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Avatar f tn I have sore testicles. The pain seems to be more in the cords. I hurt them by doing core exercises which involved me sucking in my stomach to engage my core. The pain is worsened by excercise. My testicles have since tightened up and no longer hang in there old relaxed state. Ibuprofen and nurofen have no effect. My lower abdominal wall is stiff and sore all the time from my testy pain. I also get a sore lower back.
Avatar m tn I am 51yrs, and a runner. After a run about four weeks ago, I woke up with a soreness in my testicles, and a bit in my abdomn and inner thighs. I thought I strained something. The Testicle soreness hung on for a week or so, so I went to the Doctor, who gave me a HANDS ON examine (!) and declare he thought it is a "pulled or twisted ligament" that would take quite a while to heal.
Avatar m tn If chlamydia progressed to that point then you would have pain all the time.
Avatar f tn Would the bacteria in the urine be an indication of a std
Avatar f tn I have sore testicles. It seems to be mainly in the cords I think! I hurt it whilst doing abdominal core strength excercises for the internal and external obliques. They have since tightened up and do not hang freely in there relaxed state which makes them Really sensitive. No pain killers help. I have had my entire back checked for nerve damage and referred pain. I have been checked for hernias and done blood tests etc.
Avatar m tn shortly after that, another one broke so i just stopped, i was in her for 1 min before i realized what happened. my testicles still ache but not in a painful way, they feel like blue balls. I haven't had any other signs of symptoms but i'm still nervous. any advice would help.
Avatar n tn Ok about 3 months ago, Me and a girl gave each other unprotected oral sex. Stupid I know and about 7 days after I noticed a tiny red dot on teh tip of my penis which dissapeared. I then had an actual rash underneath the foreskin which was there for a few days then dissapeared then came back every few days. Then when it had gone my skin went dry and flaked on the tip of my penis when I got an erection but would all come off in the shower.
Avatar m tn weell i did sex with a woman using condom and we also did oral sex but after that i got pain in my testicles and i consult doctor he said it is infection and gave some antibiotics after having my pain gone but after 1.5 month again there is little pain in my right testicles with sore throat. so i want to know wht it indicates .
Avatar m tn I have sore testicles and was wondering if you fingered someone and then maybe touched the tip of your penis immediately after this could pass on STD's?? Thats the only sexual contact.
Avatar f tn Everyone always told me that with boys you don't look pregnant from behind.
Avatar f tn About 2 year ago I had a scan because I was have a pain in my left testicle and was told it was a small cyst, I've always felt a bearable pain now and then but the last few days it's been quite sore lying down and it feels sore in my left abdomen aswell, I'm terrified to go to hospital and they tell me I need to be operated on or something, I need help?
Avatar n tn They stay fairly close to the body until puberty. In the first stage of puberty (Tanner Scale G2) the testicles increase in size and begin to "drop" lower from the body. This is in preparation for sperm production. (The whole temperature thing I talked about). Sometimes this is referred to as "dropping." The older a guy gets the more he loses elasticity in the scrotal skin so they will almost always hang lower. Hope I answered your question.
Avatar m tn Is there a test out there to test testerone levels in 8 year old boys and if so, any kind of treatment for such a young age? My son does not have hardly any erections and has a slower growth rate for his penis/testicles than his younger brother. Who would be the best specialist to have some testerone levels taken or tests, a pediatric urologist or a pediatrict endocronologist.
Avatar f tn You may even be able to see very small lumps in that space thatwill grow into the testicles as the kitten matures.
280369 tn?1316702041 I thought it was normal, but then my husband was getting a little worried and called the doc. I have to call them today in the office in about an hour or so and hopefully can bring him in. I hope it's nothing and just normal swelling, but it does kind of freak me out a bit.
Avatar f tn Hi there, i'm in my late 20's and it is absolutely normal to have one testicle decended. This generally becomes more noticeable at puberty, so i'd say your son has entered puberty and therefore has nothing to worry about. It is most noticeable in the warmer weather as both testicles decend when it's warmer (and obviously they stay closer to the body when cold) I believe the majority of men have decended left testicles in comparison to a lower percentage with the right one.
Avatar f tn Hi guys am 20year old.. I masturbated for 5 years and my testicles are unequal does this make me impotence? Can I regulate this by stop mastrubating nd exercise..
Avatar n tn I have sore/discomfort testicles. I assume it is the epididymis and have obtained an STD. My partner has pain in her stomach. We both have been tested for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Trichomonas and Urine Infection multiple time for the last 6 - 8 months. These tests all come back negative. I do not believe that I have any further symptoms except sore epididymis on both sides of my testicles. This soreness increases and decreases in pain throughout the day but never really goes away.
Avatar f tn my boyfriend has been complaining of sore testicals. He says its like they ache and the pain is going up to his belly. It takes him a while to ejaculate and is painful.
Avatar n tn For about 2 years now, every few months or so, I get a horrible pain in my testicles. To the point where if i touch them at all I want to die because of the pain. After I take an asprin or something, after about an hour, the pain will go away. Their are no lumps or anything on the testicles, and it only happens so often. I do notice how ever, that it is quite frequent before any sexual contact. Yet, I dont think that has anything to do with it. What could it be?
Avatar m tn The dull pains feel almost like when you work out a lot and your muscles are sore. The pain is not in the urethra, but in the tissue in the penis. It mostly hurts on that bottom rim of the head that's like pinkish in color, and down the right and left sides. Now, my penis and scrotum are also feeling a bit itchy. There is also a small red patch on the head of my penis. It doesn't hurt or anything. Finally, I was also having some rectal pain and having stomachaches.
Avatar m tn A lot of men experience some slight pain in the testicles when they are aroused and have not had an orgasm in a while. But it sounds like your pain is more intense. Does the pain only happen when you are aroused or close to your girlfriend? Does the pain go away after you masturbate? Do you notice any swelling or lumps on your testicle? If the pain continues or gets worse, you should see a doctor to make sure you do not have an infection.
Avatar n tn there is nothing in your story that suggests an STD problem. Pain in both testicles, or pain without swelling or tenderness, usually isn't epididymitis or any STD; and epididymits pain doesn't come and go. Without tenderness or swelling, prostate problems are the most common causes of vague or diffuse testicular pain.
Avatar m tn I have much the same thing, also in the right. Sometimes in the left but this isnt as common. Pain radiats from testicle (the 'nodes' where the epididymitis meets the testicles especially) along the epididymitis through the groin and into the hip (where there is a 'heavy' ache, almost like a sore muscle). Occasionally (can go months without) there is prostatsis-like pain behind the testicles.
Avatar n tn I'm a 23 year old male in good health condition, but for the past 5 days I've been experiencing a slight dull aching/sore feeling in my testicles. It's very slight and definitely not excruciating. It seems that I notice the pain more while I'm sitting down. I'm often in the sitting position as I do have a desk job. When I'm standing or walking, there is hardly any or no pain at all. Sometimes when I have the pain it radiates down my legs (occasional).