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Avatar f tn Could be appendix. usually has fever, vomiting or nausea and bad ache in that area.
578674 tn?1217816075 She had a pop tart for breakfast, plenty of fluid, saltine crackers and for supper I gave her chicken noodle soup. She felt fine, no vomiting, no fever. Wednesday she felt fine and went back to school, ate supper normally that night. Then today, she was fine all day until she came home from another supervised visit with her real mom. She wasn't hungry at supper time so I sent her to bed. She woke up an hour later and said her stomach hurt and threw up. She doesn't have a fever.
13596572 tn?1431107976 A migraine feels different from a sinus headache or regular headache just like the difference in a stomach ache and menstrual cramps. Two totally different causes AND symptoms!! When you rate your pain on a scale of 1 to 10. You can have a plain ole regular headache that you would rate a 10 and you can have a migraine and rate it a 3. It has nothing to do with the intensity of the pain.
Avatar n tn It seemed like a stomach flu, she was throwing up, complaining of severe stomach aches with a slight fever. After a week of not getting better I took her to the doctors and discovered she had a bladder infection. Apparently young children will get a stomach ache, diarrhea and refusing to use the toilet or go in their diaper, and sometimes have a fever.
Avatar n tn I have been ill regularly (every month at least) with respiratory, sinus, and terrible stomach viruses (vomiting and high fever). Since November 07, my health seems to have turned even worse. I was hospitalized for shortness of breath (I have always had mild asthma, but never like this!) at the beginning of December. Though chest xrays didn't indicate pneumonia, doctors suspected a hidden bacterial infection and prescribed Zithromax for 5 days.
136986 tn?1232403430 you should be better if you can settle the stomache spasms. If no fever/eat soda-crackers/ nibble sm-lite bland, you'll survive. If still going off/on, go to Dr. Try to stay hydrated. Avoid fatty/spicy/heavy foods. Been there. No fun. Gd-luck.
Avatar f tn but last 3 days ago, he was crying because he has stomach pain, and head ache with nausea plus vomiting.. i thaught it is just a simple stomach ache.. but then, next night, he felt the same and he got a fever about 100.4f.. so i gave him tylenol to lower down the fever.. then my son feel better right after until the next day.. he played like there is no pain on his stomach anymore.. so i thaught he's better.. but then,, it happened again last night.. he had a fever 100.
Avatar n tn The next fever was 8 weeks later, very mild and manageable with Motrin and no seizure. Then nothing for 3 months. Then a mild fever, but after a visit with the chiropractor, the fever ended after 30 hours. And now we have been fever and seizure free for 5 months! My son is himself again. He only goes to see the chiropractor once a month just to check up and they never adjust him unless there is a need. He loves to visit "Dr. Dave" and we have been so encouraged!
Avatar n tn My daughter is 4 and the same exactl thing Happen to her 7 days straight she would wake up between 11-4 and puke she never complained of stomach ache or never had a fever she went to the hospital and got test done nothing came. Back her Peditrion wanted the hospital to do a catsscan but they refused. That was 3 weeks ago than last night it happen again and tonight. Making a appt tomorrow morning to have her be seen.
Avatar m tn I have no blood i my stools, no vomiting, no pain in my abdomen or chest. I sometimes will suffer from the constant need to take a deep breath (yawn) and this lasts for several minutes to half an hour but if I take my mind away and focus on something it goes away. I have eaten this week, after the first Dr. App I got a huge burger and fries and large soda and ate them, Thursday I had 12 hot wings followed by 12 more on Friday.
Avatar f tn Hi, all - I am just getting over a pretty bad bout of stomach flu. The thing I DREAD most about it (even more than the yucky throwing up) is the tachycardia that comes on when I feel like I'm going to vomit (like that feeling of your mouth watering, like it's definitely going to happen and you'd better run for the bathroom - when that starts then my heart starts beating really fast!). It beats pretty fast when that is going on.
Avatar f tn In the last 5 years I have NOT had any stomach GERD, no IBS, no heartburn...nothing at all. It is extremely frustrating and scarey to think that this could all be starting up again! If anyone has any information on what could be causing this or sees some commonalitty on what the trigger could be...please post here.
Avatar n tn I am concerned that I may have something seriously wrong with me, but don't know if I even have symptoms of anything. There is no fever, occasional loose bowels but not bad, no blood. I also have been going through a lot of life changes lately which have been very stressful. I am on no medication. Questions, What coluld this pain be and at what point should I be seriously worried?
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Avatar f tn The thing is her symptoms are stomach ache, vomiting, feels hot but doesn't run a fever, tho last week it was 99.4, she is NOT nauseous, she doesn't have bowel problems and no cramps, just aches -- she said her sides hurt, like the ribs but could be from the vomiting. GI dr gave her Prolisec again and an anti depressant for pain (did more blood work and order another stool test to be sure) -- we are on day 6 of the meds, no real improvement but to early to say I'm sure.
