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Avatar f tn I looked in the mirror and saw a vertical row of small itchy bumps that had clear puss in the bumps. later on that day my lips became very dry and chappped. I came across the website and read up on various things that other individuals thought that it could be such as fordyce glands, cheilitis, fungal infection, dermatitis,fever blisters and lip ecemza. Finally I decided to put alcohol on the itchy bumps and they went down considerably.
Avatar n tn I've had these small bumps on my lower inside lip for a week now. They dont hurt, and dont sting when i eat certain foods, i didnt eat anything out of the ordinary, one day they just popped up there. Theres alot of them, and they're really small. They are only underneath my bottom lip, and only about half an inch down, once i feel past my lip, there gone, and down at the very bottom of the inside of my lip it turns back to smooth there.
Avatar n tn some small bumps have appeared on my lips they are hardly visible but can be felt with my tongue does anyone know what this might be?
Avatar n tn Hello, If they are a row of small bumps, then Fordyce spots is an important possibility. They are small yellowish-white granules on the inner surface and border of the lips. Treatment of Fordyce spots includes CO2 laser or electro desiccation, TCA chemical peels(temporary treatment),diathermy or laser vaporization. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
Avatar m tn In the past four days I have had two small dark bumps appear on the inside corner of my mouth, top and bottom. They look like and are the size of small round seeds, 1/16 inch across. I've had other bumps come and go, also sort of white ridges but they also disappear.
Avatar n tn About 2 weeks ago I noticed some tiny bumps on my upper lip. they were kind of clustered and I really had to stretch my lip to see them, but I could feel them.I did some reasearch and thought I had Fordyce spots although they were still much more subtle than any pictures I saw of Fordyce spots. Since then, the clusters have dissapeared and now I have them almost all over my upper lip and a little on my lower lip.
Avatar f tn Okay, I have given oral sex to a particular guy and now I have this clear small, really tiny bumps on the inside of my bottom lip. two of them infact are red and bigger than the others. i doubt this could be an STD but is there any suggestions as to what it may be?
Avatar m tn Hi all, I've been sick with the flu the past 3 days, and now I've noticed very small, hardly noticeable bumps on the inside of my mouth on my lower lip, say about 5-10. They are close together, and feels like one continuous sore when I run my tongue over them. What could they be? Could they possibly be mouth ulcers brought on by the flu? Thanks for your help.
Avatar n tn I too have these small little bumps....... seem to be on the outer extreme edges on my lips and on the top lip in the center. I was thinking that it was some type of reaction to the petroleum based lipgloss......not sure.....however the dermatologist gave me a benzoyle peroxide 3%wash for my face.....not helping at fiance' swears that he is faithful......and I have never ever had any type of I am very concerned as to what in the world this may be......
1044846 tn?1253526508 they're tiny, in a very small group, and on my bottom lip. They almost feel like dry-skin bumps, but I've never HAD bumps on my lips before. One of them may look like it has a blackhead. Is it...acne? I DO have very, very sensitive skin. I can't use any salycylic acid containing acne products and wear sensitive-skin makeup. Help please?
Avatar f tn For the past two or three years I've notice these small white bumps on my upper lip. There's a slight irration like burning but it only occurs when I apply heat to it or having a cigarette. Also I have white bumps on my gental area, on my testicles, the base of my shaft and the back of it. There a slight burning when I pee.
Avatar f tn A few days ago my lips felt irritated,i kept using nivea lip balm, and still irritated and yesterday I noticed small fluid filled bumps on my lower lip, though not in any pattern I could discern, besides3 coming after i ripped off the chapped layer of skin. I am using abreva just in case this is cold sores (my mother has it and she recently had an outbreak, thus this odd lip problem is deeply disturbing) but that seems to make it more irritated than soothing.
Avatar m tn Hi There - I'm a 43 year old male who for the past year or so have experienced burning when urinating and small bumps on the head of my penis. I noticed this a little while after I had received oral sex. There are numerous small bumps that do not form into blisters or itch or pain. Other symptoms include pain in my testicles, buttocks and legs.
Avatar n tn Though I do have some very small unnoticeable bumps on my upper and lower lips and a bit on the upper part of my chin. I noticed them because they itched a little. I asked my boyfriend if there was something he wasn't telling me, and he answered that he doesn't have anything. Also My throat hurts a little bit, and my lower back occasionally. It started like a week or two ago and when my back hurts it feels almost like I've pulled something. My throat feels kinda like strep throat.
Avatar f tn ive been with the same person for over a year and a half but about two months ago after shaving a small white bump appeared on the lip of my vaginal area i didnt think anything of it until about two weeks ago a second one appeared both are very small and painless but i'm very worry that it could be genital warts if not what else could it be??? and if they are warts am i stuck with the virus forever even if they are removed?
Avatar n tn Hello, I have recently noticed a pair of small raised lightly colord bumps on my upper lip. Not painful, itchy, or irritated in anyway, I don't know how long I've had them, but I'm a little over paranoid about std's so I'd like to get an idea of what they could be.
Avatar n tn They seem to remain the same size, no pain or blistering. There is about 10 of these bumps on the lower lip and about 10-15 on the upper lip. What are these?
Avatar f tn I noticed 3 small bumps one on the lip of my vagina and the others are on my bikini line. I thought it might have been because I just shaved everything but now I am not sure...They are small red round bumps and when I tried to pop it white puss came out. Is it possible it is because of shaving or an ingrown hair? Is it Herpes or and STD? HELP!!!
Avatar n tn i recently found some small white bumps on my upper lips. they're not painful, itchy, or sore. i just do not like the feel of them when i rub my lips together. i've gotten them once before, but my mother told me it was because i was using expired chapstick. is this serious or due to another expired lip balm?
Avatar f tn I've been getting a small cluster of tiny bumps on my bottom lip for a few years now. They usually come every other month, a few days before my period. They usually end once my period actually starts. The bumps don't hurt, or itch, but I can feel them when I rub my lips together or rub my teeth over them. I have continued using chap-stick while I have the bumps, because the bumps have never spread.