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Avatar m tn Dear Sir, the patient (my brother) was having stomach ache with vomitting and fever with cold, we went to gastro doc where he analysed (based on symptoms and scanning results which were normal) and prescribed - Norflox tz (2 times), pantacid tab 40 (1 time) and zofer tab(in case of vomitting). We are following the medication for 1 day now, after taking the medicine the stomach ache is gone but fever is still hanging there. Also one time, he had little blood during vomitting.
409410 tn?1251076312 And the Donnatol is a medication that is an anticholenergic to slow down the bowels and a med for nausea. I think the stomach thing and hardly any meat on me is causing the cold intolerance. It could be that anxiety and stress (and I have a lot right now) might be a cause.
Avatar f tn I was with someone who stressed me out and I would wakeup and have bad stomachaches and upset stomach all day . It resolved when he was not around and I was fine when we seperated. I then had something stress me out after this again and the stomach issues came back so i know it does affect your stomach.
Avatar n tn I have a fever between 99 - 102. My skin hurts, I have a head ache and stomach ache, especially a pain in lower left region near intestines. My right ear aches. This has been going on for 4 days. I can't sleep. I also have genital herpes (but I am not broken out) and wonder if this is related. I also got bitten by many mosquitos last week and fire ants and wonder if this is related.
7607165 tn?1395783725 Im hving stomach ache again took pepto like doctor said earlier now its back should I go to hospital? So nervous everyone is sleeping y is this happening has anyone been thru this?
1140272 tn?1282500978 You shouldn't put a heating pad on your belly at any time during pregnancy, but if it was on low and was only for a short period of time you should be ok. The ache that you are referring to is probably you uterus stretching. Your baby is big enough to move their little legs and stretch out and it can definitely cause your uterus to have that sore feeling. It will happen for a while until your little one gets big enough to not move around as much =0 Hope you feel better!
Avatar n tn ok i just got over having a fever of about 101-102 for the past 2 days and the skin on my back is REALLY sensitive. even having my shirt rub on it makes it feel like i have a sun burn. is that normal after having a fever?
Avatar f tn She is constantly complaining of a headache, stomach ache, leg cramps, and she will often run a slight fever of 99.6 - 100.5. The doctor ran a blood test and the results showed elevated potassium and a slight elevation in her blood sugar. She then ran another blood test to check her kidneys and gave her a urine test. Those results came back fine and her White Blood Cell Count was normal.
Avatar n tn No sign of respiratory distress. No symptoms besides the fever and headache or stomach ache. Any ideas out there? (Doc says he's not concerned, but took a urine sample and I requested blood work.
1570941 tn?1295667825 problem - after my baby`s fever, i had a fever too.. im 20 yrs old.. my stomach starts to ache too.. then i vomit everytime i eat anything.. after my my baby cousin who is the same age as my baby(1 year and 3 months) started vomitting too.. now another cousin of mine who lives in the house had a fever and starts to vomit too.. everyone in the house starts to feel the same sickness my baby had.. i want to know what kind of virus or illness this is.. ive been having fever for 2 days now..
Avatar n tn I just found out im pregnant and im having bad tummy aches and i feel huge like really bloated and my stomach is really hard. Also having some cramps is that normal? Im 4weeks 6days.
13596572 tn?1431107976 A migraine feels different from a sinus headache or regular headache just like the difference in a stomach ache and menstrual cramps. Two totally different causes AND symptoms!! When you rate your pain on a scale of 1 to 10. You can have a plain ole regular headache that you would rate a 10 and you can have a migraine and rate it a 3. It has nothing to do with the intensity of the pain.
2096398 tn?1333195824 Sometimes it might last all day but then I might not feel the pain for a few days. It comes and goes. Sometimes, and I know this sounds odd but I'm trying my best to explain it, it feels like the pain is moving to my lower right side sort of diagonally away from the right side of my belly button. It also seems to hurt worse when I go to the bathroom. I've had people tell me that it sounds like appendicitis, but I haven't been running a fever or throwing up or anything.
Avatar n tn I have 4 children and have had all the symptoms you all have had with your children in the past. Finally I went to a DR. and he nailed it! After the summer months and all the time of children drinking juices. The intestines need to be cleaned as the bacteria growth from all the juices invade...! He told me to have them start on a culturelle (pill) or activia a day for the little ones! Within a week I had happy-no-hurting-stomaches!!
