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Avatar f tn does a sneeze actually happen or just the wheezing 'sound'? does it appear like she is gagging/trying to vomit?...if so i would definitely suspect a hairball and in this case get her some HAIRBALL REMEDY a mixture of (white petroleum jelly and malt extract...) kitty should have some of this every week, its avail anywhere pet food is sold or thru your Vet.
215342 tn?1287842018 Throat is killing me now and getting that marbles in the throat feel and sound. Afraid it's strep. Augghhh! Guess I'll be talking to the doc tomorrow!
Avatar f tn I've been sneezing a lot today and I am in agony when I sneeze. Does this sound like a pinched nerve? And should it go away on its own?
Avatar n tn Hello People, Today I was at the garden under our apartment and there was a man on the balcony on the 2nd floor. He sneezed so powerful out of balcony (it was a very loud sound!) and as a reflex I immediatly turned by head up to look and some of his fluids came direct on me while I was in the garden. I had a bleeding cut on my finger at that moment, and also when I looked up with a reflex I'm afraid some of the sneeze came into my nose hole.
Avatar n tn I kept getting the strong urge to sneeze, and only was able to a few times ... I would say 1 out of 5-10 times I would be able to sneeze. But I recovered from my cold, and within about a week after my cold was gone, I was able to sneeze once again. So I was able to sneeze normally for about a month, but now for the past week and a half, I haven't been able to sneeze again. I'll get the urge to, but very rarely can I sneeze. It's now been six days since I was able to sneeze at all.
Avatar f tn Now I can’t sneeze at all and when I feel the urge to sneeze, I will think that “I’m gonna sneeze, I’m gonna sneeze” and then I couldn’t because I kept thinking about it. Now I have headache, ear and eye pain which I think might be due to lack of sneeze. I’m always constantly thinking of not being able to sneeze and I find it hard not to not think about it. If there’s anyone facing the same problem as me please get into contact with me. I want to talk to someone.
Avatar f tn I used to sneeze , I have always had allergies, although I have to say they have gotten a lot better without taking medication... now I don't even have the urge to sneeze, but I do have a runny nose a lot of the time. I do suffer with headaches off and on. Thanks This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/297207'>sneezing sensation but unable to sneeze</a>.
Avatar f tn Then, when I drink a bottle of water, it seems to rehydrate the dry areas and my cough plus its product increase. After I am all coughed out, I am ok for awhile. Does this sound like a concern? All I know is that this cough has not changed much since a week after I quit the Norco, and my ribs hurt from coughing. Throat is ok though.
5509293 tn?1428535075 The one thing which comes up every now and again is what I call the sneeze. A while back I had full body jerks at night which would snap my legs and upper body together quite suddenly and waken me. Now after a period of quiet, I have a milder form of this, as if I've sneezed in my sleep and bent in two. A few times I've also awoken biting the tip of my tongue which is a little weird. Do you think this is just sleep jerks?
1926656 tn?1334973801 But whenever I get a huge wave of nausea, I feel like I'm going to sneeze.... And when I sneeze, I either almost, or do, toss my cookies! It's the craziest thing ever!!! Anyone else with this?
237249 tn?1211293998 I did not have time enough to react quickly and reach up to put any support on my neck and it was a full blown (no pun there) sneeze which flopped my head and neck and seriously felt like the inside of my neck imploded or something! MAJOR BAD PAIN! I finally, after a good 1/2 hr of continued pain, got up and took a couple of pain meds - and still suffered all night. I woke up this a.m. and still was hurting so I took one more pill and now I am so groggy.
Avatar m tn 2 days later (5 days after the stint) my tongue began to feel burnt (rough), accompanied with a seriously bad sore throat, nasal congestion, and the urge to sneeze. I also noticed very small red dots on the backs of my hands (vesicles?), and pain under my ears and on the backs of my hands. Moving forward up until now, I developed severe congestion that drains down my throat, irritating it further. I still have cold-chills and feel very sickly (achy and feel crappy).
653419 tn?1226784235 all of this stuff just happened out of nowhere. i feel like i have to sneeze but it wont come out and it is painful.also i just sneezed and i think i have the flu but i really dont know what is wrong with me.i am going to the doctor but i just really want to know what you think is going on.i have a tingly feeling in my nose that makes me fee llike i have to sneeze.i want to know what is wrong.could it be herpes that is causing this?what about hiv?does hiv cause flu-like symptoms?
435139 tn?1255463991 Well, I know it is normal to get a pain when you cough/sneeze because I asked earlier and a lot of people said they had it too...Well, it happened again today when I coughed, soo bad I thought I was about to double over! My question is WHY does this it 'round ligament' pain?
