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Avatar n tn Ok about 3 months ago, Me and a girl gave each other unprotected oral sex. Stupid I know and about 7 days after I noticed a tiny red dot on teh tip of my penis which dissapeared. I then had an actual rash underneath the foreskin which was there for a few days then dissapeared then came back every few days. Then when it had gone my skin went dry and flaked on the tip of my penis when I got an erection but would all come off in the shower.
Avatar m tn About 6 days (7/22) after the encounter my testicles started to feel a little sore; not really painful just sore. No sharp pains, no throbbing pains, just a dull ache- a lot like "blue balls" which I have had in the past when I have been aroused but did not ejaculate. On 7/21 I was riding an off road atv on bumpy terrain in which I usually wear compression short- this time however I did not. Yesterday 7/24 the soreness was not really any better so I went and got tested for STDs.
Avatar m tn The next day I had a tingling/itching around my testicles and inner thighs. I could feel a slightly different sensation in the end of my penis when passing Urine which came and went, more of a tickle than pain. The tingling around my testicles and inner things continues. I went for an STD screen a couple of days later. They tested for Hep B&C, HIV, HSV2, Syphilis, Gonorrhea & Chlamydia by urine/blood. All negative.
Avatar m tn I am totally up the walls with worry as I have never done anything like this before and wondered would this effect the tests that I had as I have sore testicles of and on and am not sure if this is anxiety. Please advise.
Avatar n tn Within 48 hours had an uncomfortable feeling in my penis/testicles. No discharge or anything. Urinating was a bit stingy. Went and got tested out with a urine/swab test on the common sti's and were negative. Girl said to me she was clean before meeting me. She tested herself after and she was clean too.
Avatar n tn I thought it might be blue ball so I masterbated and shortly afterwards my scrotum went back to its normal size, but my testicles remained sore. I got nervous so I went to the doctor and he felt my testicles and told me he does not feel anything that alarms him. I took a urine test and he said their was no bacteria and theirs no increased white blood cells. Well this is 4 days after my exposure. Would my urine test have caught something by then?
Avatar n tn The passage for urine has a burning sensation and periodically I get my testicles feeling very sore. I had sex on 27 of April, that is now 2 weeks ago. Is this an STI?
Avatar f tn After the massage she asked to give me oral I accepted but asked for a condom. She did lick my testicles and sucked on them for about 30 to 45 seconds. She also licked the base of my shaft before putting the condom on. Am I at risk for Herpes, syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia or any other types of STD/STI. The entire experience was less than 2 mins. I am completely disgusted with myself and suffer from anxiety.
Avatar m tn During the oral sex, she suck my penis and licked my legs and testicles by her tongue. Moreover, before the sex I shaved the area as well as my testicles. Now , appear some skin disease in the area that she is licked (I see them after 8 Weeks, so I do not know when they appear exactly). the spot is is 10 to 12 with different size from 2 cm and less and more. they do not have any Itching, burning or pain.
Avatar f tn Symptoms started about 12 days ago; very frequent urination, slight tingling while going, terrible lower backache, sore testicles. At no point did I have any visible discharge, itching, other symptoms.. I saw an urgent care doctor a few days ago who ran urinalysis. The dipstick test in office was clear aside from showing blood in the urine. Specimen was sent off to culture, still haven't heard results (4 days).
Avatar m tn I've been experiencing head of epididymis pain when it is touched, sore discomfort is a good way to describe it. Seems to get worse after ejaculation? I've had ultra sounds done and sti tests and blood work all came back negative/normal.
Avatar m tn Since then, at first I noticed that the base of my penis (below the testicles) was sore and I would constantly rub it and constantly check for disharge in my shaft but did not have any.
Avatar f tn What is the risk to hiv and std I had a sore penis 2 days after the oral sex diagnosed as thrush then I got red testicles I am really worried had sti tests after 6 days all came back negative could the thrush just be coincedence
Avatar f tn I was naked and she had only her underwear on. She used oil and rubbed my penis and testicles with her breasts and hand at the end of the massage. A fee weeks after the massage I have noticed a pimple that looks like a whitehead on my testicles. It was small, round and firm, and I was able to pop it, and it became flat and started to really heart and got infected.
Avatar m tn I used a condom during blowjobs and penetration, however she gave me a hand job without a condom, I ejaculated by taking off my condom and on her face, she licked by testicles and nipples, I fingered with my bare fingers and touched my bare penis with the same fingers. Also, we tried doggystyle and I think several times my penis (with a condom), my testicles and my lower stomach hit against the outer linings of her rear and she masturbated herself and gave me an handjob right after it.
Avatar m tn After a few days, my testicles began to hurt. I visited a urologist.He did physical examination and diagonised me with Epididmytis and also advised a routine urine test. My urine test showed no abnormalities. (My age is 43). He put me on to Paracetamol, (3*3 days) Urispas (3 * 5days) and Levofloxacin 500 mg (1- 14 days). I specifically asked him should i abstain from sex and alcohol during treatment and Doctor suggested I should go ahead my life as normal. I also asked him, if he feared an STI.
Avatar m tn Thus, a risk of transmitting Hepatitis C via cunnilingus, fellatio or analingus exists if there is any menstrual blood, bleeding gums, a throat infection, cold sores, canker sores, genital warts, hemorrhoids or any other breaks in the skin in any involved body structure – vagina, clitoris, labia, penis, testicles, anus, perineum, lips, tongue or anywhere else on the genitalia or inside the mouth.
Avatar f tn t show any signs of failing but I got a sore through and painful testicles after 12 days.I went to the Gp and he said its an sti.what are my chances of getting HIV have just gone for a DNA pcr test expecting the results tomorrow. M a dead man worried.
Avatar f tn I have sore testicles. The pain seems to be more in the cords. I hurt them by doing core exercises which involved me sucking in my stomach to engage my core. The pain is worsened by excercise. My testicles have since tightened up and no longer hang in there old relaxed state. Ibuprofen and nurofen have no effect. My lower abdominal wall is stiff and sore all the time from my testy pain. I also get a sore lower back.
Avatar f tn My pennis seems to be little sore.
Avatar m tn I have sore testicles and was wondering if you fingered someone and then maybe touched the tip of your penis immediately after this could pass on STD's?? Thats the only sexual contact.
Avatar f tn I have sore testicles. It seems to be mainly in the cords I think! I hurt it whilst doing abdominal core strength excercises for the internal and external obliques. They have since tightened up and do not hang freely in there relaxed state which makes them Really sensitive. No pain killers help. I have had my entire back checked for nerve damage and referred pain. I have been checked for hernias and done blood tests etc.