?1381260405 Last couple days ive noticed my stomach has been aching. Not like im going to be sick, but an actual ache, like an ache you would have in your back. Its hurts more when I try to sit up, or bend over. im 29wks, anyone know what this may be? Is it normal? my baby has been moving alot which is good.
Avatar n tn When I had the endoscopy the doctor said I probably have a nerveous stomach. Is it possible to have a nerveous stomach everyday for the past month or so? Why would I still be having this burning feeling? I did have a cyst on my left ovary but they said that was common and would probably disappear after a few periods (I will be going in 6 months for another ultra sound). I also have been having diarrhea for the last couple of days.
Avatar n tn Hi, I'm a 24 year old Male from Singapore. I have had stomach pains for the past two days as a result of eating curry. The pain is most prominent at the solar plexus. Also, with this stomach ache comes back pains at the same level around the solar plexus. This has happened many times before and vomiting the contents of my stomach will solve the problem, but not this time. This time the pain is aggravated. I tried to soothe my tummy with warm water too, but that didn't help too.
Avatar f tn No vomiting but I have a constant stomach ache that will not go away. I've tried tums crackers and mints nothing has helped. Im miserable. O have the worst food aversion and can barely eat anything without making it worse. help!
Avatar n tn He had a pancreatitis test that showed positive and was treated for it. I brought him home three days ago and he still had exsess salivia/nausea he was on cerenia for nausea. Last night his symptoms occured again this time he seemed to have more stomach discomfort or pain went to the E-vet his blood work had improved to all normal. My question is finally what can be causing him to have excess salivia. heavy panting, extreme thirst and sometimes vomiting episodes? My vet does not seem to know.
Avatar f tn I had my gallbladder removed 7 months ago and suffer pain in my back on the right when I have onions, fatty or dairy foods so know to avoid them as much as possible for the past 3 days i have been experiencing pain in the right side of my abdomen and constant stomach ache and generally feeling unwell and light headed when standing along with the shakes. went to see my GP this morning who said it was probably a viral infection and to rest. my pulse, BP and temp were all normal.
Avatar f tn So if I can not take peptobismal for my stomach what can I take!?!?!?!
Avatar n tn I've had some serious stomach problems for about 6 weeks now. Started as nausea, turned to a dull ache in my upper stomach and some lower abdomen discomfort, extreme bloating. Doctor diagnosed me with an ulcer and gave me some meds. The stomach ache comes and goes and seems to switch it up from being in my upper stomach to being in my lower abdomen.
Avatar n tn but my last full blown period was Sept. 16th. I spotted October 25th for about 3 days. I didn't take a test, thinking I was having a period. I missed my period in November and got a positive pregnancy test. So I'm not sure exactly when I got pregnant. Any ideas? I go to the doctor next Tuesday, Dec.
Avatar f tn Ive been having this stomach ache for 2 days accompanied by constipation & runny stool , right now every food but fruit doesn't appeal to me , im 6 weeks & today was bad I had a n excrusiating pain in my low low abdomenial area I couldn't stand my blood pressure dropped and I was shaking I ate garlic crabs, cucumber w/ vinegar & salt & cereal weirf I kno but that's what I wanted then I went to sleep & felt bettet I had the runs again then the stomach ache started allll over ,
11041898 tn?1414820712 Since then, he has complained of constant dull stomach ache and didn't pass stool for 6 days. Now he is eating some food, little bites of biscuits, cakes, cereals and fruits/juice. But still there is abdominal pain. (Doctors also conducted ultrasound and found that he has no surgical issues.) Please advice.
1915216 tn?1328425108 Much pain and stomach ache. I have not been taking my multi-vitamin (which has B vitamins), because I ran out a few days ago. I wonder if this is why I am feeling so weak, fatigued and super brain fogged the last few days. Menses alone usually doesn't bring the strong brain fog I currently have. I feel I can barely concentrate on even watching a favorite TV show. My face is in pain, my head, too. It is such a distraction from doing nearly anything.
1960480 tn?1342318866 Ok this us a bit embarrassing for me but I suddenly just came down with a horrible bout of diarea and it suck badly I can't get off the toilet without having to run back and I have a may stomach ache. I'm 12w along today and just want to know if anyone else had this this problem.
Avatar n tn I am so tired of feeling this way - Here are my symptoms - REALLY tired, like exhausted sleep all day kind of tired.
Avatar f tn Every few days i get diarrea,throw up, & terrible stomach aches. Throwuo my pregnancy it has been like this and ONLY at night. Been few weeks havent experienced this, but now its back. Bene in bathroom for 3 hours. Try to go to bed to sleep and i cannot. I feel like ill **** my pants & my *** hurts alot. everytime i go see a doctor they say im fine. Im sick and tired. What should i do?! Helps moms!
Avatar f tn From time to time he also suffers from a mild stomach ache. His parents took him to the hospital one evening thinking it might be appendicitis, but apparently that was not the problem. Any ideas?
Avatar n tn I didn't realize this was a board used for expressing one's political and social views. Maybe I'll seek help for my stomach on the C-SPAN page.
Avatar m tn i had sex with my girlfriend but her cherry is not poped so i didn't go inside her virgina. the day after she kind of got sick started vomiting stomach ache but no diarrea. could this be a sign of pregnancy or some stomac problem? thank you.
1503484 tn?1338479203 Unfortunately, 2 months ago I contracted a stomach bug which left me bedridden for 2 days, causing this severe diarrhea. For the past 4 weeks however, my stool has been regular, daily, not strenous at all, good composition, so no problems there (thankfully!). If I can be any more specific please do let me know. I appreciate all your help on this. P.S. Could it be a tapeworm or stomach cancer? I'm a complete hypochondriac, but try not to take in everything I read on the internet.