Avatar n tn It seems to me that I have a blockage at the time Could IBS,colon spasms cause a temporary blockage in the intestine? When I get the stomach ache which always precedes the other mess, is there something I can take then to avoid the throwing up, sickness, missing work etc.?
Avatar f tn The thing is her symptoms are stomach ache, vomiting, feels hot but doesn't run a fever, tho last week it was 99.4, she is NOT nauseous, she doesn't have bowel problems and no cramps, just aches -- she said her sides hurt, like the ribs but could be from the vomiting. GI dr gave her Prolisec again and an anti depressant for pain (did more blood work and order another stool test to be sure) -- we are on day 6 of the meds, no real improvement but to early to say I'm sure.
Avatar n tn Hello. I have been experiencing severe stomach pain for about six months now. It is mostly localized in my lower right abdomen, but as the pain gets worse it spreads throughout the lower abdomen and to my lower right back. The pain ranges from a tearing feeling to a stabbing sensation. The pain is so severe that I can not move. I also feel very nauseated and throw up throughout the whole ordeal. Along with the nausea I experience vertigo and am very weak.
Avatar n tn Has had the old cold recently and I wondered if it was flem going down into the stomach, but no flem sighted and doesn't explain undigested food. No temperature or other symptoms that are obvious. Would not suspect a stomach virus as it is can be weeks apart and for 6 months now. No other member of the family has it and my 4 year old is usually the first to bring anything home or get sick.
Avatar m tn 3 weeks later, he vomits 1-2x/day for 5 days in a row with severely reduced appetite but no diarrhea and soft stools. After 5 days of vomiting, he had one day with no BM and no vomiting, then the next day frequent diarrhea. We again figured he had a virus and just bad luck. Took him back to the pediatrician after 6 days of diarrhea, but no more vomiting. We did a stool culture and sensitivity, check for rotavirus and c-diff. All negative.
Avatar n tn ve been haveing that took me to the ER last night i have had this pain under my left breast directly under for months off and on now for the past 2 weeks i have and stomach pain that goes all the way across my upper stomach also that goes all the up my chest up into my throut burns spasma,s i guess they are from acid and lots of pain it even goes around to my upper back into my shoulder blades it burns and stabbs i feel feverish but no fever ....
Avatar n tn After surgery, a persistent stomach ache started.There was lots of gas and a moving pain..After approx 5 weeks I contacted my doctor and was told it was probably an aftermath of a "very big"surgery.Since I had all the related tests ,I didnt worry too much,I felt my stomach and intestines had been thoroughly examined so I had nothing to worry about.After I started a relatively bland diet,the symptoms improved,....then last night I was woken by a very painful brief stabbing pain .
Avatar n tn He complains with a stomach ache. No fever, no diaherra, no vomiting. He says he feels bad all over. could this be an ulcer? What would the symptons for ulcers be? I have recently started journaling everything he eats and trying to determine when his stomach hurts. This is in the beginning stages and I don't have alot of info now. I know his diet is not the best so we are starting to work on this.
Avatar f tn It isn't red or swollen, and there is no discharge. I don't have a fever or head ache either. And there is no redness near or on my arm at all. It just won't close. I don't know what to do. I don't have health insurance and I have to pay off a lot of hospital bills so I can't really afford to go to the doctor's but if its really an emergency. Usually if I have a small flare up it goes away by now but I am really worried it might be something more. Should I be worried? Am I just overreacting?
Avatar n tn It was like a scheduled illness, every 2-3 weeks a mysterious fever that would rage over 105 then go away, a stomach ache, vomiting, rashes in various places, leg and toe pains, strange lab results, elevated white counts, very high SED rate, rare shapes in blood cells, positive ANA, positive Lupus, anti caridolipin positive, etc. I was told some many WRONG diagnoses including leukemia, scleroderma you name it.
Avatar m tn While a kid can say they have a stomach ache- say to try to get out of chores or something, vomiting and diarrhea are evidencing your kid's veracity & that his body is in distress. Sometimes appendicitis I believe can start out as generalized pain. A qualified physician should palpate his abdomen and see if he/she can't find any tender areas. They may want to run a scan or ultrasound of his abdomen and blood & urine testing as well.
Avatar f tn Generally I go to bed every night with a terrible stomach ache which some times radiates to my sides and back. I have horrible gas nearly every day (no matter what I do or don’t eat). And recently my feces have gone from normal color to dark dark green. Also, strangely enough, I am now lactose intolerant (horribly so---the Lactaid does no good), and I can no longer enjoy an alcoholic beverage stronger than a “cooler” or a glass of wine.
Avatar f tn For the past few weeks I have been having an almost constant pain in the pit of my stomach. I have been nauseous on and off for this time but no vomiting. Usually this pain is a dull ache - like something is just sitting in there. It is quite uncomfortable. It hurts when I press on it. When I inhale and press my stomach out it also hurts. It does not seem to matter if I eat or not...still there. Occasionally, I get sharp shooting pains through to my back. No fever.
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Avatar f tn Also, my bowel movements are all normal so I'm really just lost as to what's going on? I've had no fever and no vomiting. Please help!