Avatar m tn The weird thing is I will get the pain immediately when I yawn, laugh, or sneeze and when I swallow after I yawn, laugh or sneeze. After I swallow once or twice the pain gets a little better but it pretty much stays all day. I think it may just be a muscle problem in my throat, but my doc says it’s not likely. He said the pain would most likely come from the back of my neck not the front. Now, for the last couple weeks it seems to hurt even more. The doctor didn’t find anything!
Avatar m tn It all started when I rubbed my eyes in my mirror 2 years ago, and then my eyes started stinging really badly, and I found I couldn't sneeze for about 2 weeks. For about 2 years now, I have been experiencing an inability to sneeze naturally. The sneeze builds up, but it never completes. I reach the "Aah", but not the "Choo".
Avatar m tn Before then i suffered from extreme pain in my arm and back, normally after a sneeze or cough. However, after the decompression my symptoms have all but gone away. However, for the past year, normally several times a day, i feel and hear a 'liquid' type sound in my neck. It sounds as if water is running through a hose that has been bent, like it's forced and highly pressurized.
Avatar m tn I don't sneeze or cough (except on purpose to try to clear my lungs) or have itchy eyes or other obvious signs of an allergy...
Avatar m tn - Burning sensation inside of my nose - Constant blockage of dried mucous lining the inside towards the back (disrupts me sleep, often wake up with dry mouth) - Nasal drip from time to time into the back of my throat - When I sneeze I sometimes smell some musky - My face is so much puffier than it ever used to be - Lately the front part of my nose has gotten so much more bulbous and at times can be painful.
Avatar m tn It doesn't seem to be seasonal. I have it all year long. My left nostril is worse than my right. I don't cough, have hives, sneeze, itchy eyes, etc. I also have very severe cognitive issues (brain fog) and fatigue. Basically, my major symptoms are brain fog, fatigue, and chronic stuffy nose. I'm guessing I have sinusitis or rhinitis. I could have non-allergic rhinitis. Sometimes my brain fog increases when I smell certain chemicals or when the air is humid.
Avatar m tn The closest thing I found was a long word that described a hyper sensitivity to sound, but that's sound only, not interruptions in general. Does anyone konw what I have exactly? And if it's curable?
1667287 tn?1303310146 My 11 year old Shih Tzu, Bear has been making a honking noise and then gags kind of like something is stuck in his throat. When he has an episode it starts with the honking sound and then has a little cough and then kind of a little gag. He is eating great, sleeping good and wants to play all the time even after having an episode. This is the only thing that seems the least little bit wrong with him.
Avatar n tn out of curosity, have you noticed that you feel weak/tired under specific circumstances? Also, (might sound like an odd question, but) when you say your right eye feels "weird"....if you try to press lightly on your eye, does it hurt at at all?
Avatar f tn have his Primary Doctor (PCP) refer him to a specialist called (ENT) its an ear, nose , Throat specialist where theyll go in depth as to if there is any underlining issues going on. also if he has a medical condition that affects his swallowing theyll be able to see that and get it addressed. in my case it was due to enlarged tonsils that should of been removed. also have him take smaller sips, rather than big gulps.
Avatar n tn I have been taking mucinex D to clear up any sinus blockage, yet I am hardly able to remove any mucous even when I sneeze or blow my nose. Two nights ago I attempted to have a beer and 2 drinks at a bar. Though I am not a frequent drinker this is amount is normally within my limit. However, 2 hours after ingesting my last drink I became very dizzy and began vomitting frequently for 2 hours until I had become to dehydrated and could only dry heave.
Avatar n tn I can hardly type right now..I had a friend that used to sneeze a high pitch sound like a bottle rocket going up in the air. Don't know why??
10741432 tn?1420045138 This might sound silly but ever since i found out i was pregnant i have been sneezing every single day for no reason . I have no allergies has anyone else experienced this ? I know it might sound silly to some but its driving me crazy !
310397 tn?1193971582 I sneeze when I wake up, I sneeze in the shower, I sneeze in the hot tub, I sneeze in the massage chair, I sneeze on the way to the store, and I sneeze sneeze sneeze! Enough Already! TMTC Ahhhh-Cho!
Avatar f tn Lol yep. I sound silly when i say ouch after a sneeze instead of bless me!
Avatar f tn 5 weeks pregnant and every now and again have a tight dull ache in bottom of stomach, just above bikini line area. Also this pain sometimes happens quite sharply when I sneeze. Does this sound normal?