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Avatar f tn I have sore testicles. The pain seems to be more in the cords. I hurt them by doing core exercises which involved me sucking in my stomach to engage my core. The pain is worsened by excercise. My testicles have since tightened up and no longer hang in there old relaxed state. Ibuprofen and nurofen have no effect. My lower abdominal wall is stiff and sore all the time from my testy pain. I also get a sore lower back.
Avatar m tn I have sore testicles and was wondering if you fingered someone and then maybe touched the tip of your penis immediately after this could pass on STD's?? Thats the only sexual contact.
Avatar f tn I have sore testicles. It seems to be mainly in the cords I think! I hurt it whilst doing abdominal core strength excercises for the internal and external obliques. They have since tightened up and do not hang freely in there relaxed state which makes them Really sensitive. No pain killers help. I have had my entire back checked for nerve damage and referred pain. I have been checked for hernias and done blood tests etc.
Avatar n tn Ok about 3 months ago, Me and a girl gave each other unprotected oral sex. Stupid I know and about 7 days after I noticed a tiny red dot on teh tip of my penis which dissapeared. I then had an actual rash underneath the foreskin which was there for a few days then dissapeared then came back every few days. Then when it had gone my skin went dry and flaked on the tip of my penis when I got an erection but would all come off in the shower.
Avatar m tn If chlamydia progressed to that point then you would have pain all the time.
Avatar m tn A bit later on i experienced tender testicles which used to pain even while biking and i started to have a scrotal pain. Later I had taken ciplox for 10 days (500mg once a day) and couple of pain killers due to which there was no pain in the scrotum. As soon as i stopped Ciplox the pain was evident then i started taking ofloxacin (500mg for 10 days) again the pain subsided. As soon as i stopped the antibiotic my scrotum again started paining.
Avatar f tn ve been married for 26 years and although my husband was not my only sexual partner, it is so hard to believe that it could be herpes and not from biking. he only saw one sore but the doctor said it looked like a herpes lesion and not from biking. he ordered an IgG herpes test and the results came back as equivocal, between 0.9 and 1.0. is it really possible that i have had herpes all these years and not had an overt breakout until now? i wish there was a way to get a more definitive answer.
Avatar n tn About 5 days ago, I began to notice a discomfort in my testicles. At the time it just felt like my underwear (breifs) were riding up my leg. It presisted throughout the day but seemed to slightly relieve the discomfort when i pulled the breif short down to where they were supposed to be. A day later, I went for a run. During the run, it was extremely cold. I understand that when your testicles are cold they move closer to your core to keep them at a regulated temperature. Thats what they did.
Avatar f tn my boyfriend has been complaining of sore testicals. He says its like they ache and the pain is going up to his belly. It takes him a while to ejaculate and is painful.
Avatar n tn I have sore/discomfort testicles. I assume it is the epididymis and have obtained an STD. My partner has pain in her stomach. We both have been tested for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Trichomonas and Urine Infection multiple time for the last 6 - 8 months. These tests all come back negative. I do not believe that I have any further symptoms except sore epididymis on both sides of my testicles. This soreness increases and decreases in pain throughout the day but never really goes away.
Avatar f tn I did go on a bike ride with my son and husband yesterday other than sore legs I feel fine.. Just curious...
Avatar m tn Ten days ago I did some heavy mountain biking, something I don't do often so I wake up with sore legs and back, etc. Four days later (6 days ago) I had protected sex with a girl but and gave me unprotected oral for about 30 seconds up to a minute. Over the last two days I've been noticing some clear discharge from my penis and some tingling sensation at the top.
Avatar m tn I'm a 26-year-old male. I have been feeling a dull pain in my perenium area, based there and also on the very bottom, basically behind, my scrotum, and to a lesser extend the sensation extends up my penis. There is very mild irritation during urination. This followed my first long bike ride of the year about five days ago, but while I was sore during the ride I didn't notice the symptoms again for a day or two afterwards.
Avatar f tn and slightly continuing into my pubic area (nothing on the penis or testicles). The pain (itchy) is minimal and I only tend to notice anything after rubbing against it. I have had sex with multiple partners but have only been with two women over the last three years (to my knowledge I was STD free) and have never had any problems such as this prior to now.
Avatar m tn After mountain biking in the countryside I get a sore throat, I can taste metallic or blood in the mouth, but there is no blood there. I don't get this walking, even walking up a mountain, just cycling. When on the bike my nose starts running especially now during winter, when sat at home, it feels like mucus going to my lungs making me have chesty cough. I told the doctor about it two years ago, I told them I feel faint after going up hill.
Avatar m tn weell i did sex with a woman using condom and we also did oral sex but after that i got pain in my testicles and i consult doctor he said it is infection and gave some antibiotics after having my pain gone but after 1.5 month again there is little pain in my right testicles with sore throat. so i want to know wht it indicates .
Avatar m tn She prescribed me Lotrimin cream, which I am now using. I mentioned my sore testicles and after she examined them without finding any abnormalities, she suggested I be re-tested for gonorrhea and chlamydia to play it safe, even though I tested negative for both of those about two and a half months ago, and haven't had sex since.
Avatar n tn Hi, I recently switched my birth control brand, and the next day after switching I began to feel sore in my genital area after biking and exercising, which i figured was just from dryness, since that is a side effect. There is now one small sore, not really a blister, but with white on the surface of it, but i have not had intercourse in 4 months. Could this be herpes? or just a side effect from a lot of exercise while being dry?
Avatar f tn I got into a small accident while biking last weekend. While biking along the main stretch of town, I collided with the side of a pick-up truck backing out between two buildings. He couldn't see me and I didn't see him until it was too late. Neither one of us was going very fast and there wasn't even any damage to my clothes from where I hit the pavement, so I figured the bumps and bruises were going to be the end of it. But a few days later, my left knee started to hurt.
Avatar n tn I have recently gotten itchy, red & sore testicles, in between the folds on my testicles is wet, this wetness eventually covers my whole scrotum overnight or when I cant clean them. I assume this is a fungus of some type. Especially when I wake up, I get these sort of flakes of dead skin (I think it's skin, it's really gross). It's important to add that I'm a virgin.
Avatar m tn He has had a canker sore appear on his testicles. Just one and it went away quickly but he is still worried. Like me, he is a boy of the age of sixteen. Could he have HPV or what else could cause this canker sore on his testicles and mouth?
Avatar m tn I developed very slight pain in my testicles and lymph nodes at around 1-2 months which went away only to return at around 4 months from the incident. When it returned my doctor diagnosed me with prostatitis and ran some tests that all came back ok. He put me on cipro which made me itch a lot so he switched me to Septra.
Avatar m tn no you would have a sore where ever you came in contact with the syphilis sore so if your penis head came in contact with the sore then that is where you would get a sore...