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Avatar m tn Hi all, I've been sick with the flu the past 3 days, and now I've noticed very small, hardly noticeable bumps on the inside of my mouth on my lower lip, say about 5-10. They are close together, and feels like one continuous sore when I run my tongue over them. What could they be? Could they possibly be mouth ulcers brought on by the flu? Thanks for your help.
Avatar n tn I've had these small bumps on my lower inside lip for a week now. They dont hurt, and dont sting when i eat certain foods, i didnt eat anything out of the ordinary, one day they just popped up there. Theres alot of them, and they're really small. They are only underneath my bottom lip, and only about half an inch down, once i feel past my lip, there gone, and down at the very bottom of the inside of my lip it turns back to smooth there.
Avatar f tn I have recently discovered what seem to be a few small, almost tiny cyst like bumps under the skin in my lower lip on the inside of my mouth. I can feel them when I run my tongue or fingers over them. What are these? Should I be worried. I have used chewing tobacco for only about the past six months.
Avatar f tn I have a question. So on my lower lip I have a bump that I cut into. Comes back bigger. Scarring seems to act like crater. Doesnt have fluid or cause pain. Healing back hard with a white head but it was flat almost like a planters wart. Can u tell me what it is and what I can do to make it go away? And went should the scarring go away? Please help me. I have had an STD test and I dont have anything. Please help me. Ill answer any questions you have about it.
Avatar n tn Is there anything that would explain the other, smaller bumps on my lower lip. Like I said, no redness or pain whatsoever, and they are extremely small, but sometimes mucous comes out of them too, almost as if they were pores in my lips as opposed to bumps. Thanks.
Avatar n tn About 2 weeks ago I noticed some tiny bumps on my upper lip. they were kind of clustered and I really had to stretch my lip to see them, but I could feel them.I did some reasearch and thought I had Fordyce spots although they were still much more subtle than any pictures I saw of Fordyce spots. Since then, the clusters have dissapeared and now I have them almost all over my upper lip and a little on my lower lip.
Avatar n tn I just noticed a bump on the outside of my lower lip and when I took a closer look it was a cluster of tiny bumps filled with clear liquid I was able to pop. They're not painful and I just found out I'm pregnant could this be a cause of change in body heat I'm very concerned and can't see my MD for another few days.
Avatar n tn Doctor Ive had these 3 clearish -white bumps on inside of lower lip, really small, cant see them unless I pull down my lip, but i can feel them if i touch them with my finger or my tongue. I haven't tried to pop them so don't know if they are filled with anyrthing, i noticed them in november, they are not really a problem to me as no one can see them, there is no pain, but its just a personal annoyance that when i remember them.
Avatar n tn i recently made out with someone over the weekend and woke up a day later with little bumps on my lower lip. they are spread out horizontally and near the corners. they are almost invisible to the human eye, but when i get really close to the mirror, i can see them. they are the same color as my lips and are completely painless. they are so slightly raised that when i run my tongue over them i can't even feel them.
Avatar m tn Hi, I have several small bumps on the inside of my lower lip that are painless. They filled up with fluid and then deflated. I dont know what these are... is it an std or what? havent kissed anyone in 3 weeks now and the person i kissed doesnt have any stds. If you know what these bumps are please help me out!
Avatar f tn On the inner side of my lower lip I have noticed 1-2 bumps (almost like pimples). They can either be clear or look like they have white fluid on the inside. If I pop them, nothing comes out but perhaps a small amount of clear liquid. Is this anything to worry about? What should I do about them? Are they symptoms for anything? This may be the wrong area to ask this question, so just in case, please direct me to the right area.
Avatar n tn I have white bumps on my lower lip, only a few of them. they are not very big, 2mm at the most and i can feel the lump inside my lip.im 20 years old and have been using chewing tobbaco for 4 years and never encountered this problem, i was wondering what they are, how to get rid of them and are they harmful.?
Avatar m tn from the past three weeks there is a pinkish(white at the centre),fluffy bump on my lower lip.its painless and movable too. I've taken many medicenes,mouthwashes etc,but its not fading, Though sometimes it shrinks but whenever I eat hot or spicy food it again expands! Now another problem is that,whenever I eat spicy food,small-small but painfull red bumps also occur but as soon as I take smething sweet or cold after that then they all just fade away.....
Avatar f tn Yesterday morning I saw that the was a clear bump on my lower bottom lip but I just left it alone to avoid swelling but this morning when I woke up there were 3 more bumps on my bottom lip 2 of the them were small but the 2 other ones were big and swollen. so I tried to pop them all but only one of the small ones has went away, the other 3 are still there and if anything have got bigger and red since I have tried to pop them. Can someone please tell me what I should do about these bumps.
Avatar f tn Hello. I have little bumps on my lower lip and I need help. I woke up one morning and my lips felt itchy, then I looked at the mirror and I saw these tiny little bumps on the right side of my lip, actually it's on the border and down to my skin. But it's not noticeable until you look at it very closely, and it makes that side of my lip swollen. My lips are also very dry and chapped. The bumps side of my lips feel tingling, burns a little and is itchy.
Avatar n tn About 28 days ago I noticed a small red bump about the diameter of a pea on the left side of my lower lip line. at first I thought it was an insect bite. it was not sore or itchy. I just waited to see if it would go away. after 2 weeks I noticed another red bump just like it next to it along the lip line. I decided not to shave the area and see if that was causing the problem. there was no itching or soreness.
596105 tn?1314583933 So I noticed that Bam got these bumps on his lower lip...a small one on the right side and a big one on the left side...What could that be? We did recently move to another state...But I noticed those only like a week ago...He keeps scratching at them every once in a while...And there is some fluid coming out of the big one....I washed the bumps with some peroxide just cuz I wanted them clean and the small one seems to have gotten even smaller...
Avatar m tn The bumps feel firm and look kind of clear or lightly colored buy are inside my lip and not on the surface so its hard to tell. They are both entirely painless and I can feel and move them through my lip or with my tongue. Could they be inflamed lymph nodes, pockets of fluid, or even cancer? What else is in the front portion of the lower lip that could cause this? I am only 18 and have never used any tobacco products so I doubt its cancer. I am also a virgin, so it can't be an STD.