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Avatar n tn About a month ago, i was in the shower and i noticed several (15-20) small in size, scattered red bumps in my pubic hair region.. Shortly after noticing the bumps i developed a rash on my inner thighs, on both sides near my testicles.. The only thing causing discomfort would be the rash, the small red bumps look like they have white heads in them. I picked at one of them and a small round white looking ball came out of the center of it. No puss and no pain, and it bleed for awhile.
Avatar n tn I have noticed some small bumps on my penis, they are painless, flesh colored and they don't have any kind of a discharge. Some are located on the head of my penis, as well as on the shaft, at first I though that maybe it was some type of skin irritation or rash from when I masturbate, but now I'm not so sure. I was just wondering if I could have any kind of indication of what it could be and if I should be concerned about it.
Avatar m tn Hi Doc - I recently noticed these small bumps on my body. They are fairly small and remind me of poison ivy or insect bites. Most of them are just single bumps, in a couple places there are may be two or three together. They are in a bunch of place though, I have a few on my hip, a few on both of my sides (spread out in single spots), a few on my chest, hand, legs etc. Most of the time they are not noticeable, but do occasionally itch, never painful though.
899169 tn?1242620619 I have had these small bumps on the back sides of my hands for about 5 years now. They itch, not constantly, mostly when it is hot. they are not red they are the same color as my skin and some kinda white looking. my skin is pinkish around the area, but not bad, I believe it is from the itching. There are about 100 of these small irritating bumps. when I first noticed it about 5 years ago, I thought something had jus bit me a bunch of times, but I had it the whole summer.
Avatar f tn I asked my doctor this question and someone else on here and no one has helped me much. I have about 3 small pimple like bumps on pubic area. They started to itch and they have a small dot in the center. I had a yeast infection about a month ago and this happened after I used an over the counter medication for the yeast. It's only on my pubic area and are an inch apart maybe more. I've itched in too much and it bled and now has a dark scab on it.
Avatar f tn I developed a little patch of small, skin-colored bumps that turn red when irritated, on the right side of my face some time ago, in addition to my regular acne. I started taking Yaz birth control, and then went to see a dermatologist who had me use Cera Ve cleanser and moisturizer and apply a Clindamyacin cream in the morning and Tretinoin at night. This helped my regular acne, but this little patch of bumps didn't go away, and another cluster started developing on my chin.
Avatar f tn I started feeling itchy all over 2 months ago I had bumps that look like pimples on my sides of my stomach my thighs back of my thighs back of my arms I think I might be allergic to cheap detergent I started using or maybe it's the cold weather but I've never had an issue like this before I had some body achne growing up but couple years ago I used dove men body wash with beads went away but couple years later I got it full on.
Avatar n tn is it better that the pimples are not on the rash? the rash is on the shaft right below the rim whereas the pimples are on the head... thanks again for your help. Also, what's your expertise in herpes & other STDs? you seem to comment on a lot of the posts and your help is much appreciated.
Avatar n tn So I got in the shower tonight and I was washing my back and I found a spot about the size of my hand that is covered in small red bumps, some kind of rash. I have been at National Guard drill all weekend. The bumps do not itch but did give a very small burning sensation when the warm water of the shower ran over them. Can someone help me?
3203287 tn?1346460234 I'm on day 4 on triple therapy and developed an itchy area on the inside of my elbow (in the soft bend of arm). I realized it was small bumps so I put some hydocortisone cream on them and they are better. this is just something I had in the house. Is there a better ointment that I should buy? It seems early to start having problems with this. I haven't felt great all day. I get up to do something and start to feel nausea so I lay back down. Day 4......
Avatar n tn In the center of my back about an inch below my bra line, there is a small patch of rash. It first started as small pimple-looking bumps and slowly got better... Well, so I thought. Just as I thought they were going away, it turned into a rough patch that itches but I can't scratch it because when I do, it hurts so bad. There are four stray bumps of the same type on my stomach, but they are no where else on my body.
Avatar n tn Hello all, I just noticed today I had a red rash on my back and I have no idea what it is. Also I am not one to have pimples on my back but within the rash I seemto have 2. I do not have time to go to the dermatologist as I am under a heavy workload (obviously I will go if needed but im turning here first). Here's a picture of the rash I noticed on my upper back. Please any insight u can give would be greatly appreciated. Is this anything to worry about?
Avatar n tn Hello, I am a young female, and have recently discovered pairs of small, red bumps on my body. It started with two bumps on my chest (which i thought were pimples). It's been about a week or two, and they're not going away. I have now discovered two new pairs of bumps on the nape on my neck and on the back of my thigh. I had mistaken them for pimples. I have fair, sensitive skin, but I don't believe it to be an allergy because of the sporadic locations of the bumps.
Avatar f tn A couple days after seeing the first one I noticed that I had many more, including one that is now on my neck, a few on my back, and many on my stomach and sides. They do not seem to have disappeared at all, but do seem to keep increasing in numbers. What could these red bumps be?
Avatar f tn I'm a 39yo man and have had 2 sexual partners the last one being 8 months ago back then I noticed a few very small flesh colored bumps on the head of my penis thought it might have been from dry skin or somthing but over the past several months the number of bumps have increased they cause no pain or discomfort more just embarrassing and causing me some concern
Avatar n tn Only 3 tiny ones on the head, and a small (not too many bumps) rash-like line of them going from the bottom towards the head. I have recently had unprotected sex with a new partner, last Sunday and Monday (Same partner.). I have never had this problem before, although I currently do have poison oak or poison ivy which I think may be the cause. She has been tested for STD's before and is on birth control. They do not burn in any way, only itch at times I suppose, haven't really noticed too much.
Avatar n tn I have noticed that some small bumps have appeared on my face and they scratch a lot especially when I sweat.
Avatar n tn I have been having a few problems with small red bumps on my legs, but they are mainly on my knickers line. I only get them when i have shaved and wear certain pants. They feel like they are filled with white bloody sells. Its very embaressing. How can i stop them and get them to go away. And what are they??????
Avatar m tn I have a few small bumps on the shaft of my penis. I have been with the same partner for the last 15 months. These showed up about a month ago and most have gone away but some are still there. They dont look like pictures of genetial warts I have seen online. They have had me worried and I dont have a regular doctor. They are small and when the other ones were there, i popped 2 with a pair of tweezers and only blood came out, they healed after about 3 days and no more bump.
Avatar n tn at i think about the time of exposure until now at week 7 i have had this rash on both legs on the upper thigh lower buttocks which is in an identical spot on both sides. i also workout a lot and right where the rash is, is where i sweat the most during the workout. the rash felt a little rough and stung only on one side not the other and didnt itch.
Avatar m tn I woke up this morning with several red bumps on my left hip, lower left back and upper left thigh, they don't itch and aren't flea or bug/mite bites. They are about the size of half a penny. Tried some ointments and they didn't appear to help... anyone have any ideas it's kind of freaking me out! Thank you!
Avatar f tn Hi symptoms of std,s would be urethra irritation and a puss urethra discharge not small red bumps on the chest and back. Small red bumps in those areas could be related to herpes 1 but that would not be and std.
Avatar n tn I woke up today with a small area on my lower stomach and back with small bumps. They itch and burn at times. I was wondering what it could be?
1825501 tn?1318002196 now its up and down both arms, spots here and there on legs, on both my breasts, an a huge spot on my stomach/side area. very itchy, red small bumps. have tried calamine lotion, have tried rubbing alcohol, have tried clear nail polish, and have tried epsom salt... none of the above list have worked in any way with itching, redness or making it go away.