Avatar n tn what followed was dizzy spells, like it will be 2 beats of dizzyness and lighthead then i would feel normal ish again. they next day my stomach was icky and i had a fever accompany the 2 beat dizziness. it is now sunday and i am still showing all symptoms. does anyone have any advice or most likely know what i am going through.
11041898 tn?1414820712 He is getting much better today. He ate a little, and he slept well without stomach ache. It was surely the constipation and compacted stool in his intestine. Thanks for your help. I was worried because they couldn't find a cause even after 3 blood tests, x-ray and high dose antibiotics. He has been sick for 9 days. I hope his appetite becomes normal soon and he will eat back to health. Giving him some fruits and cereals.
Avatar n tn Then a mild fever, but after a visit with the chiropractor, the fever ended after 30 hours. And now we have been fever and seizure free for 5 months! My son is himself again. He only goes to see the chiropractor once a month just to check up and they never adjust him unless there is a need. He loves to visit "Dr. Dave" and we have been so encouraged! If anyone has questions please let me know. I hope this brings encouragment!
Avatar n tn thanks for asking about me im doing shot 11 friday,..sides have been preety good just tired and brain fog and some stomach upset my white cells are low but holding thier own so far so good on the you know my 2 youngest have had strep well it hit on twice in a row and my youngest is on his 3 finally just hit me change tooth brushes and just yesterday i caought my 5 yr old downing a liter of pepsi staight from the bottle no telling how long he has been doing that...
2116857 tn?1334624678 My bowel movements are relatively fine however the stomach ache is characterized by pains on the sides and the insides of the stomach ache (not behind the belly) and near the lower abdomen. It lasts approximately 24 hours and goes away on its own. My mouth dries up and I try to drink water but I get an urge to vomit any water I drink during the period. It's just annoying really. The pain on a scale of 1-10 ranges from 4-7.
Avatar f tn It's hard doing cardio workouts i have panic attacks but i still force myself. I caught a stomach bug yesterday because i started having a stomach ache and threw up 5 times and now i'm not throwing up no fever but still tired. I noticed my heart rate is a little faster than normal at rest I'm on atenolol for a faster resting heart rate so it's usually around 60 and now its around 70 80 bpm.
Avatar f tn but last 3 days ago, he was crying because he has stomach pain, and head ache with nausea plus vomiting.. i thaught it is just a simple stomach ache.. but then, next night, he felt the same and he got a fever about 100.4f.. so i gave him tylenol to lower down the fever.. then my son feel better right after until the next day.. he played like there is no pain on his stomach anymore.. so i thaught he's better.. but then,, it happened again last night.. he had a fever 100.
Avatar n tn no change, ect... I use to eat whatever and then I'd have a stomach ache and eat healthy for a while, but it didn't seem to matter. I was tested for milk and wheat allergies, and that was fine. I had an endoscopy which showed "bloody spots" but not quite ulcers. The doctor prescribed me nexium which took care of the sore throats he thought was from acid reflux. However, the acid reflux is a new occurrance in the last few years, probably related to weight gain.
Avatar m tn Most of the tme it was an old fashioned stomach ache with intemittent brief nausea no diareah. My stomach and the whole area was tender to the touch. That lasted a few days. Its been 9 days since it started i hope its done. I wish I knew what caused it, for Gastrtis if I read it right, must have a cause for it to happen. My Dr. did really check my whole body for lymph nodes and found none swollen and with no fever I thing I can rule out a strange infection in my body.
Avatar n tn You had better to see a doctor ,make certain what is the matter, If you have stomach pain,maybe is ecphyaditis . The diseases of Stomach-ache, acidstomach, stomach-bulge etc are approaching to everybody. It is relate to the eating habit and the circumstance of the workplace. Generally speaking ,ecphyaditis is in the right side, Some symptom are nausea, vomiting ,constipation dizziness, headache, weakness ,serious illness will appear fever and other symptoms.
Avatar f tn Hi, my son woke up last night with a stomach ache and than he vomited. Is morning time and he is still complaining about his stomach. He as no fever. He weighs about 30 pounds.Do iwait and see ehat happens? what can i give him?
Avatar m tn A week later it appeared on my stomach, chest and back of the feet. At the beginning it was very itchy. Now looks like it's healing and it's leaving dark acne-like scars. I have had NO fever, NO flu-like symptoms of any sort, NO lymph nodes, NO muscular or joints ache, NO sore throat. Could it be ARS? Thanks a lot!!! And forgive my bad English. I'm form Argentina.
Avatar n tn My teenage daughter has had a severe headache and stomack ache for a week. Could this be the flu without the fever and cough?